Packers’ Biggest Draft Busts

Link to the 1980-89 seasons, with additional sections for more recent mistakes. Not every pick pans out, or in hindsight, even makes sense…

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Simpson says he’s right about Esenberg

Via Cognitive Dissidence: Mr. Esenberg, I Have My Facts Straight! @ Cognitive Dissidence.

Eisenberg says he’s been criticized erroneously

I noticed that Purple Wisconsin has added Jeff Simpson as a blogger.  I suspect that this won’t end well, but I have no other public comment.

Mr. Simpson has decided to attack me and the Wisconsin Institute for Law &  Liberty. I have no problem with that. Getting attacked by lefties is not bad for business when you run a conservative/libertarian non-profit and, in any event, everyone should be willing to face criticism. I am not going to respond to his points about Act 10 or the merits of our cases (mostly because he doesn’t make any beyond asserting his disapproval), but there are a few – well, actually more than a few – errors to correct….

Via Thanks for spelling my name right, but get your facts straight @ Shark and Shepherd.

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Nothing to see here

Reports Lundstrom, “the first reports of the spill were announced on Sept. 16, the DNR was saying area residents should not worry about groundwater contamination because the spill had been contained with berms. Eight days later, area residents received a letter from the county Health Department saying they should have their well water tested and until the tests come back clean, they should be using bottled water rather than tap water from their wells.”

Via Massive Sept Spill Followed by Silence from Scott Walker as DNR Lied to Door County; Got Liquid Cow Manure? MAL Contends . . ..


There is no doubt that women have a right to be mighty determined to get to the polls.  They have every right to want a candidate to proclaim the importance their issues have in the frothy election cycle this year.  If business interests can be touted at every stop along the way by Walker why can’t the actual needs of women voters be expressed more boldly by Burke?

Via Mary Burke Needs To Ramp Up Campaign For Women Voters @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Eighth time’s the charm

The heading on the graphic was “Trust in Government?” And it had the following bullet points, which I’m displaying here as Todd read them (with all the items, but some extra words):

  • Edward Snowden stealing NSA files
  • The VA fakes wait times
  • IRS losing emails
  • doesn’t launch
  • The president himself saying, “U.S. intelligence agencies underestimated ISIS.”
  • The DHS, the border failure with that surge over the summer, sort of failure, and of course…
  • The Secret Service.

Via The Mistrust List @ Althouse.

Paul Revere, aged 76

Via a href=””>Kicks just keep getting harder to find…@ Althouse.


Via Badgers fall out of both top 25 polls; Illini lose Lunt @ JS Badgers Blog.

Terms Undisclosed

In a news release on Wisconsin Carry’s web site, Clark thanked “our dues paying members for their support which allows us to utilize civil litigation as one of our ‘all of the above’ methods which we embrace along with grass-roots legislative activism, public relations, and education, to restore, preserve, and advance the right of law-abiding citizens in Wisconsin to keep and bear arms.”

Via Man fired for having legal gun in car settles lawsuit with employer @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog.


The central challenge for Democrats in this race has always been turning out as many of their “drop-off voters” as possible — those who are drawn to the polls in presidential years but frequently drop out in other elections. In the last presidential race in the state, almost 3.1 million people voted. In the last midterm, just under 2.2 million people voted.

Via Burke’s challenge against Walker: closing the turnout gap @ JS Wisconsin Voter Blog.

UW stumbles, 20-14


Via Live blog: Wisconsin at Northwestern @ JS Badgers Blog.

Not so big anymore

  • Texas and Florida each produce almost twice as many Division I football players as Ohio, a state once rich in football talent.
  • In the last three recruiting classes, the Big Ten’s 11 states have produced six five-star players. Florida has produced 12.
  • Georgia, which now has about the same population as Michigan, has averaged about 169 college football recruits a year over the last eight years. Michigan has averaged 64. In the last three NFL drafts, there have been 51 players from Georgia, compared to 16 from Michigan.

Via The decline of Big Ten Conference football examined in New York Times report @ JS SportsDay Blog.

Dropping like…


Via The human stake in dying bees @ JS A Word With You Blog.

The Hospital from Hell

Via "Where's the corpse?": On the front line of the Ebola outbreak @ JS A Word With You Blog.

Say Yes to the Dress Scott Walker Hits the Runway Web

Sunday Animation: How to Draw Woody Woodpecker


Nutrition Advocate, Lap-Band Patient Stump in Wisconsin

Three Key Senate Races

Whitewater, Saturday @ 3 PM

The facility is named in honor of Treyton Kilar, a devout Brewers fan who was killed one month before his seventh birthday on Sept. 2, 2010 in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver.

Committed to keeping Treyton’s memory alive and seeking something positive out of the horrific event, the Kilar family combined with the support of the city of Whitewater to raise funds to build Treyton’s Field of Dreams. The facility celebrates the young boy’s life, honors all of those affected by the tragedy and provides a top-notch facility for youth baseball and softball.

Via Treyton’s Field of Dreams opens Saturday @ JS Brewers Blog

Walker walks away, quickly

I’m guessing the Walker side of the deliberation had 2 aspects:

1. Since the John Doe accusations are about coordination with the Club for Growth, the less we seem to be on the same page with them, the better.

2. “Rape” is a hot button word. It’s a word they can kill you with. RIP Todd Akin. Unless you’re talking about the crime of rape — or are a liberal — stay away from that word.

Via Scott Walker wants nothing to do with that rape metaphor @ Althouse

Grothman on 6th Congressional District Race

Right to Know Forum @ Marquette Law

Ryan talks ISIS, IRAQ

Politics Rewind, 10.3.14 

Burke helps, gets help from, Quince & Apple

Via Burke TV ad showcases work with Madison startup @ WisPolitics Election Blog.

14th and 15th killed this year

Man’s best friend? Or most disposable? Why the state’s cruelty-to-animals prohibitions do not apply – –  is beyond belief.

Via Two more dogs thrown to wolves in cruel-hunting WI @ The Political Environment.

Loose quips sink ships

Via EXCLUSIVE: Eric O’Keefe Defies Gag Order, Discusses John Doe with Vicki McKenna @ 1130 WISN.

Invidious comparisons

This isn’t the first time that a Republican/conservative political figure has made offensive comments about rape. Former U.S. Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) made now-infamous references to “legitimate rape” on a St. Louis TV talk show while running for U.S. Senate in Missouri in 2012, Former Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock claimed that pregnancies caused by rape are a “gift from God” in a 2012 U.S. Senate debate in Indiana, and Wisconsin’s own Roger Rivard lost re-election to the state assembly in 2012 after claiming that “some girls rape easy” while talking about statutory rape.

Via Head of pro-Scott Walker front group pulls a Todd Akin, compares being under investigation to rape @  The Prairie Badger  

Conservative Activist Says Corruption Probe Like Rape

Is it enough to believe in something?

Salon’s Luke Brinker questions GQ quotes from Walker on how he can be a kinder, gentler, right-wing Republican, while still dishing out the hurt for most of us and cash for a few. “It takes a confirmed cynic to make the case that what a politician believes matters less than the fact that he or she believes something,” Brinker writes, later adding: “And the Walker view that candidates are as much products to be sold as agents of particular agendas reflects the same outlook that has debased our electoral process.”

Via St. Walker: Grace notes in a graceless politician @ Uppity Wisconsin.

Looking for…someone

But the loose crazed cannons are still on the ship and as we know they are more than capable of pointing inwards.  With that in mind the GOP establishment is already pushing for some sanity in the nominating process and as ABC’s Rick Klein reports are seeking a ‘grown-up’.  If that does not tell you everything ones needs to know about the level of respect the establishment has for the Ted Cruz elements of the party…..

Via Republicans Looking For A ‘Grown-Up’ In 2016 @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS

Friday Catblogging: Cattoo

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