Former Gov. Lucey Resigns from Justice Prosser’s Campaign

“I can no longer in good conscience lend my name and support to Justice Prosser’s candidacy. Too much has come to light that Justice Prosser has lost that most crucial of characteristics for a Supreme Court Justice – as for any judge – even-handed impartiality. Along with that failing has come a disturbing distemper and lack of civility that does not bode well for the High Court in the face of demands that are sure to be placed on it in these times of great political and legal volatility….”

Via NBC 15 Madison.

Report Claims 1,100 Wisconsin Bridges Need Repair

About 8% of bridges in state listed; report is from lobbying group Transportation for America, that includes as members numerous, possible recipients of construction money.

Via WISN Milwaukee.

Wis Dems Ask for District Attorney’s Investigation of Milwaukee County GOP Candidate’s Finance Report

Jeff Stone, GOP candidate for Milwaukee County Executive.

Via Wisconsin Democrats’ Press Release.

Copy of Investigation Request.

Two Madison cab companies to provide free rides to polling places on election day

Union Cab and Badger Cab will provide rides while the polls are open, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The cab companies ask those seeking a cab to the polls to make appointments ahead of time, and to not call after 7:30 p.m. in Madison or 7 p.m. in surrounding areas.

Via Wisconsin State Journal.

Cross Plains woman charged with making death threats to Republican senators

Katherine R. Windels, 26, of Cross Plains faces two felony bomb scare counts and two misdemeanor counts of sending a computer message threatening injury or harm.

Via Wisconsin State Journal.

Forty-three year old man jailed 30 days for ‘vampire’ bite to child’s neck

Via Sheboygan Press.

EarlierPolice: Man watches ‘True Blood,’ bites 3-year-old’s neck

Cincinnati Reds 7, Milwaukee Brewers 6

Via UPI.

Worrisome Headline of the Day™

“Cleanup lowers levels of PCBs in walleye”

How low is low enough?

Via Fond du Lac Reporter.

Former Fond du Lac computer administrator pleads not guilty to embezzling $240,000 from city

Sixty-four year old accused of stealing quarter of a million between ’07 and ’10.

Via Fond du Lac Reporter.

Madison loses Google Fiber

…to Kansas City, Kansas.

Via Badger Herald

Mayor backs call for police, fire to pay part of health plan, pension

Alternative Headline: Twenty-something La Crosse Mayor Harter Plans for Life After Single Term in Office

Via La Crosse Tribune.

Twitter live-blog of the 2011 Wisconsin Film Festival

Via Isthmus.

La Crosse county GOP chairman concedes Kapanke recall election a ‘foregone conclusion’

Yes, and without any of the precious moments that Fond du Lac’s GOP Sen. Hopper had along the way to his recall election.

Via La Crosse Tribune.

Walker administration will comply with judge’s order halting collective bargaining law

Circuit Judge Sumi ruled this morning that collective bargaining bill not validly published under Wisconsin law.

Via Wisconsin State Journal.

Eau Claire iPacesetters Agrees to Stop Docking Employees’ Pay for Using the Bathroom

Last summer, employees of iPacesetters (formerly Charlton) in Eau Claire filed complaints with the State of Wisconsin over that company’s practice of docking employees’ pay for using the bathroom.  Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development has announced that “iPacesetters has agreed to back pay those and all employees for bathroom breaks taken.” 
Via Eau Claire WQOW.

Unemployment rises in every Wisconsin county save one

Kenosha’s unemployment stays same, at 10.1%.

Via BusinessWeek.

Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi Rules Collective Bargaining Restrictions Not Validly Published

And if not validly published, then not law.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Brewers Open the Season in Cincinnati

Highest payroll in club history.

Via Wisconsin Radio Network.

Bucks beat Toronto Raptors, 104-98

They’ll play the Pacers on Friday night.


Motorist Records School Bus Driver Going 20 Miles Over Speed Limit

The power of a citizen with a cell phone.

Via WTMJ 4.

Jolly Still Jailed

Until at least April 20th.

Via 1330 WHBL Sheboygan.

EarlierPackers’ Jolly arrested on felony drug charges.

Complaint: Madison priest raped, threatened fourteen-year old girl

Via Wisconsin State Journal.

Wisconsin State Journal‘s Phil Brinkman: Why request for Bill Cronon’s email isn’t news

But there isn’t one “correct” use for the records law. When someone asks to view public records, they’re really just posing a question. And there are no dumb questions. The answer, if there is one, is revealed once the records are released….

Stories about records requests being denied, maybe. Stories about misconduct and hidden agendas when those turn up, absolutely. But exercising one’s right to find out what their government is up to? Thankfully, that’s business as usual.

Via Wisconsin State Journal.

Republican Party of Dane County Issues Apology to Circuit Judge Sumi

The Republican Party of Dane County recognizes that Judge Sumi is a leftist living in Dane County. Her friends are leftists living in Dane County. Her son is a left wing activist in Dane County. She goes to cocktail parties held by leftists in Dane County. She shops at organic gourmet food shops run by leftists living in Dane County. If she were to enforce the law of Wisconsin and do what was in the best interest of the people of Wisconsin, she’d be exiled from her lifestyle. She’d lose her friends!

Via Republican Party of Dane County.

Attorney general flips on open meetings law

Yes, he does.

Via Rep. Jon Richards in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

WI Dems ridicule GOP congressman

Click image for larger photo.

A Food and Clothing Drive for “Poor” Sean Duffy.

Via Wisconsin Democrats.

EarlierGOP Congressman Sean Duffy Complains About Living on 174K Per Year

GOP Congressman Sean Duffy Complains About Living on 174K Per Year

Audience was reportedly unsympathetic as he complained to someone now unemployed.

GOP reportedly tried to pressure to take the video down. It’s now on another website’s server.

Via National Journal.

State will continue implementing collective bargaining law despite judge’s order

Doubling down.

Via Wisconsin State Journal.

Fed inspectors find ten safety violations at Tyson plant in Jefferson

Nine of the ten could lead to death or serious injury.

Via Wisconsin State Journal.

Labradoodle rescued from doom in icy waters of Lake Mendota

Fell through the thin ice near Picnic Point.

Via Wisconsin State Journal

Chippewa County Jail cuts milk intake for inmates by two-thirds

Milk at breakfast, fruit punch for lunch and dinner.

Jailers also thinking about allowing only postcards, rather than letters, to save on screening time.


Study: Milwaukee vouchers boost students’ chance of graduating, enrolling in college

From results of UW-Madison and University of Arkansas joint study. Choice offers opportunity and incentive.

Via UW-Madison News Release.