Bucks fan makes half court shot, gets $10K

Succeeds where others have failed.


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Aged musician who can’t take a pun sues Wisconsin company

“Don a Henley and Take it easy.”

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President: Ryan over Walker

Majority Favors Marriage Equality

Likelies Doubt Job Creation

Independents Will Vote

Walker Gets Things Done

Walker Doesn’t

Burke Cares

Gender gap gone

Rural Walker

Walker Suburbs

Burke Urban


Independents Volatile





10.15.14 Marquette Sample

Private schools ease public burdens

In a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column, Christian Schneider pointed out that money sent to educate choice students in private schools do not necessarily “cost” the public schools anything. This is because, if the choice program were eliminated, not only tax dollars would return to the public schools. So would the students. Depending on what it would cost the public schools to educate these students, the end of choice would not benefit public schools at all.

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Conservatives try to back off Bice

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Pricing themselves into oblivion


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Millionaire US senator complains about shiftless Wisconsin bums

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Mission creep

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Some women are suspicious

Isn’t that what the required coverage of birth control also does? Or is the coverage of birth control not really an incentive to put off childbearing, but a trick to ease women unwittingly into a life of childlessness? I hadn’t thought so. And if women need to use the young part of their lives to get educated and to advance their careers without sidetracks and distractions, then egg-freezing is exactly the benefit that supports workplace equality.

Via “Egg Freezing as a Work Benefit? Some Women See Darker Message” @ Althouse.

We’ll stay where we are, thanks

The Austrian government is having an extremely hard time finding a tenant for a peculiar space that it has been renting: Hitler’s birthplace. Not surprisingly, no one wants to occupy the $6,000-a-month building, and it has stood empty since 2011


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But does anyone think Ryan’s running?

Via Walker says he’s unlikely to run for president if Ryan does @ JS No Quarter Blog



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How’s that small-town elitism working out for print journalism?

Why is it ‘nonsense’ to contend that the thirty-four million from the city and federal government is an example of corporatism (that is, corporate welfare)? 

If anything, the one-hundred and eighty million that SHINE contends it will raise (even if all from private funds) only makes stronger the case against local and federal funding: if the idea should be so strong as backers contend, why can’t SHINE raise all of its capital privately?

Via Does the Gazette‘s Editorialist Think that Janesville’s Residents Can’t Count? @ FREE WHITEWATER.

Know your enemy inveterate opponent

For reasons I fail to understand, Democrats and liberals completely ignore the powerful poison that is right-wing Talk Radio, especially in the Metro Milwaukee market.  I don’t know if they think the Republican shills on WTMJ and WISN are just preaching to the converted or they just think what they are saying is too stupid to be taken seriously or they just can’t be bothered with all this but…Christ!  Ignoring it and pretending it doesn’t have a real effect in southeastern Wisconsin is worse than clueless — it is political malpractice.

Via The Mistake Of Ignoring Talk Radio @ Plaisted Writes.

Few parents have equity in Trek

Of course, Burke is a millionaire and could afford to attend the best private school available. Her experience with private schools is not the same as the thousands of middle class and poor families who work overtime, drive old cars, avoid eating out, clip coupons and make whatever sacrifices necessary to avoid what they believe to be the best education possible for their children.

While Burke benefits from her private education, she would cut off funds for those who were not born into wealth to strive for the same opportunities.

Via Burke supports private education for the rich, like herself @ Boots & Sabers.


Via “A week’s worth of Wisconsin 2014 political ads, from best to worst” @ Althouse.