Walker defends statewide smoking ban, opposes repeal

Regulations seem less onerous to incumbents than challengers.


Thirty trapped cats rescued from dead Milwaukeean’s home

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Septuagenarian David Ward to be interim UW-Madison Chancellor

Blast from the past.

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Milwaukee County Exec Abele Solicited Campaign Funds from County Employees

One donor identified and contribution returned.  Rules so complicated even proponents can’t follow them.

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Wisconsin Mug Shot Slideshow

Not a single one to bring home to mom and dad.


Crazed Waukesha Pit Bull Attacks Two


Cap Times Calls for Justice Prosser’s Ouster


That won’t happen through recall-fueling rhetoric that Prosser should admit that he’s “unfit to serve.”

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Ron Johnson abandons threat to block Senate legislation

Threat lasted only few hours.

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Journal Sentinel blogs at an accident scene

Yankees 12, Brewers 2

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Polls show split results in three recall districts

Real surprise is that King and Hopper are only few points apart, as Hopper’s been derided by everybody except, perhaps, himself.

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Law professor and blogger Althouse complains about Isthmus columnist Emily Mills, after discovering that her name isn’t really Emily Post

A defense so self-referential it’s almost satire.

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Sparta teacher dies in moped crash


Kratz Case Inspires Bill to Strengthen Protections for Crime Victims

Justice Prosser was asked to get help for anger management days before confrontation with Bradley

Request doesn’t remove uncertainty over what happened during confrontation.

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Police charge man as serial Walmart thief

Not jewels, exactly.

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“This is one of those days when you can’t get paid enough”

So said Wausau Police Lt. Mark Pankow after the arrest of a naked drunk who had defecated in a neighbor’s garage, after which the rumpot was  arrested and transported to detox while sitting on a plastic sheet placed in the squad car.

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Three Days in the Bronx

Brewers v. Yankees.

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Blaska’s Blog: Chief Justice Abrahamson should resign

Blaska thinks he’s found the real source of discontent on the court.

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Esenberg: Sad Days at the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Yes, and as Esenberg notes, a problem where days is descriptive of far more than mere days.

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Home invasion terrifies Sheboygan family

All over the price of vodka.

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Fond du Lac refuses to release of report on teacher’s alleged sexual relationship with student

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Stevens Point Schools Thief Makes Restitution, Avoids Felony Charges


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Police: Drunk mother left kids stroller-bound near busy street…

…while she allegedly rolled around in the grass.

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Civilians, La Crosse Sheriff’s Deputies Help Rescue Drunk Minnesotan from Drowning in Mississippi River

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Tag-Team Editorials for 6.28.11

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, on Wisconsin Supreme Court: Unseemly, once again.

Wisconsin State Journal, on that same body: Supreme Court fracas unacceptable, another reason for reform.

Conservative Blogger Blasts ‘The Fitzgeralds’ Failure’

Big government conservatives triumphant in Madison.

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Drunk Homeless Man Wields Machete at Middleton Nature Conservancy

Gets tased.

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Two probes begun into Justice Bradley’s claim against Justice Prosser

From Dane County Sheriff’s Office and the Wisconsin Judicial Commission.

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Trash-can dog makes miraculous recovery

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New collective bargaining law published

Takes effect Wednesday.

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Wisconsin weeds becoming resistant to herbicides

Next: Day of the Triffids.

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La Crosse woman accused of stabbing teenager four times

Party gone wrong.

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