Walworth County judge moves herpes lawsuit to Rock County

Plaintiff seeks $350K.

Via Janesville Gazette.

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How’s that small-town elitism working out for print journalism?

Why is it ‘nonsense’ to contend that the thirty-four million from the city and federal government is an example of corporatism (that is, corporate welfare)? 

If anything, the one-hundred and eighty million that SHINE contends it will raise (even if all from private funds) only makes stronger the case against local and federal funding: if the idea should be so strong as backers contend, why can’t SHINE raise all of its capital privately?

Via Does the Gazette‘s Editorialist Think that Janesville’s Residents Can’t Count? @ FREE WHITEWATER.

Know your enemy inveterate opponent

For reasons I fail to understand, Democrats and liberals completely ignore the powerful poison that is right-wing Talk Radio, especially in the Metro Milwaukee market.  I don’t know if they think the Republican shills on WTMJ and WISN are just preaching to the converted or they just think what they are saying is too stupid to be taken seriously or they just can’t be bothered with all this but…Christ!  Ignoring it and pretending it doesn’t have a real effect in southeastern Wisconsin is worse than clueless — it is political malpractice.

Via The Mistake Of Ignoring Talk Radio @ Plaisted Writes.

Few parents have equity in Trek

Of course, Burke is a millionaire and could afford to attend the best private school available. Her experience with private schools is not the same as the thousands of middle class and poor families who work overtime, drive old cars, avoid eating out, clip coupons and make whatever sacrifices necessary to avoid what they believe to be the best education possible for their children.

While Burke benefits from her private education, she would cut off funds for those who were not born into wealth to strive for the same opportunities.

Via Burke supports private education for the rich, like herself @ Boots & Sabers.


Via “A week’s worth of Wisconsin 2014 political ads, from best to worst” @ Althouse.


Via River Alliance of Wisconsin.

Preying on a vulnerable demographic

Via United Publishers Services accused of sending fake, misleading newspaper subscription renewal notices @ JS Public Investigator Blog

Is it really that hard to say, ‘Obama?’

I am at a loss as to who is advising Democratic candidate Alison Grimes to act like no one knows who she voted for in the last election for president.  Pure amateur hour and it undercuts her credibility on every other issue.  Grimes may never have had a super good chance of winning, but in the last past whatever chances she one had have evaporated.  It is simply embarrassing to watch her try and explain away something that should never had become an issue.  When there are candidates for office who are so scared of their own shadow or who they voted for in a presidential election then it is most proper for the voters to not

consider them credible.

Via Alison Lundergan Grimes Proves To Be An Amateur Politician @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS

What lies beneath

….documents and interviews show that Gogebic’s money secretly made its way into the political battle over the mining law u2014 and that the efforts of the WMC and the Wisconsin Club for Growth significantly swayed the results.
With the help of ads funded by the two groups, the GOP retook the state senate in 2012 and passed mining legislation similar to what the company had wanted.

Sen. Dale Schultz, R-Richland Center, the veteran legislator targeted by one of the groups, said Gogebic’s efforts to hide its influence went beyond anything he’d witnessed since his election to the state assembly. “I’ve never seen anything like this done by special interests in Wisconsin in 32 years,” he said….

Via How secret money passed the Wisconsin Mining Bill @ Uppity Wisconsin

Asking all 18

Via Arguing that the Ninth Circuit panel that ruled against the Nevada ban on same-sex marriage last week did not appear to have been selected by a neutral process…” @ Althouse

Walker on defensive on jobs

Via Walker says in new TV ad Burke twisting his comments on jobs @ WisPolitics Election Blog.

We know what you meant, but still…

Bruce Murphy on first gubernatorial debate:

Going into the first debate between Gov. Scott Walker and challenger Mary Burke, I expected Walker to wax her.

Via Walker’s Curious Debate Strategy @ Urban Milwaukee’s Murphy’s Law.


In the aftermath of the debate, Walker’s supporters offered a summary that essentially damned him with faint praise. His tireless promoter on talk radio, Charlie Sykes, declared that “as expected” the debate did nothing to change the race, and conservative blogger James Wigderson offered a similar take. But of course it wasn’t expected that Burke would hold her own.

Via Walker’s Curious Debate Strategy @ Urban Milwaukee’s Murphy’s Law.

Kidd goes big

Bucks coach Jason Kidd said after Monday’s practice he plans to start the 6-foot-11 Antetokounmpo at point guard in Tuesday’s preseason game at Cleveland.

Via Kidd opts for big lineup to open against Cavs; Giannis at PG @ JS Bucks Blog.

‘Pretty good’

Via Ryan Braun ‘felt pretty good’ when swinging bat @ JS Brewers Blog


Via Packers, McCarthy ‘comfortable’ with Clay Matthews’ play this season @ JS Packers Blog

Film: Tiny Planet

Via Daily Adams.

Would-be presidential candidate walks through sparsely attended photo ops


Via On Twitter, Walker highlights event’s small audience @ The Political Environment

Waller hit over equal pay

Via Greater Wisconsin TV ad accuses Walker of repealing equal pay law to benefit ‘corporate friends’ @ WisPolitics Election Blog

“If the Wisconsin Legislature says witches are a problem, shall Wisconsin courts be permitted to conduct witch trials?”

Via War on Witches: Reagan Judge Denounces Myth of Voter Fraud @ PR Watch.

Walker 50.2, Burke 49.8

Via 10.13.14 Cap Times Poll-Averaging Model.

Hand over fist

…WisDOT’s wild spending on huge projects that serve the state-roadbuilder complex but are not supported by good data, accurate traffic projections and credible budgeting, as the organization 1000 Friends of Wisconsin has recently documented.

Regrettably, the road-builders have bought their way onto the state ballot to guarantee themselves continuing and guaranteed profits at taxpayer expense for more such huge highway projects….

Via Speak out Tuesday against latest WisDOT billion-dollar boondoggle @ The Political Environment.



Via Windbag Big Fitz, double-dipper pa Fitz and idle lobbyist little Fitz thrive on public largesse @ POLITICAL CAPITAL.


…the Annual Financial Report is due out on Wednesday. Here’s a look at the FY2013 AFR, which lists pretty much all expenses and revenues for the state in the July 1-June 30 fiscal year. With a budget crisis looming and the second and final Walker vs Burke debate on Friday night, the numbers in this report will be sure to get a lot of attention, and I wanted to give you a quick review of what to look for when the numbers come out….

Via Budget numbers out on Wednesday – what to look for @ Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse

Living Wage Calculator from MIT

Living Wage Calculator, City of Madison
2 adults, no kids- $7.72
1 adult, no kids- $9.54
2 adults, 1 kid- $9.27
2 adults, 2 kids- $9.99
1 adult, 1 kids- $21.17
1 adult, 2 kids- $27.87

Via What IS a living wage in Wisconsin? @ Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse.

See, Living Wage Calculator.

Lawyer Regulators Exonerate Happ in Ethics Flap


Via STATEMENT BY DISTRICT ATTORNEY SUSAN HAPP @ www.susanhappforwisconsin.com.

ISIS rationalizes crime

“One should remember that enslaving the families of the kuffar — the infidels — and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Shariah, or Islamic law,” the group says in an online magazine published Sunday.

Via Justifying Kidnapping and Enslaving Women @ Boots & Sabers

Leadership @ UW-Whitewater

I’d guess, thinking about these last few years on our campus, that this is an administration that should have turned over sooner.  It would have been able to claim credit for a construction boom, before observers had time to see whether the expense was justified, and before problems far greater than building-space came to the fore.

Via ‘No One Left to Lie To’ @ FREE WHITEWATER

Pot, kettle

One of the funnier moments came when Schimel put his hand up with his fingers crossed saying, when you take an oath to uphold the constitution, you don’t say “except for these ones I don’t like or I don’t agree with.” So Schimel won’t even think about a law’s constitutionality? Yes.

Via Republican AG Candidate Brad Schimel forgets to uphold the Constitution. Promises to fight EPA, then blames Democratic candidate DA Susan Happ of activism. Doh! @ Democurmudgeon

WEDC sets benchmark for GOP business donor below current performance

this was another deal in a long line of “job creation” deals in Janesville where the number of workers employed by the business is either well above the minimum number expected to be retained or matches the number of new jobs to be created – before the deal is struck.

Via WEDC Piles On “Help” For Local Business Donor To Walker @ Rock Netroots

Sounds the same

The atmosphere is unlikely to get better if Burke is elected.  It’s not as if Burke is going to walk into the Capitol and the “Capitol singers” will suddenly dissipate instead of continuing their harassment of Republican legislators. Segway Boy Jeremy Ryan will not suddenly become a decent human being.

Via Mary Burke’s New Tone @ Right Wisconsin

Left lambasts Obama

Via Elizabeth Warren: Obama sided with Wall Street over people losing their homes @ Blogging Blue.


Via What Are The Chances The GOP Takes The U.S. Senate? @  CAFFEINATED POLITICS.