Bucks fan makes half court shot, gets $10K

Succeeds where others have failed.


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Norwegian Skydiver Almost Hit by Passing Meteorite

How Linda Greenhouse of the NYT uses ‘notion’ and ‘instinctive’ to deprecate free expression

A notion is a lightweight mental sensation. Instinct pulses from our lower brain. We may have these notions and instincts UNTIL we “consider… florists and bakers,” but “consider” implies some serious contemplation, and Greenhouse’s use of “until” suggests that she thinks that the instant we see the names of those lowly occupations — florists and bakers — we will shake off the notions and instincts and know that the “expression” template is wrong. But she hasn’t considered it, and she doesn’t expect her readers to consider it. She is whipping up snobbery for people who are engaged in expressive work.

Via Linda Greenhouse concedes that there is “an instinctive appeal” to the “notion” that “photography is an expressive medium” @ Althouse

Employment down in most counties in… Minnesota

Via Minnesota Sees Drop in Unemployment Rate in Nearly All Counties… WI? Not So Much @ Uppity Wisconsin.

Reported liar gets 37% of the vote for Tomah mayor

Via Mayoral candidate charged with lying to get on ballot won 37% of vote @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog.

Lawyer for accused GOP Assemblyman is himself accused

James Gatzke, the lawyer for Rep. Bill Kramer, says he will soon be naming another lawyer to assist in the sexual assault …. state regulators are asking that the state Supreme Court revoke Gatzke’s law license for repeatedly dipping into a client’s trust account without authorization.

Via Rep. Bill Kramer’s lawyer faces his own personal troubles @ JS No Quarter Blog.

Walker confidante gets newly-created, lucrative post

James Villa, a longtime confidant of Gov. Scott Walker, has been named vice president for university relations at the University of Wisconsin System.

“We have offered Jim Villa the job, and he has accepted,” said UW System President Ray Cross

Via Longtime Walker adviser named to newly created UW System post @ JS No Quarter Blog.

Hunters furious that DNR cuts number of spring turkey permits

Via DNR takes heat for cut in spring turkey permits @ JS On the Trail Blog.

One and Done U

“They’re the Yankees,” said Turner/CBS game analyst Steve Kerr. “They’re Notre Dame football. They’re the team that is just always going to be in the news. They are great for college basketball. Love them or hate them, they are a story. People want to watch them, either to cheer for them or against them.

Via Kentucky Wildcats are the New York Yankees of college basketball @ JS SportsDay Blog.

Golden Eagles bet on Duke

Via Marquette hires Duke associate head coach Steve Wojciechowski @ JS Golden Eagles Blog.

Brewers blanked

Via In-game blog: Brewers fall to Braves, 1-0, drop series @ JS Brewers Blog.

“A pub­lic rela­tions hand grenade primed to go off”

Via Grothman to Challenge Petri @ Lakeshore Laments.

How to Teach a Mouse to Walk Backwards


Althouse on McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission

Quoting NYT:

The decision, by a 5-to-4 vote along ideological lines, was sort of a sequel to Citizens United, the 2010 decision that struck down limits on independent campaign spending by corporations and unions. But that ruling did nothing to disturb the other main form of campaign finance regulation: caps on direct contributions to candidates and political parties.

Via “The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a major campaign finance decision, striking down limits on federal campaign contributions for the first time.” @ Althouse.

Link: McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission.

Duncan Lou Who

A Happy Dog

Duncan Lou Who is a boxer puppy born with severely deformed hind legs that had to be surgically removed.

Although he has a wheeled device to help him walk, in the video below he simply runs happily on his two forelegs, recorded doing so with a GoPro Camera.


Unions back Mary Burke

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO, the statewide teachers union Wisconsin Education Association Council and the Madison Teachers Inc. all announced Wednesday they were backing Burke.

Via Democrat Burke scores major union endorsements @ Madison.com.

Wisconsin’s employment outlook disappoints

Via Scott Walker’s MIA in Wisconsin @ Capital Times.

Milwaukee County Board should meet at night

When working residents can attend to see their representatives in action.

Via Another good idea for County Board: night meetings @ JS Editorial Board.

Conservative WI communities vote against Citizens United

[Left, Right - citizens united against free speech holding in Citizens United - ed. ]

Via GOP Strongholds in WI Vote to Get Money Out of Politics @ PR Watch.

Cover Story


Via Wisconsin plays its way on to the regional cover of Sports Illustrated @ JS SportsDay Blog.

Who’s up for a tundra swan season?

And as hard it is to believe – - a plan to add a Tundra swan hunting season in Wisconsin is working its way towards likely approval unless hunting lobbies can be restrained at upcoming statewide conservation congress meetings on April 14th.

Via The Magnificent Cranes That Could Be Killed In Wisconsin Skies @ The Political Environment.

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