Economically struggling owners dump their pets at shelters

Via Channel 3000.

Herman Cain: I was not aware of $40K spent on my behalf

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain said Monday that he was unaware that a private Wisconsin-based corporation may have spent as much as $40,000 on travel and other expenses to help his campaign get off the ground earlier this year.

Via Bice @ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Headline of the Day: How will being jobless affect your holidays?

Via Racine Journal Times.

Sixty-seven-year-old Cards manager La Russa announces retirement

La Russa leaves a winner, and Brewers sure to face less seasoned, less accomplished St. Louis manager in 2012.

Via Superior Telegram.

GOP Sen. Schultz to vote against GOP-sponsored recall change

Ramming through rapid change after change harder with a one-vote senate majority.

Via La Crosse Tribune.

Madison Police Officer Recovers from Human Bite Wound

Dangerous, difficult work.

Via Channel 3000.

Cougar prowls around west-central Wisconsin

Out there, somewhere.

Via 620 WTMJ.

Anti puppy-mill law turns up…

…no puppy mills in the state.


Boo! Scariest Things in America, 2011


Adams: Boo! Scariest Things in Whitewater, 2011


Left: Paul Ryan discovers “caring”

Few politicians upset the Left as much as Ryan does.

Via Blue Cheddar.

Police use Taser after fight at Madison’s Plan B

Alternative headline: another sensible reason not to interfere with an officer making an arrest.

Via Daily Cardinal.

Photos from Caledonia’s Dark and Rainy Halloween….

Via Caledonia Patch.

The continuing unpopularity of ObamaCare….

…. and what it says about Gov. Romney.

Via Boots and Sabers.

Milwaukee Police Department ignores national standards for officers accused of domestic violence

Reporter Gina Barton keeps on going.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

EarlierAt least 93 Milwaukee police officers have been disciplined for violating law

Althouse on Saturday’s protest ambiance at the Capitol: mellow, low-key.

How the right sees the left.

Via Althouse.

Left tracks Bradley Foundation’s contributions

Lot of money, but how much in influence in return?

Via John Kaufman @ Capital Times.

‘Man v. Food Nation’ visits Green Bay

Battling a six-pound burger.

Via ‘Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Madison’s Freakfest Stays Orderly

Via WISC Madison.

Winona, MN faces lawsuit over rental property cap

“The rule is a rental ban on renting out your home,” said Anthony Sanders, an attorney with the Minnesota Chapter of the Institute of Justice, a libertarian non-profit based in Virginia.

Sanders and co-counsel Katelynn McBride are representing four homeowners in Winona for free, in a lawsuit challenging Winona’s rental cap. The rule prevents homeowners from converting their houses to rental units if there’s already a concentration of 30 percent rentals on that city block.

Via KARE 11.

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