Weekly World News Claims Senate Democrats Hiding in Illinois Brothel

It’s lamentable that the print edition of WWN went under; publication is now online only.

WWN’s crack investigative team located the fourteen Wisconsin democratic Senators – all male.  They are hiding out at the Wild Horse Brothel in Springfield – which was just created by the Illinois Democratic Party to help the Wisconsin politicians deal with their time away from their families.

It’s not a big story until Bat Boy shows up. 
Via Weekly World News.
Hat tip Wigderson Library & Pub.

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Roenicke Lives

Via Ron Roenicke will return as Brewers manager in 2015 @ JSOnline.

Racist trolls infest police websites

Criminal arrest reports are often followed by snarky, insulting and downright racist comments about those who have been taken into custody.  You also have cases of people making wild accusations that–because of the forum–get equal billing with the actual facts of a case.

Via The New Media Problem @ My Two Cents.

Thirty-two minutes with Lt. Gov. Kleefisch

John Lehman wants to be Lt. Governor

Facing 80, he got just 1

But as Happ’s office has done in several other cases Media Trackers has analyzed, just a fraction of the maximum 80 years was asked for by prosecutors in the plea deal. The judge in the case went on to sentence Onasch to just one year in jail and 12 years probation, with Huber privileges for treatment.

Via Another Child Molester Gets Sweetheart Deal from Happ’s Office @ Media Trackers


Based on their speakers and the discussion on October 4 – their priorities are to repeal Voter ID, increase voter turnout from primarily Democratic constituencies, increasing the minimum wage and preventing a mine from being built in Northern Wisconsin – these are hardly bipartisan in nature.

Via A Firsthand Account of the League of Women Voters State Issues Briefing @ MacIver Institute.

There are

Via “I Didn’t Know There Were Latinos in Wisconsin” editor at La Casa @ JS Latino Connection.


If you happen to lean right in this state, you saw some big changes in your favor during Walker’s first term. In addition to the wonders of Act 10, we have concealed carry (Yes, I have a license.), a stronger castle doctrine, photo voting ID, and a property tax freeze. Not bad. Even Politifact concedes Walker has kept a majority of his promises.

Via Walker and his promises @ Fairly Conservative


Via The Who Will Play the Bradley Center Next October @ Milwaukee Express

Close: Burke 49, Walker 48

Via NYT/CBS/YouGov Poll

There have to be a few jobs here, somewhere


Via Walker makes “Dirty Dozen in the States” list, and still can’t move state from bottom of jobs and business creation ranking @ Democurmudgeon.



Via JB Van Hollen: “We will be exploring alternatives to address the Court’s concern and have voter ID on election day” @ blue cheddar

For now

Rick Hasen cautions this morning that Wisconsin should not be too excited that the Court “did the right thing now in the Wisconsin case. But don’t expect them to continue doing the right thing. The Chief [John Roberts] and Justice Kennedy will very likely be with today’s Wisconsin dissenters on the merits down the line.”

Via No-Voter ID Ruling Is Bodyshot to Scott Walker, Win for Wisconsin Voters @ MAL Contends . . .


Said a young woman who said she is the cousin of the teenager who was shot to death by a St. Louis police officer last night, touching off new protests. The 18-year-old, Vonderrit Myers Jr., had a gun, the police say, and he not only charged at the officer, he shot at the officer at least 3 times and was trying to keep firing, but the gun jammed. The cop shot 17 times.

Via “He had a sandwich in his hand, and they thought it was a gun. It’s like Michael Brown all over again” @ Althouse

All they did was vacate a stay

But they nevertheless acknowledge the point of vacating the stay in this case:

There is a colorable basis for the Court’s decision due to the proximity of the upcoming general election. It is particularly troubling that absentee ballots have been sent out without any notation that proof of photo identification must be submitted.

So there’s such a good reason for keeping the law from applying to the upcoming elections, and vacating the stay is less of an indication that the court below got wrong than would normally be the case.

Via U.S. Supreme Court keeps Wisconsin voter ID law from applying to next month’s elections @ Althouse.

Clear case

Via Even Conservative Justices Admit Voter ID Law Too Close To Election To Implement @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Burke seeks an introduction


“My goal in the debate is just for folks to get to know me and my plans for moving Wisconsin forward,” Burke said. “If I’m able to communicate that effectively, that will be for me a win.”

Via Gov. Scott Walker and Mary Burke on Friday’s campaign debate @ JS All Politics Blog.

Walker wants a conversation


“To me, this is more of a conversation with the people of Wisconsin and less of a debate. Debates in my mind are going back and forth and going at each other. I’ve seen that in other states and I just don’t care for that much,” Walker told reporters in Madison Wednesday.

Via Gov. Scott Walker and Mary Burke on Friday’s campaign debate @ JS All Politics Blog.


Via Oshkosh Corp. to cut hundreds of jobs in defense division @ JSOnline

Friday Catblogging: Honking Cat

Via Daily Adams.

Walker 50.8, Burke 49.2

Via Capital Times Poll Model 10.7.14.

Where’s Glenn?


Via Grothman in hiding; wonder why @ The Political Environment.


Via AP report: US Supreme Court blocks Wisconsin voter ID law @ JSOnline

UW Madison to isolate, torment, euthanize dozens of juvenile monkeys


Via Protest against monkey research planned in advance of UW-Madison forum @ SJ On Campus Blog.

Victim says she was told to stop saying

“When this story hit the news regarding Happs [sic] conflict of interest with Reynolds I got a phone call from Lori Anderson Jefferson county district attorney’s [sic] office telling me to not speak to anyone / media”, the victim wrote in a complaint first reported by WKOW television in Madison.

Via Records: Happ’s Office Called Victim After Land Deal Story @ Media Trackers

Call for boots


No one seems parched

[I]t has been exactly  4.5 years – – or fifty-four months – – since the Waukesha Common Council approved an application for a diversion of water from Lake Michigan.

And in those fifty-four months have come and gone two Waukesha mayors, at least a million dollars in consulting and legal fees, and Lord knows how many meetings, application rewrites, deadlines, fits and no starts – – but not a drop of water has been diverted, nor a shovel of earth turned nor a single regulatory approval won to get the show on the road.

Via About Waukesha’s water diversion – – not a drop after 54 months @ The Political Environment.

League of Conservation Voters accuses Walker of a Dirty Deal

Via WLCV launches $1 million campaign targeting Walker’s record on conservation issues @ WisPolitics Election Blog.

Job seekers

Via Liberals Drop Out of Labor Force Then Run for Office @ Media Trackers

The argument for, but against, plural marriage

…The would-be polygamist needs only to use the arguments of a gay-marriage advocate: What kind of moral claim, for instance, does anyone have to stand in the way of peaceful, consenting adults who call their union a marriage?

Via The Mormons v. Althouse @ Dad29.

On the road to nowhere

Truth is, we’re losing the battle to pay for what we have now and the cost of many of these roadway expansions including sprawl growth vastly outweighs the return. I have history on my side to support that statement because here we are after 30 to 40 years of “expanding tax base” growth and we’re stuck paying to do road replacement and maintenance all over again without one penny in trust to show for. In fact, we are in deficit on every level. Sooooo.

Via Deficits In Revenue and Reason Make Highway Expansions Boondoggles @ Rock Netroots.

Reinventing the wheel


Via Walker/Kleefisch Plagiarism Scandal!!! “Open for Business” lifted from a big campaign supporter @ Democurmudgeon