Racine County Sheriff Schmaling Not Collecting Required Data

“Those that are sworn to uphold the law for everyone should not have the right to cherry-pick the laws they want to enforce,” [local NAACP President Gloria] Rogers said in a press release Friday.

Via NAACP upset Sheriff Schmaling not collecting race data.

EarlierPolice in Wisconsin Must Record Race Data.

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No More to Spend

That means lawmakers will have to stick with Walker’s cuts or find others, raise taxes or fees or use borrowing and accounting tricks or some combination of those things. Republican leaders have stood firmly against raising taxes, leaving them few sustainable options except to make cuts.

Via No hike in revenue estimates forces tough budget decisions @ JSOnline

Marquette as Enemy of Speech

Via Marquette and Kirsten Powers – ‘The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech’ @ FREEDOM EDEN.

A detailed look at Madison Chief Koval’s claims about deadly force


Koval’s repeated statements that police departments in the U.S. or in Wisconsin all use identical deadly force policies (other than trivial differences in phrasing) is false.

More generally, I would suggest that, given that Chief Koval appears to be repeatedly provided false or misleading information (on this and other issues), that elected officials might be wise not to rely on factual claims from Koval without external verification; and that consultation with appropriate external experts should be used whenever possible.


Gregory Gelembiuk

Via Greg Gelembiek: Open Letter on Deadly Force @ Forward Lookout.

When Public Employees Save Money

I would point out that this is a circumstance where it makes more financial sense to add government employees rather than use private contractors.

Via Committee Votes to Add 35 Public Defenders @ Boots & Sabers.

WISGOP plans control of liberals’ water supply

Via Republicans in Legislature move to usurp local control yet again @ Blogging Blue.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is the top dog with a big early lead in the Iowa Republican Caucus, with a four-way scramble for second place and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in seventh place with 5 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Walker is at 21 percent of likely GOP caucus participants, compared to 25 percent in a February 25 poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University.

In the scramble for second place are U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida with 13 percent each, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas with 12 percent and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee with 11 percent. Physician Ben Carson has 7 percent, with 5 percent for Bush. No other candidate is above 3 percent and 6 percent are undecided.

Via Quinnipiac Poll

Big Oil Begs Dane County



Hold on…



Nothing and nothing

Now what remains to be seen is if the legislature still makes draconian cuts to the budget while taking the authority away.  This is another of those recent rebellions against Walker’s plans and I’m certain we will be seeing more of it. Normally I would congratulate changes againsta Walker’s budget proposals, but it sounds likely that this will set up a lose-lose situation for the University system.

Via RIP UW Independent Authority @ Uppity Wisconsin.

Sticking it out together

Walker’s plan to ‘free’ the UW system of direct state control, thus its historical Wisconsin Idea mission of public service has been dropped by legislators who, unlike Walker, will probably run for re-election.

Via WI legislators dump Walker’s UW attack, but will still do budgetary harm @ The Political Environment.

What’s in your water?

Soon after Walker took over and ordered the Wisconsin DNR to behave with a “chamber of commerce mentality,” the Legislature followed suit with a bill than unwound years of citizen/industry cooperation by greatly extending the time frame for the removal of waterway-choking, algae-feeding phosphorus chemical discharge pollution.

Via Quickie hearing 5/12 presages even slower WI waters’ phosphorus cleanup @ The Political Environment.

Undergirding Democracy

Via Religion as the Basis of Democracy @ Marquette Warrior.

Why WISGOP can’t reform prevailing wage law

The prevailing wage laws are costing all Wisconsinites real money, and yet the Republicans in the legislature are seemingly unable to garner the votes to repeal them. Why? The excuse given for public consumption is that repealing the prevailing wage laws would harm the workers who are currently being paid the inflated wages, and that would harm Wisconsin’s economy. That is an incomplete picture. The money to pay for those inflated wages comes from somewhere — the wages of other Wisconsin workers. And the above-market wages being paid for public projects means that fewer projects are being done than could be. That means fewer people being employed to work on those projects.

But the real reason that some Republicans are opposing the repeal of the prevailing wage laws is the one that they won’t put in a press release. Many of the people who oppose the repeal are the owners and bigwigs of the large contractors that do most of those public projects. The large contractors love the prevailing wage laws because they artificially inflate the cost of labor and prevent newer, hungrier, companies from underbidding them. The law protects their business and their profits. And many of them are large political donors to Republicans.

Via Prevailing Over Prevailing Wage @ Boots & Sabers.

Living in the Moment

If we take seriously Walker’s commitment to refuse comment about any “hypothetical question in the past” [whatever that means], Walker’s position on any policy enacted by President Obama and President Bush cannot be discussed because this history is hypothetical.

Via Scott Walker Calls Auto Industry Save a ‘Past Hypothetical’ @ MAL Contends . . .

Prevailing wage doesn’t keep everyone safer

Via Company Pushing Prevailing Wage Has History of Job Site Accidents @ Media Trackers.

Cure more dreadful than disease

Via Yet More Feminist Nonesense: Trigger Warnings @ Marquette Warrior.

Remarkably Unremarkable

Via Chancellor finalists named at UW-Whitewater @ State Journal On Campus.


…. explains why Gov Scott Walker and Legislative GOPs recently stopped talking up the possibility of “upside revenue surprises” when the LFB comes out with their updated estimates later this week. The stakes involved in that report are obviously huge, as it will be near impossible to fill in Gov Walker’s many budget cuts if the revenues aren’t there.

In addition, if the future estimates are revised down, and fall short of the $1.25 billion in increased revenue that the budget already relies upon (possible, since the LFB’s estimates of GDP and job growth were above the weak numbers reported in the 1st Quarter of 2015), then there may be even more of a mess to clean up. Stay tuned.

Via Wisconsin revenue reflections…and a huge report coming @ Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse.

Lotta Talkin’


I’d have said: … six presidential primary debates, giving Hillary Clinton shockingly long stretches of time to bore the pants off us.

Via “Democrats will announce Tuesday six presidential primary debates, giving long shots a potential opportunity to share the debate stage with frontrunner Hillary Clinton…” @ Althouse.


This cycle there is a number of candidates who will try to split and splinter the evangelical vote in the early states.   With the huge number of candidates all trying to please the base there is no way not to understand how Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Rick Sanatorium and Huckabee along with others making their religious pitch will find it harder to find a majority of caucus attendees in Iowa or deeply conservative voters in South Carolina.    The ease that Huckabee had in having the evangelical vote fall behind him in 2008 will be much harder for him to achieve this time.

Via Harder For Mike Huckabee To Be Break-Out Candidate @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Players’ Manager

“If there’s anybody that is Milwaukee Brewers baseball, aside from probably Bob Uecker, it’s him. He grew up here, lives here, played here for a long time and had a ton of success as a player. Was widely respected. Probably the best leader that I ever played with. So I don’t think they could have possibly brought anybody in that was any better than Craig Counsell is as far as being able to relate to us.

Via Players on board with hiring of Craig Counsell @ JS Brewers Blog.

Same System, Less Money

Madison— Republicans in the state Legislature are abandoning a proposal by GOP Gov. Scott Walker to spin off the University of Wisconsin System as a separate government authority, but said they are committed to giving campuses more flexibilities to manage budget cuts.

Via Lawmakers drop Walker’s plan to spin off UW governance @ JSOnline.


Via Robert Reich: Trans-Pacific Partnership just more “trickle down” economics at work @ Blogging Blue.

Film: F for Fake


Thought that was Princess Leia

Milwaukee throwing poor into jail for nonpayment of small fines

The study found that from 2008-2013, 9,277 individuals did some jail time for failing to pay their municipal citations, with judgments totaling $6.5 million. The majority of those detained for failing to pay their fines—78 percent—were African American, and 84 percent of the detainees were men. Almost half of them live in the city’s five poorest zip codes. The majority are unemployed, while those who are employed work at low-wage jobs.

The idea of charging these predominantly poor people millions of dollars in fines is, by itself, quite disturbing. But it becomes all the more dismaying when their failure to pay results results in imprisonment. The study found the average person incarcerated had spent an average of 8 days in jail, for a total of 98,824 days spent in jail by the population studied.

Via Does Milwaukee Run a Debtor’s Prison? @ Murphy’s Law.


Via The Tribune Co., emerging from bankruptcy and looking to reshape itself, is now considering the sale of all its newspapers @ POLITICAL CAPITAL.

Melvin lives to deal poorly another day

While Ron Roenicke will never be confused for Tony LaRussa or Bruce Bochy when it comes to in-game management, I thought he was doing about the best he could with a roster that features little big-time, big league talent.  And the blame for that has to be put squarely on team President and General Manager Doug Melvin.

Via They Fired the Wrong Guy @ My Two Cents.

Contrasting Responses to Offense

There’s this thing about a free society. Chances are, you’re going to be offended. Not all people will show you the respect you would like. Your religious beliefs will be dismissed and mocked.

What do you do?

You certainly don’t act out violently.

Via Muhammad Cartoon Contest and ‘Piss Christ’ @ FREEDOM EDEN.

Tony Robinson death in Madison

Via Nearly 2 months later . . . nothing. @  Forward Lookout.

Sometimes people just feel quiet


Via Scott Walker Silent on Call to Unseal John Doe Records @ MAL Contends . . .