Elected Milwaukee City Attorney Contends Budget Repair Bill Unconstitutional

In his opinion, City Attorney Langley writes that the state is unable to enact changes to Milwaukee’s Employee Retirement System benefit structure for the following reasons:  Constitutional Home Rule, contractually vested property rights, and provisions included in the city’s Global Pension Settlement of 2000.

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Document: Letter of Milwaukee Mayor Barrett.

Headline of the Day

“Walker to outline ultimate intentions Tuesday in budget.”

Sums it up nicely.

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Pro-Walker Ad: “Stand With Scott Walker”

It’s all about Walker now. 30 seconds.

Pro-Walker Ad: “We support Gov. Scott Walker in his fight with Union Mobs”

From a group called the Defeat Obama Campaign. 60 seconds.

GOP senators threaten to kick Republican Schultz out of caucus

Too much talk of compromise from the District 17 Republican.

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ACLU of WI Issues Letter to DOA on Fair Access to Capitol

….These severe restrictions on access to the Capitol, which has traditionally been open to the public during regular working hours and while legislative business is being conducted, do not appear to be justified by any legitimate interest in security or public health. The Capitol is, at a minimum, a designated public forum. In such a forum, regulation of speech is subjected to strict scrutiny, so that “content-based restrictions must be narrowly drawn to effectuate a compelling state interest.” Perry Educ. Ass’n v. Perry Local Educators’ Ass’n, 460 U.S. 37, 45-46 (1983). Prohibiting protestors on either side of the debate from
entering the Capitol during normal business hours or during legislative hearings or sessions, while allowing other persons with “business” in the Capitol to enter, is manifestly content-based and, hence, presumptively unconstitutional….

Document: ACLU Letter.

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Windows on Capitol bolted shut

Keeping protesters from passing food to those still inside.

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Reversal: Poll says Barrett would defeat Walker in rematch

Liberal, but respected, PPP — Barrett over Walker, 52-47%.

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GOP senate leader Fitzgerald assumes authority over Dem staffers’ timesheets, copy machines

Nothing says congeniality like more pressure.

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Dems assess chances of recalling Walker, GOP lawmakers

Energized, but facing a high bar.

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Capitol on lockdown

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State employees’ union files complaint over collective bargaining

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Walker Administration Press Release: Senate Democrats have one day left to save the state $165 million

Then again, it was Reagan, himself, who often said it takes two to tango.

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Left asks: Is Walker so inflexible he makes other conservatives look conciliatory?

One thing’s certain – comparisons of Walker to Reagan are grossly premature, likely inapt even over time.

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Walker Administration closes Capitol, will restrict future access

Protests of scale and duration they never expected.

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Conservatives slam Capitol Police Chief Tubbs for declining to evict protesters Sunday

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So, why do bridges ice before the road?

The Weather Guys have the answer. Why chickens cross icy roads is another, as yet unanswered, question.

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Gray wolves roam central Wisconsin

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Oshkosh Northwestern editorial bashes budget repair bill

One thing has become painfully clearer over the two weeks of delay on the budget repair bill: The bill itself is more deeply flawed and overreaching than originally thought.

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A budget problem or a ‘crisis?’

But if a crisis, then a terrible thing to waste.

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Right ponders ways around a quorum under Wisconsin law

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Revolt of the Cheeseheads?

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Protesters at Capitol get ‘positive nudge’

A day or two days is now two weeks‘ time. Hard to see inability to overcome protests as evidence of political skill.

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Largest protest rally in Marshfield history

It’s not just Madison.

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Sturgeon harvest above average.

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Juravich: Public-Sector Unions Are Way to Save U.S. Recovery

Does Gov. Walker have it all backward?

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GOP Sen. Schultz reportedly says he will not support budget repair bill

Rumors that he won’t support bill.  GOP needs 19 senators, has 18 without Schultz.

If one from GOP backs away, others may, too.

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Elm Grove priest removed after sexual abuse allegation

Denies allegation.

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Hundreds of protesters to stay in Capitol

No forcible removal.

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Is separate UW-Madison best for Wisconsin?

Or simply best for UW-Madison and political proponents of the plan?  Better come up with an answer quickly, as proposal will move quickly.

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Walker rejects compromise over collective bargaining rights

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Budget Repair Bill leaves ‘Wisconsin: A house divided’

Observations on political climate from a trip across Wisconsin.

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