Latinos, Blacks file suit against voter ID law as discriminatory

Fourth such lawsuit.


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Walker turns to Teri



Via Michelle Obama to campaign for Burke in Madison next Tuesday @ The Badger Herald.

CAFOs sneak into the budget

Writes Sen. Mark Miller (D-Monona):

In stark contrast to the long tradition of collaboration, Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee snuck a non-fiscal provision into the budget that could have dire consequences for the future of our waters. Motion #375, offered by Rep. Dan LaMahieu (R-Cascade), and passed on a party line vote of 12-4, removes the ability for anyone to challenge an application or permit for a high capacity well based on the cumulative impacts that well and others have on Wisconsin’s water supply. In addition, the provision is applied retroactively to any current challenges ongoing when the bill is signed into law.

Via Scott Walker, Scott Krug Just Don’t Get It on CAFOs @ MAL Contends . . .

GOP Blasts Mary Burke over Integrity


Town facing Ag Business forced to check its water for pollutants

SARATOGA – The Saratoga Town Board is expected to consider a contract that would allow the installation of 10 monitoring wells — costing about $60,000 — around the Wysocki Dairy Farm at a meeting Wednesday…to detect whether the proposed concentrated animal feeding operation would hydraulically or chemically affect the local groundwater flow system…

The wells would be tested for the presence of phosphorous, pesticides, herbicides, coliforms, total dissolved solids, total organic nitrogen, ammonia, chemical oxygen demand, nitrate nitrogen and chloride.

Via Another grassroots initiative to save the groundwater @ The Political Environment.

Reverse snobbery on the trail

That’s how Scott Walker and Chris Christie sounded yesterday on their tour of Hudson, Wisconsin – on the same day, First Lady, Michelle Obama came to Milwaukee to campaign for Mary Burke.

Poking fun at her economic plan – even though Walker’s was an “impressive” two pages with pictures – and bringing up her Harvard education in a way only a college dropout can.

Via Two Guys Under Investigation Poke Fun At Harvard Graduate @ Root River Siren.


Ginsburg knows how to frame a question, but so do I. Here’s mine: When that question falls on the ears of people close enough to Ginsburg to hear it and they make no sound, what does their silence mean?

Via Who do you think the president could nominate and get through the current Senate that you would rather see on the Court than me?” @ Althouse.

Wisconsin overuses solitary confinement

The criminal justice system reform group WISDOM is holding a news conference and awareness raising event Wednesday at noon on the State Street Capitol steps. The rally by the group including some 160 faith-based organizations will include a replica of a solitary confinement cell.

The United Nations says more than 15 days in solitary is considered torture. In 2012 Wisconsin kept four thousand inmates in solitary at least 30 days. Some have been in solitary for years. It’s unjust, immoral and inhuman. It has to stop.

Via Rally to end solitary confinement @  Channel 3000 Madison

One strike and you’re out

We like to say America is a place for second chances, but if you are a black man with a record today, the chances of you living the American Dream — legally — are essentially over.

Via Second chances? Not for black men with criminal records @ JS In My Opinion Blog.

Former UW-Whitewater Wrestling Coach Fights to Clear Name

Former UW-Whitewater Wresting Coach Reports Alleged Assault to Police, Still Gets Fired

….on Good Friday, April 18, he said he received a phone call from the mother of a student he knew on campus. His reaction, he believes, cost him his job and has harmed his chances to continue his career.

“She was very emotional and she said, ‘You know that recruit you had here yesterday. (He) sexually assaulted my daughter,'” Fader said. “I called the police and said, ‘I’m Tim Fader. I’m the wrestling coach. I have a sexual assault allegation. What do I do?'”

Fader said the Whitewater police officer he spoke to suggested he get the recruit to the station for questioning. Fader did that, sending the recruit with an assistant coach to meet with detectives

Via Former UW-Whitewater wrestling coach seeks to clear name @ Channel 3000

Lawyer Doubts Sensenbrenner Knew About Patriot Act Abuses

Via Snowden lawyer backs up Sensenbrenner comments on NSA @ JS All Politics Blog.

National speculation

“He is, arguably, the most conservative governor in America – a guy who, should he survive the spirited reelection challenge he now faces, could emerge as proof that appealing with uncompromising intensity to the passions of archconservatives can still win you elections in purple states. Or, in defeat, Walker could provide the latest cautionary tale of GOP intransigence.”

Via GQ profile on Scott Walker: Can Scott Walker Unite the Republicans? @ JS All Politics Blog

Prosecutor for prosecutor

Long-time political activist Eric O’Keefe, a director of the Wisconsin Club for Growth, on Monday sent a certified letter to Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm demanding that Chisholm ask the Milwaukee County Circuit Court to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the conduct of the DA and his office.

Via Doe target asks for special prosecutor @ Boots and Sabers.

Christie & Walker


Via Care to caption this Scott Walker/Chris Christie photo? @ blue cheddar

A cup in every bathroom


Via Drug test corporate honchos too @  CT Plain Talk


Pick up an M-4 and go over there yourself.  Take McCain and Graham with you.

Via Boehner Goes All War-Daddy @ Dad29

Christie’s not as big as he once was


Since no reporter will dare ask Scott Walker or Chris Christie about their scandals or their lack of respect for public workers, maybe they can ask Scott Walker this question –

Mr. Walker, how many times today while talking to Mr. Christie did you say “Why didn’t I think of that?”, so we know exactly how scared we should be for a second Walker term.

Via The Company He Keeps @ Cognitive Dissidence.


Whether Roenicke also will have his contract honored in 2015 remains to be seen. Melvin said there was no timetable for making judgments on the manager or his coaching staff.

Via Doug Melvin is safe but what about others? @ Brewers Blog

For everyone, really

Via The future is uncertain for Francisco Rodriguez @ JS Brewers Blog

Smooth-Talker Joe

1. What’s the theory behind “respect” for me? Am I supposed to feel like Joe Biden will withdraw his respect if I don’t pony up? Is this email for women only or do they throw this “respect” business at men too? (I’m about to give you all of my money… Not.)

Via “I have a lot of respect for you, Ann” @ Althouse.

In the lion’s den

It was an encounter of the Third or Fourth Kind. An irascible conservative, self-confessed gun nut, and Walker supporter (all in the same corpus) appeared at a liberal-progressive-socialist gabfest on Madison’s Willy Street Friday night like a job recruiter at an Occupy demonstration.

Via Intrepid Koch-head offends Madison’s left on Willy Street @  Blaska’s Bring It!

America’s fuel


Via Today Is National Coffee Day–Get Freebies Across The Country @  CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Tyranny’s one way

“Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying defiantly told a news briefing in Beijing.

The unrest, the worst in Hong Kong since China resumed its rule over the former British colony in 1997, sent white clouds of gas wafting among some of the world’s most valuable office towers and shopping malls before riot police suddenly withdrew around lunchtime on Monday, after three nights of confrontation.

Via Last Embers of Freedom in Hong Kong Being Snuffed Out @ Boots & Sabers.

A GOP Reminder

Via VIDEO: Republicans are people too! @ Blogging Blue.

Will he show?


Via Scott Krug Is Looking for Excuse to Back out of Oct. 6 Forum, Water Advocates Fear @ MAL Contends . . .

Striving high but producing low

Via Academic writing is so bad on so many levels for so many reasons @ Althouse

Another kind of fumble

“This officiating crew is having a rough day,” Fox game analyst John Lynch said charitably after yet another questionable call in the fourth quarter.

Via Officials in the Packers-Bears game draw an attention you don’t want @ JS SportsDay Blog

Down note

Via Game blog: Brewers end disappointing season with 5-2 loss @ JS Brewers Blog

Monday Music: Green Hornet Theme


Big Dairy dumps on ordinary people


The dairy CAFOs are a nightmare with many rooms of horror and one wishes this were hyperbole.

One of the worst terrors is the deranged, systemic dynamic that Wisconsin’s former DNR runoff chief, Gordon Stevenson (2001-2011) terms “medieval”: Vectoring millions of tons of liquid cow manure into the aquifers and Wisconsin surface waters, including the two largest Great Lakes.

Via Wisconsin County Cuts Liquid Cow Manure Vectoring into Drinking Water @ MAL Contends . . .

Thinks 14 is enough


Via Dalai Lama Suggests He Will Not Reincarnate @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.