Latinos, Blacks file suit against voter ID law as discriminatory

Fourth such lawsuit.


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WEDC’s Revolving Door to Take Current Leader Back to the Curb

Madison — The head of the state’s flagship jobs agency is expected to leave his post as the governor moves into a second term, a move that would generate additional turnover at an agency that has struggled with the problem.

Several Republican sources told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Reed Hall, chief executive officer of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., will be leaving the agency. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because the governor has not yet announced any cabinet changes. They did not provide specific reasons for Hall’s departure or any names of potential replacements….

Since WEDC’s creation in July 2011 by Walker and lawmakers as a replacement to the state Department of Commerce, the quasi-public agency has struggled with turnover among its executives and rank-and-file employees. Over the past three years, WEDC has already had two CEOs, two COOs and four chief financial officers….

See, State jobs agency chief Reed Hall expected to leave post @ JSOnline

Tony Evers Looks for ‘Fair Funding’ for Schools

Disciplined, frugal state leaders looking for $2,200,000,000 Wisconsin doesn’t have

Via State Agency Budget Requests Exceed Revenue Estimates By $2.2 Billion @ MacIver Institute

Gov. Walker keeps tweeting about ham


Via Only a little cheesy: How Scott Walker hams it up on Twitter @ JS All Politics Blog.

Friday Catblogging: Cat Gets Lifesaving Transfusion…from a Dog

More ABC US news | ABC World News


Pay cuts for poor performance come to teaching

The fact that it is news that three – THREE – teachers in the entire state are only now seeing a reduction in compensation due to poor performance is an indication of just how cushy their compensation plans were. This is something that happens on a regular basis in other parts of the economy….

Via Neenah Cuts Pay for Underperforming Teachers @ Boots & Sabers

About the presidential speech tonight…

And now tonight, Barack Obama is going to deliver what will likely be remembered as the “Middle Finger Speech”–as the President delivers a big “Eff You” to Republicans, some of the moderate members of his own party, the two-thirds of Americans who disapprove of his job as President, those who came to this country through legal means and members of the African-American community.

Via The Middle Finger Speech @ My Two Cents.

The next “Fighting Bob” La Follette…

Via Scott Walker thinks he’s a Wisconsin progressive @ Blogging Blue.

Here, There, Everywhere

Via Meet your part-time Governor, Bucky @ The Political Environment.

‘Governor confuses Chinese proverb and Christ’s message of compassion’

Via Pastor Kid Scott Walker misquotes the Bible to justify denying health care @ Political Heat.

No time to lose

Via Walker hopes early trial balloon avoids these snags @ The Political Environment.

Walker 3.0

In interviews this week, Walker and his top political advisers provided the fullest account yet of his plans for the likely rollout of a national campaign. The 47-year-old Republican intends to use an upcoming legislative session in Wisconsin to push an ambitious agenda that could, in combination with his triumphs over Big Labor, bolster his standing with Republican primary voters: Repealing unpopular Common Core standards, requiring drug tests for welfare beneficiaries and cutting property taxes.

Via Scott Walker plots 2016 rollout @ POLITICO.

Walker v. Obama

Via Gov. Scott Walker suggests lawsuit to stop Obama immigration plan @ JS All Politics Blog

Bucks WIN


Via Three takes from triple OT thriller in Brooklyn @ JS Bucks Blog.

Is Gov. Walker called to run for president?

A Politico report Thursday laid out the contours of a potential White House bid, with a campaign headquartered in Madison and the governor asking his re-election team to stay on, including top advisers Keith Gilkes and R.J. Johnson and campaign manager Stephan Thompson.

“I think there’s going to be a hunger for a leader who can actually can get things done,” Walker told Politico Wednesday, even as he cautioned that he hasn’t firmly decided to run. “The closer I’ve gotten to this position, the more I’ve realized that anyone who really wants to be president has to be a little crazy…The only way you should run is if you feel called to.”

Via Two weeks after election, Walker preparing for presidential run @ JSOnline.

Anti-procrastination software maker claims procrastination a big problem

Via Three-fourths of college students in survey attribute procrastination to Internet distractions @ JS School Zone

What really happens on a factory farm

Via Sick Abuse of Cows Reveals Nature of Wisconsin Factory Dairy Farms @ MAL Contends . . .

WISGOP up-and-comers

Via 11 Rising Stars in the Assembly GOP @ Right Wisconsin.

Madison: Retirement Community of Tomorrow


Via Madison: The Best City for Successful Aging @ Paul Soglin: Waxing America

Way bigger than a WEDC presentation during ‘Global Entrepreneurship Week’


Via Clap Your Hands, It’s Galactic Marmoset Week @ FREE WHITEWATER.

Same road, opposite direction

Higher business rankings have nothing to do with everyday citizens. It reflects the size and breadth of corporate welfare and deregulation. It’s not exactly “free market” stuff here, since the Walker administration is merely purging the old system and replacing it with regulatory protections…for big business. 

Via Business likes Walker’s Wisconsin, without creating jobs or increasing demand @ Democurmudgeon

Milwaukee Public Schools get millions for mental health

Via MPS wins $9 million in grants to target mental health, academics @ JS School Zone Blog.

Activists look for another defendant

Via Group that sued Harvard, UNC over admissions says UW- Madison could be next @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog

Now 6-5 on season


Via Final: Bucks 117, Knicks 113 @ JS Bucks Blog.

Sleepy and aloof



The One-Stop John Doe Shop


Via Judge Rudoph Randa Asked To Once Again Interfere Into John Doe Laws @ Cognitive Dissidence.

Cossetted public utility gets what it wants from Madison

Via Scott Walker’s Public Service Commission approves fee increase, penalty for residential solar power @ Blogging Blue.

Photographed in their native habitat


Via I wanted an image of golden retrievers arrayed on a Utah desert landscape in the manner of Holsteins on Wisconsin farmland @ Althouse. 

Gov. Walker talks White House

In search of $750,000,000

Via No Easy Answers For Transportation Funding @ Right Wisconsin

Old White Men Still Kicking

Via Upon further review, the ruling on Nov. 4 stands @  Blaska’s Bring It!

$19,000,000 for a single cleanup

Via Walker’s claim to a cleaner environment a shell game @ The Political Environment.