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Pretty good job of uniting opposition, too

Walker was viewed favorably by 88% of all Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (a total of 9,725 voters) surveyed by Marquette between 2012 and 2014 — and unfavorably by just 10%. His popularity is highest on the right, but his negatives are low among almost all Republican groups

Via Can Scott Walker unite Republicans elsewhere, as he has done in Wisconsin? @ JS Wisconsin Voter Blog.

Milwaukee ignores state law on police custody deaths

As other states look to Wisconsin as a model for improving accountability in officer-involved deaths, a former state legislator who co-sponsored a law requiring independent investigation of those deaths says the Milwaukee Police Department and state Department of Justice didn’t comply following the death of Dontre Hamilton.

"Milwaukee just thinks they’re different from the rest of the state and they just do things their own way, and until somebody makes them accountable for their actions, they’re going to continue," said Garey Bies, a Republican who represented Sister Bay in the Legislature for 30 years. "The citizens of Milwaukee should be insisting that they abide by the law the way the rest of the state has to."

The new law, which took effect in April, requires a team of at least two investigators from an outside agency to lead investigations of officer-involved deaths. It was prompted by three deaths in which officers were exonerated after their actions were evaluated by their own departments: Michael Bell in Kenosha, Paul Heenan in Madison and Derek Williams in Milwaukee.

Via Sponsor: Custody death law not followed in Dontre Hamilton case @ Journal Sentinel Watchdog Update.

Last Week in Politics

DNR Culled

Boss Vos on Biennial

WPT on the Block

Sunday Animation: Wildlife Crossing!




Mad City Mayoral Primary

Bigots vandalize Madison homes


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AL West

The Next Constituency

"It’s not surprising that he’s cutting back on what are probably perceived by those groups as liberal programs and liberal financing," Secunda told TPM. "So universities of course, including Madison being the most elitist, and then public radio. Who listens to public radio? A bunch of pointy-headed liberals. So, I think those go hand-in-hand. Because his constituency would be upset if they cut out Fox News from the cable package but I don’t think his supporters could care less about public radio. They don’t listen to it."

Via Scott Walker's Latest Budget Hijinks All About That 2016 Base @ TPM.

Friday Catblogging: French Bulldog v. Bed-Stealing Cat


Behind the evolution question

To put it another way after four years at Marquette University Walker was at least 34 credits short of graduating.  And it showed in London.  At a time when education and especially science plays such a key role in economic competition among nations who all strive to develop better industries and products to trade it is simply unacceptable to have Walker make such a complete fool of himself and in so doing make our nation look backwards.  That is not the type of candidate this nation should want to advance for the highest office in this land, and certainly not the type of individual we want to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office in 2015.

Via The Impact Of Scott Walker Dropping Out Of College @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

The Discerning British

Via Brit moderator says Gov. Scott Walker charmed, evolution amused @ JS All Politics Blog

To $48 per game

Via UW football ticket prices set to rise $3 per game for 2015 season.

Sacramento not so regal

Via Final: Bucks 111, Kings 103 @ JS Bucks Blog.

Still not playing

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Jared Dudley talks the Bucks season


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British needle Gov. Walker

Via Scott Walker On Evolution: ‘I Am Going To Punt On That One’ @ Huffington Post.

Genuine Teacher of the Year blasts Walker’s education policies

How our paths have diverged from that August afternoon in 1986. True story: it was freshman orientation just outside Memorial Union. We were two of a couple thousand new Marquette University freshman wistful about what our futures held. Four years later, I graduated from Marquette and later became Wisconsin High School Teacher of the Year. You never graduated, and you became the Governor of the State of Wisconsin bent on dismantling public education. Ironic, isn’t it? Situational irony at its best. I’d laugh if its ramifications weren’t so utterly destructive for the state of Wisconsin.

Via An Open Letter to Governor Walker @ The Marquette Educator

National press looks at Walker’s Marquette years

Via As Scott Walker mulls White House bid, questions linger over college exit @ The Washington Post.

The very model of a modern major-general

Via On national security and foreign policy, Scott Walker makes it a point to cite briefings from his adjutant general @ JS All Politics Blog.

WI beats NE in NE

Via Final: Wisconsin 65, Nebraska 55 @ JS Badgers Blog.

Still expected at plate on 4.6


Via Lucroy out 4 to 6 weeks with hamstring strain @ JS Brewers Blog

May include…


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While I have always felt, and written over and over on this blog, that I knew deep down President Obama was comfortable with gay marriage from both a legal and cultural viewpoint I also have to be blunt in stating how dismayed I am over how he used the issue to his political advantage.

I say this even though I knew at the time that was exactly what was happening….

Via President Obama Used Gay Marriage Issue To His Political Advantage @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Gov. Walker promises no photo ops

Via More Walker Twitter photos from ‘no-photo-op’ junket @ The Political Environment.

Photo Op with British Executives

Still standing

Via “A Dane County judge will allow a lawsuit over Madison teacher contracts to go forward in its entirety…” @ Althouse.