Racine County Sheriff Schmaling Not Collecting Required Data

“Those that are sworn to uphold the law for everyone should not have the right to cherry-pick the laws they want to enforce,” [local NAACP President Gloria] Rogers said in a press release Friday.

Via NAACP upset Sheriff Schmaling not collecting race data.

EarlierPolice in Wisconsin Must Record Race Data.

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Friday, 10.8.14


Via Mary Burke supporters worry about how she’ll do in the debates with Scott Walker @  Althouse

Burke Decries ‘Millions for Them, Pizza for You’

Scott Walker Claims The Facts Against Mary Burke

Walker, Burke talk jobs

Via Gov. Scott Walker and Mary Burke on their jobs plans @ JS All Politics Blog.



Wright was not at the Bucks’ practice on Monday at the Cousins Center, but recent reports have linked Wright to Panathinaikos in Greece. Wright, 26, was on a non-guaranteed contract with the Bucks and seemed to be the odd man out to make the team’s 15-man roster.

Via Chris Wright accepts offer to play overseas @ JS Bucks Blog

Will he swing again?


Braun’s production decreased considerably after the thumb issue prevented him from gripping a bat properly with his top hand. Combined with the season-ending suspension he received for his PED involvement with the Biogenesis clinic, Braun was limited to 61 games of action last year, batting .298 with nine home runs and 38 RBI.

Via Ryan Braun given go-ahead to swing a bat @ JS Brewers Blog

First Day


Via Daily Adams.

More dogs killed as bear bait

Via 21st, 22nd bear hounds killed pursuing WI wildlife trophies @ The Political Environment.

Another shift in the narrative ahead

Via Polling flaws = follow trends, and not only one poll @ Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse.

Maybe she’s nuts


Via  “I think maybe we need not to condemn Naomi Wolf but…” @ Althouse

Lookin’ right at ya


Via The Only State-By-State Guide To America's Most Common Roadkill @ Jalopnik.

Except Joel Kleefisch


Yet this is the person just a heartbeat away from the governor. Walker, who wants to run for president, has refused to promise he’d finish a four-term for governor, should he win reelection, so it’s possible Kleefisch could one day be called on to succeed him. Some Republicans now praise Kleefisch for her growth as a public official, and Walker has called her a “trusted ally and lieutenant,” but she’s mostly been invisible in his administration, even as questions about her abilities continue to be raised.

How did Kleefisch — a weak candidate with no experience in government — win office in the first place? “We had Scott Jensen as our strategist and we followed his strategy exactly,” says Kleefisch’s campaign aide.

Via The Lt. Governor Nobody Wanted @ Murphy’s Law.

Before JS Editorial Board

Via 2010 Video Unearthed of Walker Saying He Supports Banning Abortion Even in Cases of Rape & Incest @ Uppity Wisconsin.

Diligent when it’s their property


These Are Just 10 of More Than 200 Actions Filed By Trek Bicycle Corporation While Mary Burke Was Employed Or On The Board Of Directors:

The Sunday School Board Of The Southern Baptist Convention Filed A Trademark For “Kidtrek” To Provide “Information In The Field Of Religion Via A Global Computer Network Website”. (US Patent and Trademark Office, Opposition Number 91116246, Filed 12/9/99)….

Via How Trek Treats People Who Use Four Little Letters @ Right Wisconsin.

Red Senate

At this point, the worst the GOP could end this cycle is with a 17-16 majority; at best a 19-14 majority if they sweep all the competitive races this November.

Via Republicans Poised To Hold On To The State Senate @ Right Wisconsin.

Is Jason Kessler a pigeon thief?


Via Man Accused of Stealing Pigeons @ Racine County Eye.

Waiting in the wings

Since Gov. Walker probably intends to run for president, his resignation is a real possibility, meaning “Can I marry this table” Rebecca Kleefisch could very well become governor if he’s re-elected this fall.

It would probably not affect the marriage equality decision much, but having someone in office that understands the difference between marriage among two consenting adults and marriage between animals and furniture would be a good thing. For starters, it would put more maturity into the office. But more importantly, it would put someone respectable, on this issue and on many others, in the position of governor.

Via Does marriage equality still play a role in this year’s election? Two words: Rebecca Kleefisch @ Political Heat.

Happ targets for-profit colleges

Via AG candidate would focus on for-profit colleges @ SJ On Campus Blog.

Wait, the economy’s still in the toilet?

Via Democurmudgeon: GOP candidate Fitzgerald offers “change” and “jobs.” Does he know his party runs things now? @ Democurmudgeon.

Van Hollen ditches GAB

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen’s refusal to defend the Government Accountability Board in a federal lawsuit challenging the investigation into Governor Scott Walker and his allies is a reversal of his office’s earlier position, could have grave implications for openness in the state, and undermines the GAB’s role in enforcing the state’s campaign finance laws. It isn’t the first time that Van Hollen has put politics above government transparency….

Via WI Attorney General’s Latest Attack on Transparency Reeks of Partisanship @ PR Watch.

Defense of self, others

That’s when a customer at the bar pulled his own gun and started shooting at the men, she said. The attempted robbers fired at least three rounds inside the bar, said O’Donnell.

“That man was a hero,” said O’Donnell. “We could have had some bodies.”

The men then turned around and ran out the door, O’Donnell said. One of the men died right outside the front door, while the other man died at the end of the bar’s parking lot, she said.

The other two men and the unidentified customer with the gun fled the scene. Authorities are searching for them.

Via Concealed Carry Holder Thwarts Crime @ Boots & Sabers.

Probation, Work Release


A juvenile counselor accused of having 200 child pornography photos on his computer, facing a maximum sentence of 125 years in prison, got off with no jail time at all, didn’t have to register as a sex offender, and was allowed to continue to work around minors.

Via Child Pornographer Facing 125 Years In Prison Gets No Jail Time In Deal With Brad Schimel @ WisDems.


The opinion puts forward the narrowest test yet I’ve seen for deciding when a vote denial type claim (which Easterbrook calls a voter qualification claim) violates section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. He cites statistics showing whites are much, … more likely than blacks in Milwaukee to have a driver’s license (the easiest form of voter id to use in WI if you have it).  No big deal he says: black voting rates are high enough, and so long as “everyone has the same opportunity to get a qualifying voter ID” in Wisconsin there can be no voting rights violation.

Via Election Law Expert: Easterbrook’s Seventh Circuit Opinion: Horrendous @ MAL Contends . . ..

$290 per week, full-time

Via Scott Walker’s Admin Declares $7.25/hour a “Living Wage” @ MAL Contends . . ..


Via Senator Mark Pryor Shows How Not To Answer Reporter’s Question @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Walker folds, Cruz fumes

Via 2 conservatives, 2 different reactions to the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling-without-ruling: Scott Walker and Ted Cruz @ Althouse.

Ryan hits the IRS with Audit

Film: David Fincher – And the Other Way is Wrong

David Fincher – And the Other Way is Wrong from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.



“We’re going to play them both and they could possibly both be on the field at the same time,” Andersen said during his weekly news conference. “I’m hoping that happens because I think that opens up a little can of worms for opponents that wonder what’s going to happen.

Via Gary Andersen: Badgers will play both Stave and McEvoy @ JS Badgers Blog.


Via NBA extends media deals with ESPN and Turner worth $24 billion through 2024-’25 @ JS SportsDay Blog.

“No one gives a (expletive) about low-wage workers”

Former Milwaukee County Supervisor Eyon Biddle Sr. is standing by his story.

Biddle maintains that he had a 2006 encounter with local developer Jon Hammes in which the businessman said, “No one gives a (expletive) about low-wage workers.”

Current Supervisor Theo Lipscomb recently recounted the rumor at a Milwaukee County Board meeting just before a vote to grant a purchase option to a firm run by Hammes for a parcel of land at the Park East. The board eventually sent the proposal back to committee.

An attorney for Hammes said last week that there’s no truth to the story.

Via Former county supervisor stands by story critical of local developer @ JS No Quarter Blog.

Wednesday, 5:25 AM

Via Blood moon returns: Here's when to view it in Wisconsin @ JS Hub Bub Blog.