Which Veteran Packers Should Be Worried?

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WI Sec State: La Follette v. Bradley

Talkin’ Wisconsin’s structural deficit

Wisconsin counties that go with the winner

Wisconsin’s racial chasm

Here are three key facts regarding African-American and other children of color in Wisconsin.

  • Thirty percent of Wisconsin’s white children live in households below 200% of the poverty level, while nearly 80% of African-American children experience that level of economic insecurity. Meanwhile, about two-thirds of Wisconsin’s Latino and American Indian kids live in households below 200% of the poverty line.

  • White adults ages 25 to 29 are three times as likely to have an associate’s degree or higher than their African-American or Latino peers.

  • White children are nearly six times more likely to be proficient in 8th grade math than their black fellow students.

Via New report highlights widening racial disparities for children in Wisconsin @ Blogging Blue.

Blaska sues over Madison teachers’ contracts

Of 423 school districts, MTI is the only union to have contracts for 2014-15 and 2015-16. That collective bargaining agreement continues payroll union dues deductions, fair share, work rules, layoffs determined by seniority, education and tenure compensation, etc. — all in violation of Wisconsin Act 10, which has been upheld by the state Supreme Court and a federal court.

It is time they were reined in, it is time they obeyed the law, it is time for a cowed school board to lead, which is why I brought suit in circuit court Wednesday, Sept. 10. I am represented by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. (The complaint can be found here.) I am prepared for the attempts to personally intimidate me. But enough is enough. This is a case that MTI and the school board have been inviting for years.

Via Madison Teachers Inc. has been a bad corporate citizen for too long @ Blaska’s Bring It!

Florida without the palm trees

As a veteran election inspector who worked the low turn-out affair in February 2012 Spring primary in the one election when photo voter ID was used in Wisconsin (no statewide election were held that day), I can attest that some two to three minutes are added to the voting process for each voter, a time unit that is increased exponentially during high turn-out elections when there will be long lines.

Each voter’s extra time is added to the voters’ waiting in line in high turnout affairs.

Via Voter ID Makes It Easier to Vote, Says Wisconsin DoJ Atty @ MAL Contends….

A war worth fighting

Via Tom Brokaw Winning War On Cancer @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

You can take the governor out of Alaska, but you can’t take…

The Palin family was asked to leave the party after Track Palin, 21, allegedly attacked another party guest who had previously dated his younger sister, Willow Palin, Thompson said.

“I heard Sarah Palin yell do you know who I am? All of us could not believe it. We thought we were watching an episode of Jerry Springer,” he added.

Anchorage police said members of the Palin family were attending a party at the home Saturday night when a fight erupted outside. They declined to provide further details.

“I gave a statement to police; my wife did and like 10 other people did,” Thompson said.

Via Sarah Palin Family Has Major Physical Fight In Alaska @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Bizarre: Unnamed source who accused John-Doe prosecutor of vendetta turns out to be known misfit, moocher

The source for reporter Stuart Taylor Jr.’s lengthy article in Legal Newsline: a “longtime Chisholm subordinate” who is now a “former staff prosecutor in Chisholm’s office.”

Only those descriptions are not accurate. Not even close.

No Quarter has confirmed that the source making the allegations is a well-known figure in Milwaukee’s legal community — but not for his prosecutorial record.

Michael W. Lutz, 44, is a former Milwaukee cop involved in several high-profile incidents during his 17 years on the force who receives taxpayer-funded duty disability pay for post-traumatic stress disorder. He got his law license less than four years ago and is now a criminal defense attorney.

But here is the shocker: Lutz issued a death threat, apparently during a drunken rage, against the prosecutor and his family last year — a charge not in dispute, though it was never prosecuted.

Via Source who accused Chisholm of vendetta has troubled past @ JS No Quarter Blog.

Stuart Taylor’s Sketchy Description of John-Doe Probe Critic

It’s not just that the source (as revealed by Bice) seems pretty untrustworthy. What bothers me most here is that Taylor would pass him off as a "longtime Chisholm subordinate" and "former staff prosecutor in Chisholm’s office" if he was a short-time, unpaid, paper-shuffler. Taylor needs to weigh in.

Via Did Stuart Taylor Jr. misidentify his unnamed source for his article impugning the motives of the John Doe prosecutor? @ Althouse.

Voter ID Law Reinstated for November Elections

Via Federal appeals court reinstates voter ID requirement @ State Journal.

Future of Public Schools Forum

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Marlins’ Hitter Stanton Accidentally Hit

How many wolves will they kill?


Via Wolf Advisory Committee recommends range of wolf population goals @ JS On the Trail Blog.

Two in a row


Via In-game blog: Brewers beat Marlins, 4-2, in a wild affair @ JS Brewers Blog.


Via Stanton suffers fractures, dental damage from wild pitch @ JS Brewers Blog.

Friday Catblogging: Rigby the Cat Goes Sliding


Scott Walker Climbs Out of a Hole in Comeback

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Mary Burke talks Reagan

Does Barrett tell Gimbel?

Via Is UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena a possible new arena site? @ JS Business of Sports Blog.

W 1

Via Game Blog: Brewers stop four-game skid by beating Marlins, 4-1 @ JS Brewers Blog.

Pres. Obama on ISIS

Via Video: President Barack Obama addresses the nation @ JS All Politics Blog.

Absolutely No Refunds or Returns

“Our understanding is that he is in the process of making good on his financial obligations to the state and is committed to honoring them in full, as he should,” said Burke campaign spokesman Joe Zepecki. He said the campaign is not returning the contribution.

Via Mary Burke to keep donation from tax delinquent, repeat drunken driver @ No Quarter Blog.

The New Carbon Emission Rules

Via WisconsinEye.

Heavy Bombers

Via WisconsinEye.

The Zero-Sum Perspective

For the most part, city leaders here [Janesville] and across Wisconsin not only believe that communities are in competition with one another, they vigorously support and fuel those concepts by carving out special slush accounts from modest local tax treasuries just for business “incentives.”

Via Weird Koch Op-Ed Runs Counter To Themselves And Their Support Base @ Rock Netroots

One road to rule them all

Do you know on the November ballot there is a referendum question asking Wisconsin voters to change the state constitution to make it illegal to use transportation fee and tax revenues to repair state budget issues, but does nothing to protect other state programs including the state’s general fund from raids by transportation?

Via State Transportation Fund Referendum Could Create Road Lobby Budget Supremacy @ Rock Netroots.  

Might as well start rounding up

And there might be more to fix than just $1.8 billion, because that number doesn’t count several other funds are going to be in the red and in need of repair. We already know that the state’s Medicaid programs were slated to spend $93 million more than expected when it last reported information in June, and the Medicaid Trust Fund ended the last fiscal year with a cash balance of -$201.7 million. There is also a $20 million shortfall in the Veterans Trust Fund that has to be fixed in the next budget, and a Transportation Fund deficit that could well reach $1.1 billion.

Via That $1.8 billion budget deficit? It could be even worse @ Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse

Hungry even in fatter times

….as Shawn Johnson reported:

“The structural deficit was larger when Walker took office and larger yet in 2003. Those shortfalls were driven by recessions, however, whereas this deficit has taken shape at a time when the economy was growing.”

Via Walker’s Problem: Deficit is Growing while the economy is growing!!! @ Democurmudgeon.

Less than expected

Yes obviously revenues are down because taxpayers are paying less in taxes…but the flip side of the coin is…you didn’t anticipate reduced revenues? you didn’t take that into account for your budgets? And yes I mean budgets because the current budget is going to have a shortfall…for precisely the same reason.

Via Governor Walker Still Can’t Manage @ Blogging Blue.

Randa ruling reeling


Then, minutes later [Judge] Easterbrook asked: “Let me tell you what the problem is. If what your client has done is simply not illegal under Wisconsin law at all, why should a federal court issue a [federal] constitutionally based injunction?”

Via Reversal Is Likely of Judge Randa’s Ruling on John Doe Probe @ MAL Contends . . .

Trip to the US Supreme Court


Via Wisconsin Joins Six States Asking U.S. Supreme Court to Hear State Marriage Equity Bans Issue @ MAL Contends…