Big drinkin’, big talkin’ Sheboygan Mayor Ryan refuses to resign

Not much support: About half his audience for press conference were reporters or city officials; some of remainder were hecklers.

Via Sheboygan Press.

Retreat: Unions switch direction, will allow GOP in Labor Day parade

Not much choice, as Wausau’s parade is publicly-funded.

Via Eau Claire Leader-Telegram.

Middle-aged La Crosse woman charged with stalking her college instructor

Via La Crosse Tribune.

South Carolina GOP Sen. DeMint is backing… Mark Neumann

Digs at Thompson without mentioning his name; no digging of any kind at, or on, Jeff Fitzgerald.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Cardinals 2, Brewers 1

Tuesday night, but Cards will need a lot more where that came from.

Via Game Blog at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Wisconsin 2011 Teacher Retirements Nearly Twice Total for All of Last Year

Voting with their feet.


Legislative Audit Bureau plans state’s Contract Sunshine website

Nothing like the open and thorough government spending information people were promised.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Village of Caledonia seeks to oust plan commission member

He’s not sufficiently pro-development for go-along or go-away village leadership.

Via Racine Journal Times.

Sen. Wirch announces re-election bid for 22nd Senate District, but he’ll have to move within its redrawn boundaries

Same district, different location after redistricting.

Via Racine Journal Times.

Burlington taxpayers vote decisively against school district’s tax increase proposal

Taxes increases should be a last resort, not a line item in a budget proposal.

Via Racine Journal Times.

So is George Will right about the meaning of the recall elections?

The Sconz says no.

Via Isthmus – Daily Page.

Bruce Murphy asks: Is Ann Althouse Evil?

As she’s foolishly asked the same of Bill Lueders.

Via Inside Milwaukee.

Dean Clinic Nurse Who Put Thousands at Risk of Hepatitis, HIV Wasn’t Monitored By State, Clinic

Outrageous failure of care, oversight.

Via Channel 3000.

Is Mark Neumann Going to Ride a Tea Party Horse?

And if so, how long until he’s thrown? There’s always Fitzgerald.

Via Blogging Blue.

Former State Rep Jeff Wood in Jail for Prescription Fraud

Story’s thin, as prosecutor says Wood changed prescription ‘somehow’ and yet there’s no reporter follow up on what ‘somehow’ means.


Madison Neighbors Upset Over Man’s Yard Sign


Right claims Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Crooks to retire

Via Badger Blogger.

Kid Rock to play before Packers’ opener vs. Saints

At least the game should be good.

Via Superior Telegram.

Brewers sell over three million tickets

Not the first time, but not the last, either.

Via Superior Telegram.

Concern grows over We Energies contractor proposal for high-voltage power lines in residential neighborhood

Contractor insists any loss in property values would be temporary, and that any fallen lines would deactivate upon the triggering of sensors.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

New Berlin School Board Adopts New Handbook…

…but sanitized story omits details of atmosphere described elsewhere (

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Mother, four children suffer carbon monoxide poisoning

Ran a gas generator inside the home.

Via 620 WTMJ.

Madison Women’s Shelter Demand Exceeds Capacity

Violence, abuse, social neglect.

Via Wisconsin State Journal

The Wisconsin recall ads negative by nearly 20-1

Gleaned from review of television ads.

Via Craig Gilbert at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Wisconsin town battles termites

Endeavor, Wisconsin seems ahead, but a fight has more than one round.

Via Wisconsin State Journal.

Journal Sentinel Poll: Who Should have Been Charged in Prosser-Bradley Altercation?

6:26 AM: Prosser has slight lead over ‘No One.’

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald announces run for U.S. Senate

Bored as speaker already?

Via Wausau Daily Herald.

Notorious daughter-killer Indra Book jailed on probation violations

Not the first violation since she was sentenced in 2009 to four years’ probation in 2007 death of her newborn daughter; previous violations for cocaine use, drinking, curfew violations, and violence against onetime boyfriend.

Via La Crosse Tribune.

162nd year: The Walworth County Fair

Via Janesville Gazette.

Wausau Mayor Insists GOP Be Invited to Labor Day Parade

Vulgar Rummy Crashes Brookfield Wedding Reception

BAC .24.

Story notes that he was…’wearing jeans.’ Swine!

Via Brookfield WI Patch.

Foul odor emanates from office in Federal Courthouse…

…but, unexpectedly, it was just some bad batteries.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.