Racine County Sheriff Schmaling Not Collecting Required Data

“Those that are sworn to uphold the law for everyone should not have the right to cherry-pick the laws they want to enforce,” [local NAACP President Gloria] Rogers said in a press release Friday.

Via NAACP upset Sheriff Schmaling not collecting race data.

EarlierPolice in Wisconsin Must Record Race Data.

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Sunday Cartoon: Easter Yeggs

Easter Yeggs from Mark Boyce on Vimeo.


She thinks GOP Speaker Robin Vos is too liberal

Via GOP candidate opposing Assembly speaker supports secession resolution @ JS All No Politics Blog.

Half-billion bargain

Via Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban: $550 million for the Bucks is a bargain @ JS Bucks Blog

Over Pirates

Via Game Blog: Rodriguez, Reynolds help deliver 5-3 Brewers victory @ JS Brewers Blog.

Packers-themed dating hits Web

Via Die hard Packers fans finding true love @ Green Bay Packers Lovers.

They don’t like each other

I would like to think that after Mayor Barrett suffered a severe beating several years ago at the hands of a tire iron-wielding suspect, in which he was not able to call 9-1-1, and his only defense was to curl up in a fetal position until the suspect got tired of beating him, he would be a lot more sensitive to citizens who don’t have the protection around him that he has, and that he would support their right to defend themselves in situations similar to what he faced.

Via Clarke says Barrett is ‘clueless in Milwaukee’ @ JS All Politics Blog.


Marc Lasry, the prospective co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks with business associate Wesley Edens, was once considered for ambassador of France, but turned down the post.

Why that diplomatic post never happened is a question that was raised last year. A story in Business Insider states the New York Post claimed Lasry had to give up the position because of his ties to a Russian Mafia gambling ring. That ring was busted a year ago.

Via Prospective Bucks’ owner Lasry was allegedly tied to gambling ring @ JS Business of Sports Blog.

Trout Unlimited Gets a License Plate

Via Gov. Walker signs bill for Trout Unlimited license plate @ JS On the Trail Blog.

Wisconsinites oppose hunting tundra swans



Georgia is open for business

Via Welcome To Wisconsin: Now Made In Georgia @ Root River Siren.


ESPN is reporting that Bucks owner Herb Kohl plans to sell the team to hedge-fund billionaires Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens for a price of $550 million.

Via Report: Kohl to announce sale of Bucks @ JS Bucks Blog.

Wisconsin MD v. Tesla

It is disturbing that Tesla Motors, without basis in law or fact, accuses its customer of tampering with a fuse in order to gain advantage under the Wisconsin Lemon Law,” Megna wrote in the “offer of settlement.”

Via Franklin doctor makes public settlement offer to Tesla in lemon law case @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog.

Not your average supporter

Via Prosecutor in John Doe probe says he voted for Walker @ JS No Quarter Blog.

$20K Hit

State law says gubernatorial candidates could not take more than $700,830 from PACs during an 2012 election cycle. But the third-term mayor accepted $720,911 from these groups during that contest.

Via Barrett campaign forfeited $20,000 for recall election violation @ JS No Quarter Blog.

Fourth, not No. 4

Survey says Aaron Rodgers is the fourth-highest paid athlete in the world @ JS SportsDay Blog.

Out of the Lineup

Braun went 1-for-8 in the first two games against the Cardinals and is batting .250 (5 for 20) with no homers or RBI on the home stand. The one thing the nerve issue in his right thumb does is prevents him from driving the ball, and that has been the case once again.

Via Ryan Braun not in starting lineup @ JS Brewers Blog.




Innovation as a Fad

In so many cases, and certainly in Whitewater, projects for innovation are (1) schemes to take public money, (2) pretend it has a productive or civic purpose, (3) while actually using it to enrich undeserving, white-collar business people and their connected friends.

Via Innovation as a Fad @ FREE WHITEWATER.

Liam Neeson turns the tables

Via The actor Liam Neeson defends horse-drawn carriages in Central Park: “I can’t help but see the proposed ban as a class issue” @ Althouse .

Shutoff Tuesday

Via Utility shut-off ban ends Tuesday @ WISN.

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