Boy steals Fond du Lac school bus, drives to West Bend

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Progressive finds a Walker he’ll support

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Billionaire child abuser walks after less than four months’ time

Via Curt Johnson Released from Jail – Racine County Eye @ Racine County Eye.  

No rush in Racine

Boy, Republican Racine County Sheriff, Christopher Schmaling sure is taking his time investigating the voter fraud complaint against GOP sweetheart and fake recall candidate for Van Wanggaard, Tamra Varebrook.

In the meantime, Varebrook got herself a new job: as a Racine County dispatch operator.

Congrats! All the Sheriff’s investigators have to do is walk down the hall to ask her a few pertinent questions. How hard could that be? It’s in the same goddamn building!

Via Is The Sweetheart Of The GOP Getting Away With Voter Fraud? @ Root River Siren.

Where’s the transcript?

Yesterday was Chuck Todd’s second time as host. Last week, his first time, the show was heavily larded with an interview with Barack Obama. That means yesterday’s show was the first example of a normal show. Are they ashamed of it? They’ve put video up, including neatly captioned segments, like “James Baker: We Need People on Ground in Mideast.” (“People,” is that what we’re calling “boots” now?) The preference for lots of little videos, with writing only in the form of captions that very briefly paraphrase what some guest supposedly said, makes me suspicious. I want to see the specific quotes, and I want to pick them apart.

Via My “Meet the Press” conspiracy theory @ Althouse.

Walker’s 11

The white lab coats at the Blaska Policy Research Werkes jump-started Old Sparky, the Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, to assign Blaska-Bold-ometer points on an exclamation-point scale of ! to !!!!! (listed in parentheses) to each of Walker’s 11 pledges:

1. Cut property taxes so the levy on a typical home in 2018 is lower than it was in 2010. (!!!)
2. Reduce income taxes so they are lower in 2018 than they are today. (!!)
3. Provide tax relief for manufacturing and agriculture. (!)
4. Fight Obamacare, which is raising health insurance premiums for many in Wisconsin. (!)
5. Expand worker-training investments. (!)
6. Freeze technical college tuition and continue the UW System tuition freeze. (!!)
7. Establish accountability measures for all schools receiving public funding. (!!!)
8. Establish high standards for students at the local and state level as an alternative to measures set by people outside of Wisconsin. (!!)
9. Put common-sense limits on the time able-bodied, working-age childless adults can be on public assistance. (!!!!!)
10. Require drug testing for those requesting unemployment and able-bodied, working-age adults requesting food stamps from the state. (!!!!!)
11. Require working-age childless adults receiving food stamps or unemployment benefits to participate in employment training or part-time work. (!!!!!)

Via Scott Walker announces second-term agenda (!!!) -@ Blaska’s Bring It!

Madison looks and rates well

Via Madison, Wisconsin Best Place To Live According To Livability @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Situation-based principles

*  The latest example.  An order from the Wisconsin Public Service Commission – – with a 2-1 right wing majority appointed by Wrong-Way Walker – – micro-managing how many miles of new pipe the City of Milwaukee must replace annually.

Via WI GOP now loves ‘stick-it-to-Milwaukee’ big government @ The Political Environment.

Walker: Ensure that Everyone Who Wants a Job, Can Find a Job

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Seeing what they want to see

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Getting what you can, while you can


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Legislators’ reflections on 9.11

Wait until fall


Via Democrats outspent Walker on TV this summer @ JS Wisconsin Voter Blog.


Via Brewers playoff odds approximately 20% @ JS Brewers Blog



Via Game blog: Brewers romp over Reds, 9-2 @ JS Brewers Blog.



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Bears win in San Fran


Via Around the NFL: Bears beat 49ers; Vikings, Lions, Seahawks lose; Browns upset Saints @ JS Packers Blog



Via Packers claw back (with some help) to top Jets, 31-24 @ JS Packers Blog.

Monday Music: Oh Yeah

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Isn’t it a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question?

Via Scott Walker Asked If He Knew of $700,000 Mining Co. Payoff: “Not to my knowledge” @ MAL Contends…


Via Which Profession Consumes The Most Coffee? @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Uneducated at the top

But would our state not be better off if the people who write and carry out the rules for the environment have a college degree?  Would it not be prudent and wise for those who deal with state budgets to have something more solid to their resume than attending Oral Robert’s University?  If someone is charged with job creation might not a degree in at least book-keeping or communication be important?

It is simply embarrassing that in this city which UW-Madison calls home we find at the top levels of government people who could not, or would not get a college education.

Via Governor Walker’s Administration Short On College Degrees @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

LAPD Mistakes Black Woman with White Man for Prostitute

“How is this possible?  She was dressed in short shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers, which is the same outfit plenty of people wear to live out their day.  And she was spotted sharing a PDA moment with a white man — HER HUSBAND.”

Via “Daniele Watts, who played CoCo in and currently stars as Martin Lawrences daughter on the FX show Partners, says she was wrongfully arrested on September 11th after being mistaken for a prostitute! ” @ Althouse”

Undercover students used in drug busts at some University of Wisconsin campuses |

“They’re no different from anyone else,” Kiederlen says. “Mom and dad tend to feel like they’re still in school, but the reality is that they’re adults and they’re making adult decisions. And there are adult consequences.”

‘Highly dangerous operations’

While becoming a confidential informant may help students avoid consequences, undercover operations can turn deadly.

Rachel Hoffman, a 23-year-old Florida State University graduate, was pressured in 2008 to be an informant after Tallahassee, Florida, police searched her apartment and found a small amount of marijuana and ecstasy. But the buy turned out to be an armed robbery, and the robbers killed Hoffman after discovering her recording device, says Lance Block, a Florida attorney.

Via Undercover students used in drug busts at some University of Wisconsin campuses @

Winning streak ends at 3

Via In-game blog: Brewers lose to Reds, 5-1 @ JS Brewers Blog.

Strip-searching cops investigated, uncharged

At least six Milwaukee police officers were investigated for impeding the inquiry into a series of illegal strip and cavity searches by their fellow officers, according to records recently made public in court.

One officer told authorities she had not witnessed an improper search even though a video showed she was standing just a few feet away. Five others were suspected of violating a court order by discussing the strip search investigation soon after they were subpoenaed to testify at a secret fact-finding hearing in 2012.

The six officers may have broken the law or violated department rules, the video and documents show, but none of them faced criminal charges or discipline by the Police Department.

Via Officers investigated for hampering strip search inquiry not charged @ Journal Sentinel Watchdog Report.

Lines, confusion, error

“I just can’t imagine that this could be implemented by the November election without creating a huge mess,” Daniel Tokaji, an election law professor at Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University, told the Journal Sentinel last month. “I think it would be imprudent, to put it mildly, to try to implement this law pursuant to an order issued after Sept. 12. I think that’s just asking for trouble.”

But that’s just what the appeals court did Friday – ask for trouble – when it reinstated, at least for now, Wisconsin’s voter ID law hours after a three-judge panel heard arguments on the subject.

Via Voter ID reinstatement could mean trouble in November – JS Across the Board Blog.

Sunday Animation: It’s Payback Time

It’s Payback Time from Nexus on Vimeo.

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WI Sec State: La Follette v. Bradley

Talkin’ Wisconsin’s structural deficit

Wisconsin counties that go with the winner

Wisconsin’s racial chasm

Here are three key facts regarding African-American and other children of color in Wisconsin.

  • Thirty percent of Wisconsin’s white children live in households below 200% of the poverty level, while nearly 80% of African-American children experience that level of economic insecurity. Meanwhile, about two-thirds of Wisconsin’s Latino and American Indian kids live in households below 200% of the poverty line.

  • White adults ages 25 to 29 are three times as likely to have an associate’s degree or higher than their African-American or Latino peers.

  • White children are nearly six times more likely to be proficient in 8th grade math than their black fellow students.

Via New report highlights widening racial disparities for children in Wisconsin @ Blogging Blue.

Blaska sues over Madison teachers’ contracts

Of 423 school districts, MTI is the only union to have contracts for 2014-15 and 2015-16. That collective bargaining agreement continues payroll union dues deductions, fair share, work rules, layoffs determined by seniority, education and tenure compensation, etc. — all in violation of Wisconsin Act 10, which has been upheld by the state Supreme Court and a federal court.

It is time they were reined in, it is time they obeyed the law, it is time for a cowed school board to lead, which is why I brought suit in circuit court Wednesday, Sept. 10. I am represented by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. (The complaint can be found here.) I am prepared for the attempts to personally intimidate me. But enough is enough. This is a case that MTI and the school board have been inviting for years.

Via Madison Teachers Inc. has been a bad corporate citizen for too long @ Blaska’s Bring It!