Weekly World News Claims Senate Democrats Hiding in Illinois Brothel

It’s lamentable that the print edition of WWN went under; publication is now online only.

WWN’s crack investigative team located the fourteen Wisconsin democratic Senators – all male.  They are hiding out at the Wild Horse Brothel in Springfield – which was just created by the Illinois Democratic Party to help the Wisconsin politicians deal with their time away from their families.

It’s not a big story until Bat Boy shows up. 
Via Weekly World News.
Hat tip Wigderson Library & Pub.

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Mixing politics and charity

Burke’s website directs those wishing to ride in the Boys & Girls Club event to register on her website, prompting riders to give Burke’s campaign their name and contact information. Oddly, Burke does not direct those wishing to ride with “Team Burke” to the Boys & Girls Club website, where they can easily register to participate in the ride with Burke without providing Burke’s campaign with their contact information.

Via Burke Uses Charity Event to Glean Data for Campaign Lists @ MediaTrackers


Via Walker raised almost $8.3 million in first half of 2014 @ WisPolitics Election Blog.


Via Scott Walker Makes WisGOP’s One Millionth Voter Contact Call @ WISGOP

WisDems say Ron Johnson’s an unknown

The reason that you don’t remember Johnson is because he doesn’t remember you. In his term, Johnson has done, for all intents and purposes, nothing. He doesn’t headline discussions, he’s not a leader, and he has failed at every turn to fight for legislation that would aid the people of Wisconsin. That lack of activity-that void of doing anything worthwhile-is most likely why 40% of Wisconsinites, according to the most recent public poll, don’t know him or his policies well enough to have an opinion on them.

Via Senator Ron Who? @ WisDems

Half-a-billion for lobbyists

This isn’t your father’s Farm Bill. That’s the finding of “Growing Influence: Lobbying and the 2014 Farm Bill,” a three-day series on the nearly $1 trillion spending plan signed into law in February by President Barack Obama.


Lobbying on 10-year Farm Bill reached $500 million, new analysis shows @ WisconsinWatch.org

WISGOP Congressional candidates fact-check each other

Fact-checking Glenn Grothman is like cholesterol-counting a 32-ounce cheeseburger. With a side of ribs.

Via Leibman v. Grothman, Meow @ The Political Environment.

Establishment GOP scorned

Pro-Life Wisconsin (the even more conservative version of Right to Life Wisconsin) came out with their list of endorsed candidates this week and Van Wanggaard and Robin Vos found themselves shut-out of contention when their rightier-right-wing opponents got the endorsement nod from the group.

Via Pro-Life Wisconsin Endorses Wanggaard & Vos OPPONENTS! @ Root River Siren.

Eventually vindicated

Via Marquette Philosophy Professor Reprimanded for “Sexism” for Using the Phrase “Girls Night Out” @ Marquette Warrior.

Residents’ heavy burden

[Washington, D.C.] Federal regulations cost Wisconsin $2.4 billion in just the first half of 2014 according to a study by American Action Forum (AAF), a national public policy institute.

Wisconsin faced the largest per capita regulatory cost in the Midwest, costing every person in the state $415 from January to June of 2014. Minnesota ranked a close second at $408, while Iowa had the lowest regulatory cost in the Midwest at $282 per capita.

Via Report: Federal Regulations Cost Wisconsin $2.4 Billion in First Six Months of 2014 @ MacIver Institute.

The Broadest Brush

Penzey, owner of Penzeys Spices, continues to rip his customers, calling the governor of Wisconsin a segregationist and his supporters living outside the city of Milwaukee segregationists.

Via Penzey Calls Walker and His Supporters Segregationists, Racists @ FREEDOM EDEN.

Marketing where one’s mouth isn’t

.speaking of little diversity, local blogger Tom McMahon decided to take a deeper look at Penzey-land. He emails:

Bill Penzey mentioned “places with little diversity” in his firm’s Summer of Love 2014 catalog. But I went through all 64 pages of that catalog and could not find a single photo of an African-American in the whole thing. Sure, I found lots and lots of photos of white folks doing white people stuff, but no African-Americans. Why? Is he afraid they might scare off his lily-white clientele?

Via Bill Penzey’s Idea Of Diversity: Lots of White People in Volkswagens -@ Sykes Writes.

A more politically-congenial law

New documents indicate that just weeks after the first subpoenas were issued in Wisconsin’s “John Doe” criminal campaign finance probe in October 2013, senate Republicans had begun working to change state law to legalize the activities under investigation.

Via Exclusive: After Subpoenas in Walker Criminal Probe, WI GOP Sought to Quietly Change Law @ PR Watch.

WEDC funds other states’ misfit castoffs

Failing to land enough funding in Maine, Klapmeier began seeking other sources of public money and apparently found a willing participant in newly-elected Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

“Note the quote where people in Maine were happy that Wisconsin won this battle,” Hackett says of the report in the Forecaster, a weekly published in Falmouth, Maine.

Via Report: WEDC-backed Kestrel had financing issues in Maine before moving to Wisconsin @ Madison.com.


Via UW Hospital top in state, U.S. News says @ Madison.com.

Question No. 6

Via 6. Does Aaron Rodgers remain the one-man difference in the NFC North? @ JS Packers Blog

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch on Broadband

Happy Anniversary

Via Caffeinated Politics Is 8 Years Old Today @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Wisconsin Supreme Court: warrant not required

Justice David Prosser wrote a separate dissent, joined by Abrahamson and Walsh.

“The defendant’s question may not have been perfect but it should have alerted the officer that the defendant was challenging a “consent” search of his briefcase,” Prosser wrote.

” It would be difficult to articulate what other objective the defendant might have had when he asked about a warrant.  The defendant had just witnessed the officer dig through the car like a police dog on assignment.  He knew that his briefcase was the next target.”

Via Court upholds warrantless search of briefcase, despite owner’s question about warrant @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog

Personal vacation and campaign events at issue

Via Dems chief says Scott Walker should reimburse state for security costs @ JS All Politics Blog.

Burke slams, Walker praises voucher schools

Via Mary Burke and Gov. Scott Walker on voucher schools @ JS All Politics Blog.

7.17.14, 6 PM on MLB Network

Via MLB Network to air one-hour documentary on Brewers broadcaster Bob Uecker @ JS SportsDay Blog

Film: Time-Lapse of the World’s Largest Balloon Festival

Via Daily Adams.

Hummingbird infestation


Up 239%

Records show taxpayers spent more than $2.23 million in 2013 for the 10 state troopers who protect Walker and his family, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and dignitaries from other states and countries who visit Wisconsin. That was up from $657,457 paid out by Gov. Jim Doyle on security during his last year in office in 2010.

Via Scott Walker’s security detail costs balloon 239% @ JS Watchdog Blog.

Four million, forever

According to the Janesville Gazette, Beloit business chambers fully support the Blackhawk Technical College August referendum asking Rock County voters to exceed the school’s levy limit by $4 million annually. No surprise….

Of course none of this surprises me since the local business chambers, including the tax-shifting and spend group Forward Janesville and the Rock County 5.0 got their billion dollar road builders plum, deep income tax cuts to the top and tranferable tax credits thereby shifting a greater burden onto those who can least afford.

In other words, “they got theirs.” Did you get yours? 

Via It’s Baaaack. Tax Hike Into Perpetuity Referendum For BTC @ Rock Netroots

Wisconsin’s big papers avoid truth of WEDC failures

Amazingly, while the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and several smaller Wisconsin community newspapers have carried the story, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Madison.com have yet to say a word on it, despite it being nearly 2 full days since WKOW in Madison went on the air with this revelation.

And there’s an extra layer to this sickening story, with added relevance due to the events of this week. In May 2012, 3 weeks before he faced the voters in a recall election, Governor Walker made an appearance at Plexus Corporation to announce that the company was going to add jobs in the Neenah area, with the help of WEDC tax credits.

Via Journal-Sentinel covers up WEDC story to curry right-wing business favor, $$$ @ Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse.

Oohing and aahing over a new public building

A public building doesn’t make a city respectable – a city’s respectable, high standards and open government make a public building worthy.

Via A Municipal Building’s No Proof of a Progressive, Modern Outlook @ FREE WHITEWATER.

Schools don’t need public relations men

It’s grandiose and wasteful to think that Milton’s schools – or Whitewater’s – would need a public relations man.  They don’t.  The way to present oneself at open enrollment is better teaching and to offer better academic, athletic, and artistic opportunities.

That is, the best reputation comes from good work, itself. 

Public relations is not a substantive, fundamental field.  It’s a secondary activity.  Success comes from accomplishments in substantive and fundamental fields (e.g., mathematics, history, etc.) and from that comes a true & good reputation.  

Via The Police Chief Turned City Administrator Turned School Public Relations Man @ FREE WHITEWATER

That would be then, this is now

“As governor, I’m going to make sure, I’m going to work hard to actually outlaw donations from outside of the state,” Burke said at a stop in Sister Bay in Door County Thursday, according to a tightly edited video released by the state Republican Party.

Via Burke to fundraise in Chicago @ JS All Politics Blog

Inside Track

Getting a job you didn’t apply for seemed unusual enough when Cindy Archer, a former Walker aide, took the job at the public defender’s office. But as it turns out, Archer was the one giving the interviews…for the job she took…from her two hand picked finalists. Channel3000:

Newly released records show a longtime aide to Gov. Scott Walker helped interview the two finalists for the $113,000 job at the state public defender’s office she landed. State Public Defender Kelli Thompson determined that Archer was the best person for the IT manager job.

Via After Interviewing Finalists, Cindy Archer Takes their Job @ Democurmudgeon.

Puppy in plastic bag dumped at Oshkosh travel plaza

Farther Right

Via Could Robin Vos be Wisconsin’s Eric Cantor? @ Blogging Blue.