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Critical free speech

So I think the float used the iconography of poverty to express the point of view that Obama is utterly lacking in achievement worthy of a presidential library. Maybe you could build an argument that because so many black people have been poor, any depiction of a black person as poor is intended to associate him with black people in general, and that is enough to warrant an accusation of racism. But I think this float belongs in the innocuous category of traditional American disrespect for authority figures.

Via Is depicting the “Obama Presidential Library” as an outhouse racist? @ Althouse.

Still, given the delicate spot Mrs. Clinton is in, “to the extent that she throws him under the bus, she has to run over him at a very slow speed.”

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It’s legal, people

Via Police in Longmont, Colorado tell citizens to quit calling them about their neighbors’ smoking marijuana @ Althouse.

Police claim machete-wielding maniac caught in Middleton


Officers were called to the 6300 block of Pheasant Lane around 5:45 p.m. Sunday after a man forcibly entered his girlfriend’s apartment. The man, identified by police as Brandon C. Green, 27 of Stoughton, allegedly battered several males who were there. Police say one lost consciousness. Green then returned to his car, got a machete and went back into the apartment. Police say officers were able to arrest Green before anyone was hurt with the machete.

Via UPDATE: Stoughton man arrested after incident involving machete in Middleton @ WKOW 27

Monday Music: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Come on with the “Come On”

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Charity begins at home, one guesses

….I’m irritated at Hillary and outraged at the new media outlets who put the headline in that form, which is missing the fact that flips the story: Hillary Clinton donates the money to her own foundation…..

Via Behind that “Hillary Clinton Says She’s Donated All University Speaking Fees” headline @ Althouse.

Public employee unions survive

But the court’s conservative majority stopped short of a ruling that would have allowed public employees to stop paying dues to the unions that negotiate contracts for higher wages and benefits, protect them from employer abuses, and advocate in the legislative and political arenas on their behalf. In so doing, they allowed public-sector unions to remain vital forces in the majority of American states.

Via Laboring under a misapprehension @ Fighting Bob.

Application, schmapplication

Earlier this week Ed wrote about the new state job Cindy Archer, a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker, was just hired for, but while Ed noted the 31% pay increase Archer received over her predecessor, what wasn’t known at the time is that Archer was hired for her new position in Gov. Walker’s administration without actually applying for the job.

Via Walker insider Cindy Archer gets hired for cushy state job without applying @ Blogging Blue.


For the first time since 2007, the Milwaukee Brewers are sending four players to the All-Star Game.

Centerfielder Carlos Gomez and third baseman Aramis Ramirez were elected to the National League’s starting lineup in fan voting when rosters were announced Sunday evening, and catcher Jonathan Lucroy and closer Francisco Rodriguez also made the squad via player balloting. The Brewers are the only NL club with more than one starting player.

Via All-Star Game – Four of a kind: Gomez, Ramirez, Lucroy, Rodriguez to represent Brewers @ JSOnline.

Success at last

Cynthia Archer

The only time cronyism isn’t really cronyism is when Republicans successfully rationalize away the guilt and shame of their behavior…that pretty much stinks to high heaven for everyone else. Our incidental Gov. Walker will be very surprised I’m sure.

Political silence and loyalty comes at a price: I wonder how the two qualified finalist feel right about now?

Via Walker’s Crony Jobs Plan Working…@ Democurmudgeon.

A Day of Rest

….Which is why the Pope is hoping that he can find the way to show that economic needs should be put aside on Sunday to allow for more family time and stress-free living.  Asking if one has more freedom by being required to work on Sunday seems to me the perfect question and opens the debate for a topic that needs to be pondered.

Sunday patterns for James and myself today mirror that of our parents–minus the Sunday drive.  Some probably call it boring.  But I think the calm of one day per week is a healthy way to live….

Via Is Working On Sundays “True Freedom”? @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Getting Hobby Lobby Wrong

In a stunningly misogynistic and regressive decision, five male justices of the Supreme Court of the United States have decided that if you are a woman your boss can force you to adhere to his religious beliefs.

- Kristen Hansen, Blue in a Red County (emphasis supplied).

Now I have no doubt that Ms. Hansen sincerely believes this, but it isn’t true. Your boss can’t force you to adhere to his religious beliefs.

The statement is not even close. It is not arguably true. Nor is it metaphorically true. It is not true if translated into any other language on the face of earth. It’s not true with fingers crossed behind your back.

It just isn’t true.

As a result of Monday’s decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, no one will be forbidden to use any form of lawful contraceptive. All the Court said is that the government can’t force your boss to pay for them - if he or she has a genuine religious objection to providing them.

Via The Myths of Hobby Lobby @ Shark and Shepherd.

Reds over Brewers on Sunday afternoon

Via Game Blog: Late homer lifts Reds over Brewers, 4-2 @ JS Brewers Blog.

Congress fights spending disclosure

….A member of Congress used to have to specifically report the details if they traveled on someone else’s dime. As of last week, that rule was lifted with no public announcement….

Via More Republican “Ethics” @ Dad29.

3 WisDems vie for 15th Senate District

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4th Congressional District: Felon v. Congresswoman

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Summerfest: July 6 Picks – Usher, Bombino, The Fatty Acids

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America’s finest travel service

….Since 2008, the eight current members of the U.S. House and their aides have taken at least 125 privately funded trips at a cost of more than $400,000, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel analysis of travel records. Some are relatively cheap jumps to Maryland or Virginia to speak at conferences. Others are all-expenses-paid trips to Asia or Africa for House members and their spouses or children that can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

The Journal Sentinel analysis focused on House members because of news last week that the House Ethics Committee had — temporarily — moved to eliminate one of the reporting requirements for such travel.

Of all international destinations, Israel was the most popular for Wisconsin’s lawmakers. Six of the eight representatives and their staff logged at least 10 trips to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Tiberias from 2011 to 2013. All told, the travelers racked up $121,000 in expenses….

Via Interest groups let Congress travel free @ JS Watchdog Report.

Most ducks since ’55

[Survey doesn't say most ever, just most since 1955 - ed.]

North America had 49.2 million ducks this spring, a record high in the Waterfowl and Breeding Habitat Survey conducted annually since 1955.

The continent also had 7.18 million ponds in May, 40% above the long-term average.

Via Survey: North America has most breeding ducks in history @ JS On the Trail Blog.

Milwaukee blanks Cincinnati

Via Cincinnati via Game Blog: Matt Garza twirls complete-game gem in beating Reds, 1-0 @ JS Brewers Blog.

Scenes from Whitewater, Wisconsin’s Independence Day Fireworks, 7.4.14

Scenes from Whitewater, Wisconsin’s Independence Day Fireworks, 7.4.14 from John Adams on Vimeo.


Sunday Animation: Pinchaque, the Colombian Tapir

Pinchaque, the Colombian Tapir ( English version ) from Caroline Attia on Vimeo.

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Changing the subject

“Majority opinion on the issue has changed substantially since 2006, but among his core supporters — Republicans and conservatives — the majority still oppose same-sex marriage,” Franklin said. “So this puts him in a bind.”

Via Social issues spill into the governor’s race @ State Journal.

Road expansion kills road repair

….Janesville taxpayers should think long and hard before committing themselves to additional new taxes. Keep in mind that regardless of who is governor next year, the state is considering a slew of new license and registration fee hikes, including raising the state gas tax and even mileage charges. These higher taxes and charges will be on top of our Forward Janesville induced road tax referendum – if you so choose….

Via Wisconsin Rural/City Roads Are Crumbling For The I39/90 Expansion @ Rock Netroots.

Public funding for a new Bucks arena

And we probably won’t see the public financing piece of this puzzle for several months, so stay tuned.

Via A Wisconsin jock tax for Bucks arena? @ Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse.

‘America: Imagine the World Without Her’

Via ‘America: Imagine the World Without Her’ @ FREEDOM EDEN.

Happy Independence Day

Via Happy Independence Day @ FREE WHITEWATER.

The Hispanic Wage Gap

Via Wage gap for Hispanics falls, study says @ JS Latino Connection Blog.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this”

Via Walker running Wisconsin into the Ground…more spending cuts on the way @ Democurmudgeon.

Endangered Species Killer Gets Off Easy

After the shooting, Larsen said he texted a friend to tell him he had just shot an albino Sandhill Crane.

His friend told him that the Crane was a protected species, so the big tough guy with the gun did what you would expect him to do. He turned tail and ran!….

Matthew Kent Larsen, 28, of New London, Wisconsin, pleaded guilty to the crime in a federal court in Green Bay and was sentenced to pay $2,000 in fines: $1,500 in restitution to the International Crane Foundation and a $500 Migratory Bird Treaty Act fine. His hunting and fishing rights were also revoked for two years.

Via Matthew Kent Larson @ Cognitive Dissidence.

Walker Admin takes care of its own

Via Cynthia Archer gets $6 per hour raise in the “inner circle” @ blue cheddar.

Not that big

Scott’s new piece fixates on the “Draft Mitt” website, which has only collected 28,000 names of Romney 2016 people, which is close to nothing.

Via “Who Are The Mysterious Forces Behind The ‘Draft Mitt’ Movement?” @ Althouse.