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Popular as policy in a close election

States that tried the same thing found two very interesting results:

1. Poor people didn’t take drugs. In fact, the number of people who turned up positive was less than the general public that included the sector that wanted the stupid law.
2. They got sued in Federal Court and lost.

Via Scott Walker’s Deep Thoughts: Piss Testing The Poor @ Root River Siren.

Someone skipped Drivers Ed

A “slow-rolling stop” is, you know, not a stop. I’m sure there are cases of red light cameras snagging people who shouldn’t be snagged but by your own damn admission this isn’t one of them.

Via Um, You Didn’t Stop? @ Eschaton.

What is, ‘Things Gov. Walker will never do’?

With tens of thousands of absentee ballot voters potentially deprived of their vote;

With handfuls of elections officials scrambling to determine a course of action on how to implement the new ID law;

And with an uncountable number of citizens lacking the proper paperwork, adequate time, or documents in their hands needed to enter the voting booth

Via Lunchtime Musings: Walker should delay Voter ID @ Political Heat.

Burke takes advantage of Walker ad

Even my conservative friend in Milwaukee was stunned by Walker’s decision to run something so inviting to his opponents. He by the way thinks Burke’s “Reagan” ad was a powerful statement. Take it away Mary Burke.

Via Burke hits gold in Walker Deficit Hole @ Democurmudgeon

Not a Gentleman’s C

Via Wisconsin’s Public Schools Earn a C+ On Latest School Report Cards @  MacIver Institute

But Demon Weed stands in the way

Via Walker Shrugs and Declares, “There are Plenty of Jobs Out There” @ Uppity Wisconsin.

What the Left sees in Walker 2.0

If Walker is re-elected, the payoffs to his campaign funders will come as part of another ‘budget-repair’ bill – – this time fixing the hole he’s dug by refusing federal Medicaid funding and also trimming revenues with tax cuts.

Expect to see the beginning of the state property fire sale for which he already has legislative approval.
Competitive, public bidding is not required – – only rubber stamping by office-holders and processes he controls, including hand-picked water-carriers at the state Department of Administration and Legislative budget lackeys like Alberta Darling installed to grease the skids at the Joint Committee on Finance who are there to implement his extremist agenda.

Via Walker’s ‘agenda,’ after drug-testing the poor… @ The Political Environment

Probably not the next big website

Via WisGOP Launches As Susan Happ Hides from Bad, Soft on Crime Record @ WISGOP

Middlemen move in

Via “The great promise of YouTube was its ability to cut out Hollywood-style intermediaries…” @ Althouse.

They can’t even get the public relations right

All the talk about how sophisticated these administrators at the university are, how successful and trend-setting they are, but the truth comes as critical news and a downmarket image.

These few seem to want a positive image even over actual achievement, but they just can’t see what that truly requires. People beyond the city just won’t accept at face value declarations of stupendous successes and gargantuan greatness.

Via The Politics of Informants at UW-Whitewater @ FREE WHITEWATER

Students as confidential informants at UW-Whitewater and other campuses

Via Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central Time.

Yes, Paul Soglin, fair use includes parodies even of you


In affirming dismissal of Kienitz’s suit, the court found the t-shirt made fair use of Kienitz’s photo of the mayor.

Judge Frank Easterbrook starts his seven-page opinion with this gem:

While a student at the University of Wisconsin in 1969, Paul Soglin attended the first Mifflin Street Block Party, whose theme (according to Soglin) was “taking a sharp stick and poking it in the eye of authority.” Now in his seventh term as Mayor of Madison, Wisconsin, Soglin does not appreciate being on the pointy end.

Via 7th Circuit affirms fair use of Madison mayor’s mug on pro-Mifflin t-shirts @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog.

Burke Replies to Walker’s Comeback with Stop Digging

Via New Mary Burke ad jabs at Scott Walker’s spot @ JS All Politics Blog.

Film: Boats

Via Daily Adams.

Progressive finds a Walker he’ll support

Via I Will Vote For Walker In November! @ Cognitive Dissidence.

Billionaire child abuser walks after less than four months’ time

Via Curt Johnson Released from Jail – Racine County Eye @ Racine County Eye.  

No rush in Racine

Boy, Republican Racine County Sheriff, Christopher Schmaling sure is taking his time investigating the voter fraud complaint against GOP sweetheart and fake recall candidate for Van Wanggaard, Tamra Varebrook.

In the meantime, Varebrook got herself a new job: as a Racine County dispatch operator.

Congrats! All the Sheriff’s investigators have to do is walk down the hall to ask her a few pertinent questions. How hard could that be? It’s in the same goddamn building!

Via Is The Sweetheart Of The GOP Getting Away With Voter Fraud? @ Root River Siren.

Where’s the transcript?

Yesterday was Chuck Todd’s second time as host. Last week, his first time, the show was heavily larded with an interview with Barack Obama. That means yesterday’s show was the first example of a normal show. Are they ashamed of it? They’ve put video up, including neatly captioned segments, like “James Baker: We Need People on Ground in Mideast.” (“People,” is that what we’re calling “boots” now?) The preference for lots of little videos, with writing only in the form of captions that very briefly paraphrase what some guest supposedly said, makes me suspicious. I want to see the specific quotes, and I want to pick them apart.

Via My “Meet the Press” conspiracy theory @ Althouse.

Walker’s 11

The white lab coats at the Blaska Policy Research Werkes jump-started Old Sparky, the Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, to assign Blaska-Bold-ometer points on an exclamation-point scale of ! to !!!!! (listed in parentheses) to each of Walker’s 11 pledges:

1. Cut property taxes so the levy on a typical home in 2018 is lower than it was in 2010. (!!!)
2. Reduce income taxes so they are lower in 2018 than they are today. (!!)
3. Provide tax relief for manufacturing and agriculture. (!)
4. Fight Obamacare, which is raising health insurance premiums for many in Wisconsin. (!)
5. Expand worker-training investments. (!)
6. Freeze technical college tuition and continue the UW System tuition freeze. (!!)
7. Establish accountability measures for all schools receiving public funding. (!!!)
8. Establish high standards for students at the local and state level as an alternative to measures set by people outside of Wisconsin. (!!)
9. Put common-sense limits on the time able-bodied, working-age childless adults can be on public assistance. (!!!!!)
10. Require drug testing for those requesting unemployment and able-bodied, working-age adults requesting food stamps from the state. (!!!!!)
11. Require working-age childless adults receiving food stamps or unemployment benefits to participate in employment training or part-time work. (!!!!!)

Via Scott Walker announces second-term agenda (!!!) -@ Blaska’s Bring It!

Madison looks and rates well

Via Madison, Wisconsin Best Place To Live According To Livability @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Situation-based principles

*  The latest example.  An order from the Wisconsin Public Service Commission – – with a 2-1 right wing majority appointed by Wrong-Way Walker – – micro-managing how many miles of new pipe the City of Milwaukee must replace annually.

Via WI GOP now loves ‘stick-it-to-Milwaukee’ big government @ The Political Environment.

Walker: Ensure that Everyone Who Wants a Job, Can Find a Job

Via Team Walker Second Term Plans.

Seeing what they want to see

Via No Means Yes @ Eschaton.

Getting what you can, while you can


Via Awesome waste of taxpayer money @ Political Capital.

Legislators’ reflections on 9.11

Wait until fall


Via Democrats outspent Walker on TV this summer @ JS Wisconsin Voter Blog.


Via Brewers playoff odds approximately 20% @ JS Brewers Blog



Via Game blog: Brewers romp over Reds, 9-2 @ JS Brewers Blog.



Via Crosby’s 55 yarder longest ever by a Packer in Lambeau @ JS Packers Blog.

Bears win in San Fran


Via Around the NFL: Bears beat 49ers; Vikings, Lions, Seahawks lose; Browns upset Saints @ JS Packers Blog



Via Packers claw back (with some help) to top Jets, 31-24 @ JS Packers Blog.

Monday Music: Oh Yeah

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