Boy steals Fond du Lac school bus, drives to West Bend

Via Fond du Lac Reporter.

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Georgia is open for business

Via Welcome To Wisconsin: Now Made In Georgia @ Root River Siren.


ESPN is reporting that Bucks owner Herb Kohl plans to sell the team to hedge-fund billionaires Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens for a price of $550 million.

Via Report: Kohl to announce sale of Bucks @ JS Bucks Blog.

Wisconsin MD v. Tesla

It is disturbing that Tesla Motors, without basis in law or fact, accuses its customer of tampering with a fuse in order to gain advantage under the Wisconsin Lemon Law,” Megna wrote in the “offer of settlement.”

Via Franklin doctor makes public settlement offer to Tesla in lemon law case @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog.

Not your average supporter

Via Prosecutor in John Doe probe says he voted for Walker @ JS No Quarter Blog.

$20K Hit

State law says gubernatorial candidates could not take more than $700,830 from PACs during an 2012 election cycle. But the third-term mayor accepted $720,911 from these groups during that contest.

Via Barrett campaign forfeited $20,000 for recall election violation @ JS No Quarter Blog.

Fourth, not No. 4

Survey says Aaron Rodgers is the fourth-highest paid athlete in the world @ JS SportsDay Blog.

Out of the Lineup

Braun went 1-for-8 in the first two games against the Cardinals and is batting .250 (5 for 20) with no homers or RBI on the home stand. The one thing the nerve issue in his right thumb does is prevents him from driving the ball, and that has been the case once again.

Via Ryan Braun not in starting lineup @ JS Brewers Blog.




Innovation as a Fad

In so many cases, and certainly in Whitewater, projects for innovation are (1) schemes to take public money, (2) pretend it has a productive or civic purpose, (3) while actually using it to enrich undeserving, white-collar business people and their connected friends.

Via Innovation as a Fad @ FREE WHITEWATER.

Liam Neeson turns the tables

Via The actor Liam Neeson defends horse-drawn carriages in Central Park: “I can’t help but see the proposed ban as a class issue” @ Althouse .

Shutoff Tuesday

Via Utility shut-off ban ends Tuesday @ WISN.

Back as backup

Report: Matt Flynn returns to Packers @ TMJ4

He’s in


Via Walker says Wisconsin is on right track as he launches re-election big with rallies @ JSOnline.

Scott Walker’s Anthem

Gov. Walker picks subsidized agribusiness for photo op

According to a recent article in the Houston Chronicle, this puts Horsens well within the top 10 ten percent of agri-businesses, which receive the vast majority of agriculture subsidies. In contrast, the bottom 80 percent of farmers only receive $594 a year in subsidies.

Via Walker’s Poster Child for High Taxes Has Received Over Half Million in Gov Subsidies @ Uppity Wisconsin.

Dale Schultz walks away

Via Sen. Schultz exits, shaking his head @

Millennials less committed to Bible

It may still be the best-selling tome of all time, but the Bible is increasingly generating indifference, and even antipathy, especially among Millennials, according to the fourth annual State of the Bible survey.

Via Millennials driving trend away from Bible reverence @ JS FaithWatch Blog.


Still doing very well.

Via In-game blog: Cards snap Brewers’ win streak, 4-0 @ JS Brewers Blog.

Here’s The ‘Blood Moon’

Video streaming by Ustream


Film: Cachoeira

Stop-motion animation with droplets of water:

Cachoeira from Rodrigo EBA! on Vimeo.


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