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If at first you don’t succeed

The new poll shows Governor Scott Walker beating Mary Burke 49.6% to 45.8%.

Via Gravis redid the poll to echo the Marquette Law School poll @  Wigderson Library & Pub

He was right about that


Via 2010 Walker Video: If We Don’t Focus on Jobs, “People are Going to Storm the Capitol” @ Uppity Wisconsin


Via Ridiculous polls from Gravis Marketing and Marquette University @  The Prairie Badger

Easier to find a job when you have a job

John Nichols: Scott Walker is not running for governor

The remarkable thing about Gov. Scott Walker’s re-election campaign is that Walker makes little effort to hide the fact that he is not running for governor in 2014. He is running for president in 2016

Via John Nichols sums up Scott Walker’s fake gubernatorial campaign @ The Political Environment.

Will he stay or will he go now?

Walker is the Donald Draper of Wisconsin politics – playing everybody along the way. Shit, people have gone to jail for him.

Via Scott Walker: Political Philanderer @ Root River Siren.

Does anyone respect PolitiFact?

PolitiFact Wisconsin is making a judgment on a Burke campaign statement based on parameters that were never in place to begin with. The Burke campaign said Wisconsin is “dead last” in private sector employment from March 2011 to March 2014. That statement is accurate no matter how you look at it. Yet PolitiFact Wisconsin rated that claim as false because it didn’t take into account the Midwest ranking over the past year, a claim the Burke campaign never made and doesn’t make sense to make when talking about Gov. Walker’s entire performance in office.

Via PolitiFact Wisconsin’s latest rating on Mary Burke is “Mostly Bunk” @ Political Heat.

Fill the cup

Via Scott Walker Announces Entitlement Reform that Includes Drug Testing @ MacIver Institute.

“We sense a high degree of caution and timidity in investigations”

Via Backlog in investigations of lawyers called unsustainable @ JS Watchdog Update

Walker Concedes


Asked if the U.S. Constitution should be amended to ban same-sex marriage, Walker downplayed the notion, saying, “I think it’s resolved.”

“For us, it’s over in Wisconsin,” Walker said of the fight over gay marriage. “Others will have to talk about the federal level.”

Via Gov. Scott Walker on gay marriage ban: “It’s over in Wisconsin” @ JS All Politics Blog

At the end of the road, fracking

With that said, the I39/90 interstate expansion doesn’t need Paul Ryan or the fracking industry to make it happen. It’s going to happen with or without them.

The problem is it’s Koch Industries that needs Paul Ryan to make fracking expansion happen and Ryan is confident he’ll work out a deal to get it done.

Via Paul Ryan Links Fracking Expansion To Highway Funding Deal @ Rock County Netroots

Marriage equality arrives for Wisconsin

And then it just happened.

After years of struggle and controversy, constitutional amendments, and untold dollars spent on litigation it all just came down to an action–or more precisely a lack of action–from the Supreme Court.  Today in what I think is simply breath-taking the high court decided it would not hear any of the gay marriage cases currently before it, including the one that dealt with Wisconsin.  In one dramatic move–and frankly at this moment I am not sure how to even express my feelings of satisfaction–the court dramatically expanded the number of states that allow gay marriage.

Via My Thoughts On Same-Sex Marriage In Wisconsin @  CAFFEINATED POLITICS

October 28th

Via Kramer sex case could splatter Schimel @ Inside Scoop

Kilkenny offers book on Walker

Via Free today! Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: A Fairly Conservative Perspective @ Fairly Conservative.


So, let’s break this down. Wisconsin Club for Growth is under investigation for allegedly breaking campaign coordination laws. It tried suing to shut it down based on the investigation allegedly violating its civil rights. Randa agreed, and the appellate court overturned his decision. (Rightfully so.)

Cost to taxpayers for that stunt? At least $350,000.

So the Club and O’Keefe themselves can’t possibly sue to have the campaign coordination law declared unconstitutional. So they turned to another group they’ve funded—the CRG—to do their dirty work instead.

Via Is the Wisconsin Club for Growth Funding CRG’s Lawsuit? @ Express Milwaukee Daily Dose.

At least they’re familiar with the key players

…two of the groups under investigation have been the dominant spenders in Wisconsin Supreme Court elections in recent years, spending over $10 million to elect the Court’s Republican majority.

Wisconsin Club for Growth (WiCFG) and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) played a key role in electing the four justices in the majority, in most cases spending more than the candidates themselves….

Via Justices in Walker Criminal Probe Face Conflicts of Interest @ PR Watch

Happ looks for a topic

So that’s why Happ is stuck hanging her hat on for-profit colleges with exactly a month to go until the election. It’s safe and doesn’t open the door to anything in her past. It is also not going to get anyone excited about her campaign. Meanwhile, it is a ploy to get the support of the employees in the UW system by going after UW’s competition. But she likely had most of their votes already.

Via Happ To Hammer For-Profit Colleges @ Boots & Sabers.

Unfunded mandate

Via Wisconsin Republicans: “Sure. Get voter ID info out. You need money for ads? WHAT?!”  @ blue cheddar.

Voter ID PSA

Via VIDEO: Chad Vader explains voter ID @ Blogging Blue.

Wisconsin Club for Growth calls for stagnation

Eric O’Keefe is throwing what amounts to another handful of nails out the car window, hoping to slow down the pursuit of prosecutors who are chasing Wisconsin Club for Growth.

That’s how we see the letter that O’Keefe, a director of the conservative group, sent last week to Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm. Chisholm launched the secret John Doe investigation into the organization and its ties to Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign.

Via Another stall tactic in John Doe investigation of Gov. Scott Walker and Wisconsin Club for Growth @ JS Editorial Board

More than one way to decide a question

I have thought ever since Windsor that any careful analysis of the Supreme Court precedent would lead any federal circuit to strike down the same-sex marriage bans. The uniformity we tend to think of as coming from the Supreme Court can come from unanimity among the circuits (after the nudge in Windsor).

Via I was too lazy to blog my prediction, but — believe me! — I knew the Supreme Court was going to deny cert. in the same-sex marriage cases @ Althouse

Burke’s TV News


Garbage in, garbage out

Earlier this year, the online Slate magazine (not exactly a right-wing source) nominated Gravis Marketing “for the prestigious Strategic Vision Award for Botched Polling,” noting that it was 25 points off in its final poll of the Republican primary in Texas. In Kentucky, Gravis found Mitch McConnell up by 14 points, but McConnell won by 25 points.

Via Mary Burke may not be leading*, but she emanates like crazy @ Blaska’s Bring It!

Same-Sex Marriage Lawful in Wisconsin; US Surpreme Court rejects Van Hollen’s appeal

Via Gay marriages OK again after Supreme Court denies appeals from Wisconsin, 4 other states @ State Journal

Simpson says he’s right about Esenberg

Via Cognitive Dissidence: Mr. Esenberg, I Have My Facts Straight! @ Cognitive Dissidence.

Esenberg says he’s been criticized erroneously

I noticed that Purple Wisconsin has added Jeff Simpson as a blogger.  I suspect that this won’t end well, but I have no other public comment.

Mr. Simpson has decided to attack me and the Wisconsin Institute for Law &  Liberty. I have no problem with that. Getting attacked by lefties is not bad for business when you run a conservative/libertarian non-profit and, in any event, everyone should be willing to face criticism. I am not going to respond to his points about Act 10 or the merits of our cases (mostly because he doesn’t make any beyond asserting his disapproval), but there are a few – well, actually more than a few – errors to correct….

Via Thanks for spelling my name right, but get your facts straight @ Shark and Shepherd.

Monday Music: The Cat Empire, Fishies


Nothing to see here

Reports Lundstrom, “the first reports of the spill were announced on Sept. 16, the DNR was saying area residents should not worry about groundwater contamination because the spill had been contained with berms. Eight days later, area residents received a letter from the county Health Department saying they should have their well water tested and until the tests come back clean, they should be using bottled water rather than tap water from their wells.”

Via Massive Sept Spill Followed by Silence from Scott Walker as DNR Lied to Door County; Got Liquid Cow Manure? MAL Contends . . ..


There is no doubt that women have a right to be mighty determined to get to the polls.  They have every right to want a candidate to proclaim the importance their issues have in the frothy election cycle this year.  If business interests can be touted at every stop along the way by Walker why can’t the actual needs of women voters be expressed more boldly by Burke?

Via Mary Burke Needs To Ramp Up Campaign For Women Voters @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Eighth time’s the charm

The heading on the graphic was “Trust in Government?” And it had the following bullet points, which I’m displaying here as Todd read them (with all the items, but some extra words):

  • Edward Snowden stealing NSA files
  • The VA fakes wait times
  • IRS losing emails
  • Healthcare.gov doesn’t launch
  • The president himself saying, “U.S. intelligence agencies underestimated ISIS.”
  • The DHS, the border failure with that surge over the summer, sort of failure, and of course…
  • The Secret Service.

Via The Mistrust List @ Althouse.

Paul Revere, aged 76

Via a href=”http://althouse.blogspot.com/2014/10/kicks-just-keep-getting-harder-to-find.html”>Kicks just keep getting harder to find…@ Althouse.


Via Badgers fall out of both top 25 polls; Illini lose Lunt @ JS Badgers Blog.

Terms Undisclosed

In a news release on Wisconsin Carry’s web site, Clark thanked “our dues paying members for their support which allows us to utilize civil litigation as one of our ‘all of the above’ methods which we embrace along with grass-roots legislative activism, public relations, and education, to restore, preserve, and advance the right of law-abiding citizens in Wisconsin to keep and bear arms.”

Via Man fired for having legal gun in car settles lawsuit with employer @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog.