Latinos, Blacks file suit against voter ID law as discriminatory

Fourth such lawsuit.


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Bureaucrats get pampering

Keep in mind this substantial increase is for operational staffing (mostly patronage hires) and utility costs, not for the so-called tax incentive venture capital slush fund the scandal-plagued governor keeps topped off for his political donors. In fact, you won’t want to go to that side of the WEDC budget equation if government secrecy or misuse of taxpayer’s dollars are among your pet peeves.

Via WEDC Administrative Budget Up 35% Under Walker’s Mismanagement @ Rock Netroots.

Plan plagiarism

Via Mary Burke Can’t Be Trusted @ FREEDOM EDEN.

Log, in thine own eye

Over at the Janesville Gazette, they’ve an editorial stance occasionally focused on telling common people in that city to sit down, stop questioning, and just shut up.

Where once one heard that the proper use of the press was about speaking truth to power, what’s left of the Janesville press is about speaking half-truths to the powerless.

It’s even the paper’s right to call for being better informed while the editorial board carries water for government, businesses, and insiders against ordinary people.

But it’s simply laughable for the Gazette‘s editorialist to a call for ordinary people to be better informed while committing basic errors of reasoning.

Via About the Editorialist’s Call for Others to ‘Do Better’ @ FREE WHITEWATER.

Corruption probe as war on speech

The idea that a Democratic partisan launched a more or less unconstrained and unending series of investigations of a Republican looks bad. The appearance of impropriety is heightened by the fact that some of the legal theories that the prosecutors are pushing are highly questionable and the tactics employed – pre-dawn raids and leaning on witnesses – are dangerous overkill when the subject is, at it is here, fraught with free speech concerns.

Via Investigation as political warfare – intended or not @ Shark and Shepherd.

Google dumps ALEC

Schmidt did not declare in the interview whether Google had officially cut ties with ALEC, yet ALEC later stated that it is “unfortunate to learn that the company had ended its membership.”

Via Google Says ALEC Is Literally Lying about Climate Change @ PR Watch

Poll Vigilantes

Via Wisconsin Militia To Confront Dems Who Voted To Recall Walker At Polls @ TPM.


I can be an idiot like anybody else, but I generally put the phone down if I’m crossing the street (not that I’m necessarily staring at it all the time otherwise). Even if you have a crosswalk and the light, it’s best to pay attention. At some level it doesn’t matter who is at fault if you’re dead.

Via Put Down The Damn Phone @ Eschaton

Comparative errors

For those keeping track at home, questionable “plagiarism” is more terrible than any action of Governor Scott Walker’s, including cronyism, secretive email systems on the taxpayer’s dime, illegal collaboration between campaigns and issue groups, appointments to offices based on donor contributions and proximity to the governor himself, and lest we forget, broken campaign promises on jobs.

Via Lunchtime Musings: Vukmir, Darling hold Walker to a lower standard @ Political Heat.

Third’s no charm

Via “A 21-year-old woman has paid $20,000 to surgically add a third breast in a desperate bid to become a reality TV star” @ Althouse.

Very few with weekend hours

Via Group tells court state doesn’t have enough DMV centers for voter ID @ JS All Politics Blog.

Outsiders comes calling

Via Interest groups dropping millions in governor’s race @ JS All Politics Blog.



Via Bad reviews for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s press conference @ JS SportsDay Blog



Via Game blog: Wisconsin 68, Bowling Green 17 @ JS Badgers Blog.


Via Brewers playoff odds under 2 percent @ JS Brewers Blog.



Via Game blog: Brewers closer to elimination with 1-0 loss @ JS Brewers Blog.



Via Packers offense disappears in 19-7 loss to Detroit @ JS Packers Blog.

Monday Music: The Puppini Sisters cover Heart of Glass

Via Daily Adams.

Big Dairy stampedes opposition

The Dairy Business Association (DBA) is driving a wedge between dairy farmers and non-farming citizens….

The DBA is a tool of these industrial farmers, spending $200,000 annually buying influence in Madison. They care nothing for the environment, ignore the science, and instead generate gobs of hyperbole to deflect and defer….

Don Ystad
Rome, WI

Via Wisconsin Dairy Business Association Is the Scourge of the Environment @ MAL Contends….

The consultant will move on

Via Burke jobs plan plagiarized from other candidates @ Blogging Blue.

Paying for an exercise of rights

Why should the Journal Sentinel or WTMJ or Fox News or MSNBC be able to establish themselves as partners with a political perspective or candidate, while others – who may have to buy time or curry favor with these outlets –  may not?

Via Free speech for thee and for me @ Shark and Shepherd.

Another donor heard from

When Coloma-area voters cast a Republican ballot they are allowing college drop-outs and others without a degree to set the water and air standards for their community.  Cathy Stepp who serves as Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources has no college degree and also it needs noting has no expertise in the area of regulation her agency oversees.

Via Owners Of Coloma Mega-Farm, Richfield Dairy, Contributed Heavily To Scott Walker @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.


As we continue to watch the actions of Pope Francis as he works to mold the Catholic Church into something more to the calling of Christ comes the news of a most important selection for archbishop of Chicago.  One can only hope that Francis lives to be very old and able to make many changes in the time he has as pope.

Via Pope Franics Makes Progressive Pick For Archbishop Of Chicago @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.


Via “Thousands of stray Chihuahuas roam Bay Area neighborhoods” @ Althouse.

In Waukesha County Judge Kieffer’s court

Via Hearing slated for Wednesday over ballot design @ JS All Politics Blog.

‘Late Friday…’

Late Friday, Walker named former Outagamie County District Attorney Vince Biskupic to fill the vacancy left by Judge Dee R. Dyer, who retired in August.

Steven Biskupic, a former U.S. attorney, represents the governors campaign. The Mequon-based Biskupic & Jacobs law firm has received more than $196,000 in legal fees from the Walker campaign, according to filings. The campaign paid another $378,000 between 2011 and 2013 to Michael Best & Friedrich during the time Steven Biskupic worked for that firm.

Via Walker names campaign attorneys brother to judgeship @ JSOnline.

Sunday Animation: Butter Fingers

Butter Fingers from J-Scott on Vimeo.


No better than fifty-fifty?

After presenting his findings, the scout was asked to add it up and assess where the Packers would be at the end of the season.

He sees them finishing .500 once again with a record of 8-8.

Our personnel man declined to make overall comments about the Packers, preferring to let his grades and positional remarks do that for him.

He did say the Packers, with several key players among the eight on injured reserve, were a team with "bad" depth.

Via Bob McGinn – Personnel expert colors 2014 Packers an 8-8 team @ JSOnline.

Franklin & Lee election analysis

Via WisconsinEye.

Rural not as red

Via This time around Scott Walker less dominant in rural Wisconsin @ JS Wisconsin Voter Blog

They don’t have his back

Via The run support for Yovani Gallardo’s starts ranks among worst in MLB @ JS SportsDay Blog.

Week ends on a down note

Via Game blog: Brewers blow another late lead and lose @ JS Brewers Blog

Live by stats, perish by stats


Yesterday the “gold standard” quarterly BLS numbers came out and confirmed Burke’s contention that Wisconsin was dead last in jobs since Walker took office. And today, the latest monthly BLS numbers are out and show Wisconsin is in a three way tie for fourth place and below the midwest average.

I’d stick with gold standard, gov.

Via Jobs Report Walker Used in “Comeback” Ad Now Now Shows WI Below Midwest Average in Job Growth @ Uppity Wisconsin