Green Bay alderman pleads guilty to disorderly conduct fine

Drunk, knocking on doors.

Via Green Bay Press-Gazette.

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When Scott Walker’s county staff members needed to release a statement in 2010 saying they did not engage in campaign activity, who exactly did they ask to approve the language?

Walker’s top campaign aides, naturally.

Via Scott Walker campaign staffer OK'd statement denying political activity by county staff @ JS No Quarter Blog.

One standard for them, one standard for everyone else

Via Emails show Scott Walker campaign treasurer got inside information on real-estate deal @ State Journal.


As someone who observes the justice system on a regular basis, I can tell you that if the “standard” is to fully charge, convict and sentence every criminal to the maximum allowable punishment to be considered “tough on crime”–then there is not a single prosecutor, District Attorney or Judge that is “tough on crime” in Wisconsin.  Reduced charges, plea bargains, lenient sentences and “second chances” are common–and pretty much necessary–in today’s legal system.

Via Not So Tough On Crime @ My Two Cents.

Touch football

Via In Ryan v Zerban, Whose Idea Was a Debate Without Rebuttals? @ Rock Netroots

Big government in a small town

A small rural town of fifteen-thousand, and it’s 289 pages just to list the town’s annual budget.

Via The Proposed 2015 City of Whitewater Budget @ FREE WHITEWATER.

Pat Bomhack parachutes into 17th District

Via Tall tales from a top-down Democrat(ic) campaign @ Blaska’s Bring It!

Left lukewarm?

Burke wins both


Unquestionably in the second of only two statewide televised debates that Gov. Scott Walker would agree to, he again underestimated how many vital issues and how much authoritative competence Mary Burke had in her corner as she outmatched him Oct. 17 after roundly beating him, according to news reports on both sides, in the Oct. 9 debate.


Walker won again


I still think Walker won. Debates are often won by the aggressor, and that was clearly Walker. He offered more specifics and was more responsive to his opponent, while Burke mostly stuck to her talking points.

Via Walker Won Second Debate – Urban Milwaukee @ Murphy’s Law.

Walker hit as Invasive

Via Emily’s List goes up with new TV ad targeting Walker on abortion @ WisPolitics Election Blog.

Rove defends Walker


Getting Karl Rove to come in and attack your opponents for dirty tricks annnnnnd vouching for the character of Scott Walker… all in one email?!? 

I guess Jack Abramoff wasn’t available.

Via WisGOP Email from Karl Rove Complains About “Dirty Tricks” & Vouches for Walker’s Character @ Uppity Wisconsin.

17th District Senate candidates wary on weed


Burke hits Walker over last Four Years

Via Mary Burke ad takes aim at Gov. Scott Walker’s integrity @ JS All Politics Blog.

WISGOP sees political motivation in doc dump

Via WISGOP Files Open Records Request With Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele @ WISGOP

Did Dodgeville’s Drinkin’ Mayor Get Preferential Police Treatment?

Now he wants to be in the Assembly.

Via Channel 3000

Pro Walker

I will go to the polls to cast my vote for Scott Walker for the third time in four years. Frankly, given the progress that Wisconsin has made during Walker’s first term, I see no reason to replace him — especially with a Madison one-percenter who hasn’t been employed for the better part of a decade.

Via Walker has earned another four years @ Boots & Sabers


Via Abele to Release Doe Docs @ Boots & Sabers.

Tool of Big Ag stays in shed

Via Scott Krug Is No-show at League of Women Voters Debate Monday @ MAL Contends . . .



Via “Ruth Bader Ginsburg owns a surprisingly large number of ‘Notorious RBG’ t-shirts” @ Althouse.

Carried Wisconsin twice


Via President Clinton to campaign for Burke in Milwaukee @ JS All Politics Blog

Top Republican calls Wisconsin voters stupid


Via RNC co-chair: Some Wisconsin voters ‘might not be as sharp as a knife’ @ JS All Politics Blog

Four-hundred-pound liar now in custody

Via Federal agents arrest foreclosure king Brunner @ JS Watchdog Report.

Film: The Spielberg Oner – One Scene, One Shot

The Spielberg Oner – One Scene, One Shot from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.

Via Daily Adams.

Lagging Doyle

In fact, the entirety of Walker’s tenure — the supposed “Wisconsin Comeback” — is a slower pace than the Doyle year of recovery. In Gov. Jim Doyle’s last year in office, Wisconsin grew jobs at a rate of about 2,805 jobs per month. In the 45 months since he’s taken office, Wisconsin under Scott Walker’s watch has grown jobs at about 2,595 jobs per month. It might not seem like much, but job growth under Walker is nearly a tenth slower than it was under the first year of recovery under Doyle.

Via Under Walker’s tenure, recovery is STILL at a slower pace than it was under Doyle’s last year @ Political Heat

State Journal rejects Scott Fitzgerald, who doesn’t need their endorsement, anyway


Conservatives forget about jobs, insist it’s GDP growth that matters now

Sunday’s Janesville Gazette headlined an article about how Rock County’s GDP growth is among the best in the nation. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, there was alot that wasn’t highlighted in the article. The most glaring item is the fact that Rock County’s gross domestic product in general was starting at a lower baseline than most U.S. communities since GM closed in late 2008….

Via Divide and Conquer Club Polish Their Badges Over Glowing GDP Report @ Rock County Netroots.

Wisconsinites flee the state

Climate may explain the first 4 on that list, but it does not explain why Minnesota and Washington should be gaining thousands of Wisconsinites, which leads back to Lounsbury’s theory about higher quality of life and a stronger economy being reasons for certain states to attract talent from Wisconsin. And it’s also worth mentioning that both states have higher minimum wages than Wisconsin, and were ahead of us in instituting progressive policies such as strong public transit and marriage equality.

Via Wisconsinites moving West, and not always to warmth @ Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse.


Via Republicans were for “czars,” before they were against them, before they were for them again @ Democurmudgeon

Habitat of mostly small, dark spaces


Via Why Is This Man In Your Mailbox? @ Cognitive Dissidence


Via Democrats Walk Out on Obama @ Boots & Sabers

State Journal entertains discussion of Gov. Walker’s incipient baldness

Via Scott Walker’s bald spot is newsworthy?!? Really?!? @ Blogging Blue.