Which Veteran Packers Should Be Worried?

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Cruz stands firm


Via “There are some who believe that a path to Republican victory is to run to the mushy middle, is to blur distinctions” @ Althouse

Places to go, people to see

Via State speech obligation distracts Walker from presidential run tasks @ The Political Environment.

Conservatives say Right-to-work popular


Was he ever running?

Via With Ryan Not Running for President, Do Walker’s Chances Improve? @ Racine County Eye.

Film: Around the World in Four Minutes

Via FREE WHITEWATER from The Atlantic.



“I am where I am. I like where I am,” Ryan said in an interview Monday. “I feel like I can have a huge impact on the course of the debate in this country.”

Via Republican Paul Ryan won’t run for president in 2016 @ JS All Politics Blog

Bigger than Keystone XL

Concerns about pollution of rivers, lakes and groundwater have prompted five Wisconsin counties and two cities to pass resolutions calling on the state to conduct more thorough environmental impact studies and engineering reviews.

Via Enbridge Energy inept as the Keystone Kops @ POLITICAL CAPITAL.

So, I guess people didn’t like it


Via “This is not only a front-runner for worst red carpet look of 2015…” @ Althouse. 

Liberal paper talks conservative Walker as alternative to Bush


Via The Best-Positioned Rival to Jeb Bush May Not Be the Best Known @ NYTimes



Via Obama Snubs Paris Rally @ FREEDOM EDEN.

Hand & glove

Walker has gone from saying that he has done nothing wrong to saying that the illegal collaboration isn’t really illegal because they said so.

There is good reason for Walker and his allies to change their tune….

Via Walkergate: Collaboration? What Collaboration? Oh, THAT Collaboration! @ Cognitive Dissidents.


Via Boko Haram Still Slaughtering People in the Name of Allah @ Boots & Sabers.

Fitz says no

Via Kenosha Casino Too Big a Gamble for Wisconsin @ Right Wisconsin.

The Chris Christie-Jerry Jones Hug, Re-Enacted

Monday Music: Blue Swede, Hooked on a Feeling


Size 16 EE Rabbit’s Foot Stops Working

Via Chris Christie's run as Cowboys' good-luck charm ends with Packers' 26-21 victory @ NJ.com.

Deserves a kick in the pants


Via Paul Ryan offers Chris Christie a hug after Packers beat Cowboys @ JS All Politics Blog.

Luckiest game in Rutgers athletic history

Via Final: Rutgers 67, Wisconsin 62 @ JS Badgers Blog.

Seattle awaits


Via So what has changed since the Packers last played at Seattle? @ JS Packers Blog.

Incomplete pass

Via Referee: Multiple angles showed ball hit ground before Dez Bryant lost possession @ JS Packers Blog.

Pack wins


Via Packers and QB Aaron Rodgers turn it on to top Dallas, 26-21 @ JS Packers Blog.

Feel free to leave the way you came

Via NJ Gov. Chris Christie Makes Trip To Green Bay To Cheer On Cowboys @ CBS New York.

Right-to-work: Coming to a workplace near you

Speaker Vos Talks Schools


Via Final: Bulls 95, Bucks 87 @ JS Bucks Blog.

Dig in

Via Packers will sell a 3 1/2 pound 'Big Game Burger' @ JS Hub Bub Blog.

Surest prediction ever made

Via Vos says it's 99% certain that Scott Walker will run for president @ JS No Quarter Blog.

If you have to ask the question…

WISGOP preps schools legislation

Walker Inaugural 2.0

WISGOP pushes judicial shakeup

Politics Review, 1.5 – 1.9