Latinos, Blacks file suit against voter ID law as discriminatory

Fourth such lawsuit.


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Lagging Doyle

In fact, the entirety of Walker’s tenure — the supposed “Wisconsin Comeback” — is a slower pace than the Doyle year of recovery. In Gov. Jim Doyle’s last year in office, Wisconsin grew jobs at a rate of about 2,805 jobs per month. In the 45 months since he’s taken office, Wisconsin under Scott Walker’s watch has grown jobs at about 2,595 jobs per month. It might not seem like much, but job growth under Walker is nearly a tenth slower than it was under the first year of recovery under Doyle.

Via Under Walker’s tenure, recovery is STILL at a slower pace than it was under Doyle’s last year @ Political Heat

State Journal rejects Scott Fitzgerald, who doesn’t need their endorsement, anyway


Conservatives forget about jobs, insist it’s GDP growth that matters now

Sunday’s Janesville Gazette headlined an article about how Rock County’s GDP growth is among the best in the nation. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, there was alot that wasn’t highlighted in the article. The most glaring item is the fact that Rock County’s gross domestic product in general was starting at a lower baseline than most U.S. communities since GM closed in late 2008….

Via Divide and Conquer Club Polish Their Badges Over Glowing GDP Report @ Rock County Netroots.

Wisconsinites flee the state

Climate may explain the first 4 on that list, but it does not explain why Minnesota and Washington should be gaining thousands of Wisconsinites, which leads back to Lounsbury’s theory about higher quality of life and a stronger economy being reasons for certain states to attract talent from Wisconsin. And it’s also worth mentioning that both states have higher minimum wages than Wisconsin, and were ahead of us in instituting progressive policies such as strong public transit and marriage equality.

Via Wisconsinites moving West, and not always to warmth @ Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse.


Via Republicans were for “czars,” before they were against them, before they were for them again @ Democurmudgeon

Habitat of mostly small, dark spaces


Via Why Is This Man In Your Mailbox? @ Cognitive Dissidence


Via Democrats Walk Out on Obama @ Boots & Sabers

State Journal entertains discussion of Gov. Walker’s incipient baldness

Via Scott Walker’s bald spot is newsworthy?!? Really?!? @ Blogging Blue.

Cautious on crime

Scott Walker gave a specific answer about how to combat inner city crime, which is roiling Milwaukee. (By some accounts, its homicide rate is worse than Chicago’s.) Unfortunately, it was a liberal answer. He spoke about “shot spotters,” which sounds like the solution du jour. Electronic sensors track the location of shots fired because the citizenry isn’t reporting gunfire anymore. Too commonplace, apparently. Damning, isn’t it?

Via Scott Walker gives a liberal answer on Milwaukee crime @ Blaska’s Bring It! 

Out-debating a debater

Time after time Burke pounded Walker on the sluggish economy and the lapse in response time that he has taken on matters needed to impact the job creation rate in the state. Responding at one time how Walker came late to an issue, or another response that after four years the governor was only now using a study to find a remedy to a particular need Burke was relentless in showing how Walker failed at solving the number one issue facing voters.

Via Mary Burke Shows Command Of Issues In Second Debate–Wins With Points On Jobs @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Errors of Omission

Via Conservatives Must Recall Reagan’s Failure With AIDS When They Strike At Obama Over Ebola @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.


Via 5 Wisconsin Minimum Wage Myths Busted @ Media Trackers

Des Moines

Via Do the Most Hipster Thing Possible…” @ Althouse

Wolf kills eliminate dozen in Zone 2


Wisconsin had at least 660 wolves in late winter 2013-’14, down from an estimated high of 834 in 2012 when the first hunting and trapping season was held.

Via DNR closes wolf hunting zone in northeastern Wisconsin @ JS On the Trail Blog.



Via Packers cruise past Carolina start to finish, 38-17 @ JS Packers Blog.

NYT Blasts Bucks

“The Bucks’ new owners, (Marc) Lasry and Wesley Edens, have in fact promised to work ‘in partnership’ with the city,” Powell writes. “They did not make clear if their notion extended to letting the public take a dip in an N.B.A. owner’s many revenue streams.”

Via NYT criticizes Bucks owners seeking tax dollars for new arena as school sites fester @ JS School Zone.

Parties plot maps to victory

Via Wisconsin’s red-blue swings offer a map to victory for each party @ JS Wisconsin Voter Blog.

Monday Music: That’s How You Got Killed Before

Via Daily Adams.

Healthcare split

Drug Testing for public assistance: Burke says no, Walker says fill the cup

Sunday Animation: The Divide

The Divide from Brent Sievers on Vimeo.

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10.17.14: Second Gubernatorial Debate

Consequences of less than minimum

The PPP poll found that one-quarter of voters are more likely to support the governor because of his position on the minimum wage, but 44 percent of voters are less likely as a result of it. Thirty percent said it makes no difference.

The polling sample was nearly evenly split among Republicans, Democrats and independents.

Via New poll suggests minimum wage comments could hurt Scott Walker @

Walker 48.2, Burke 46.5

CONFIDENCE OF WIN: The probability that Walker will beat Burke is 58.3%.

Via 10.17.14 HuffPost Poll Averaging Model.

Two-and-a-half weeks

Despite Happ’s conduct in the matter, Democrats have been reluctant to criticize her. Now the OLR, with startling speed, has given them some cover, despite Happ’s conduct to try to make the case go away.

Making the whole matter even more disturbing, RightWisconsin reports the intake investigator, Cathe Hahn, appears to have signed the Walker recall. A reasonable person might wonder if the victim in the Reynolds case will ever be given justice.

Via Happ hiding behind the OLR @  Wigderson Library & Pub

Teachers’ Unions

Here is what the Wisconsin governor’s race is not about: It’s not about jobs, the button issue Democratic challenger Mary Burke pushes hardest. It’s about three things:

The Act 10 government employee collective bargaining restrictions, or, the power of public sector unions

School choice

State aid for public schools

Via Jobs, schmobs! Walker-Burke is about the teachers unions @  Blaska’s Bring It!

Saturation bombing begins in 3, 2, 1…

Via In the WI campaign’s last few days…@ The Political Environment.