Weekly World News Claims Senate Democrats Hiding in Illinois Brothel

It’s lamentable that the print edition of WWN went under; publication is now online only.

WWN’s crack investigative team located the fourteen Wisconsin democratic Senators – all male.  They are hiding out at the Wild Horse Brothel in Springfield – which was just created by the Illinois Democratic Party to help the Wisconsin politicians deal with their time away from their families.

It’s not a big story until Bat Boy shows up. 
Via Weekly World News.
Hat tip Wigderson Library & Pub.

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One More

Dead Zones

Runoff is the state’s most serious water pollution problem.

In Green Bay, pollutants from farm fields and other sources have helped create a dead zone, an area so low in oxygen that it can’t support most aquatic life.

Via Scott Walker's budget cuts $5.7 million from runoff pollution remedies @ JSOnline.

Venture Capitalist Admits Truth About Walker Economics

"Most of his activity was more politically focused than economically, job-creation focused," said John Torinus, a Milwaukee businessman and venture capitalist who nevertheless praises some of Walker’s moves. "He was going to concentrate on job creation with a laser-like focus and he got distracted."

Via Scott Walker's Wisconsin Still Lags Nation In Job Growth @ AP Huffpo.

Wisconsin behind America

…the likely Republican presidential contender has had less success changing Wisconsin’s economy and budget. The state lags in job growth and its budget faces a shortfall. It’s a record that complicates Walker’s path in early primary states as he sells himself as a reformer….

Wisconsin ranked 40th in private sector job growth for the 12 months ending in September, said the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Walker has called hiring in his state the “gold standard” for measuring his performance.

Via Scott Walker's Wisconsin Still Lags Nation In Job Growth @ AP HuffPo.

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UW Campuses Offer Buyouts

Bradley v. Daley

Battle over wage laws

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Happy Easter: An Easter Weekend in Rome

An Easter Weekend in Rome from Gunther Machu on Vimeo.


Justice Prosser’s Curiosity Forces His Own Disqualification

Madison— Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser abruptly stepped down from a case earlier this year after a state lawyer said Prosser had apparently contacted a state lab asking questions related to a case before the state’s high court.

His withdrawal leaves six justices on the case, raising the possibility of a 3-3 split that would leave unresolved an issue that has repeatedly cropped up in drunken driving cases.

Wisconsin’s ethics code for judges says that in general judges cannot engage in discussions outside the courtroom with witnesses. They are to make their decisions based on the facts presented to them, rather than ones they gather on their own.

Prosser appears to have sought answers directly from the state Laboratory of Hygiene that analyzed the blood sample in the drunken driving case before the Supreme Court. The same day the contact became public, Prosser notified the court he was withdrawing from the case.

Via David Prosser turned sleuth in OWI case before high court @ JSOnline.

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Frank Kaminsky

Did Edgewood High ignore rampant racism?

Family, Neighbors Threatened for Opposing a Factory Farm

“We are troubled,” said Nancy Koch to me, citing a threat left on a note at their Saratoga home in Wood County last week reading: “Your hous [sic] is next.”

Via Wood County Family Threatened for Opposing Proposed Factory Farm @ MAL Contends . . .

Does Judge Daley Know the Location of His Fugitive Daughter?

WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports

He knew but didn’t disclose

MADISON (WKOW) — Judge James Daley is running for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court – in part – on his reputation for developing an OWI court in Rock County.

But 27 News has learned Daley’s own daughter is wanted on an open arrest warrant for OWI charges that date back to 2008.

Judge Daley’s campaign told 27 News they have been aware of his daughter’s fugitive status from the beginning of his challenge to incumbent Justice Ann Walsh-Bradley, but chose not to disclose it.

Via Daughter of WI Supreme Court candidate wanted on 2008 OWI charge @ WKOW 27: Madison.

Wait…is Walker really Number 3?

Via Poll: Bush now tops GOP field; Clinton runs ahead of all Republicans @ The Washington Post.

Number 1, again

Via Scott Walker jumps to top of GOP field in Fox News poll @ JS All Politics Blog.

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