Green Bay alderman pleads guilty to disorderly conduct fine

Drunk, knocking on doors.

Via Green Bay Press-Gazette.

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Monday Music: Brian Setzer, Let’s Live It Up

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The View from Chicago

Sunday Animation: Sausage

SAUSAGE – animated short film from robert grieves on Vimeo.


Unqualified, callow political hack finally quits WEDC

Murray’s departure comes three months after he was criticized in a resignation letter written by Lee Swindall, WEDC’s vice president of business and industry development, that was made public in September. Saying that Murray confused “rigid control with stability and sound management,” Swindall criticized Murray’s management methods.

“I believe Ryan Murray, lacking either the talent or experience to function as the Chief Operations Officer of the WEDC, is causing deep and lasting harm through the application of control-style management rather than consultative management,” Swindall’s August 25 resignation letter said.

Via Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. deputy secretary resigns @ JSOnline.

Conservatives list what Wisconsinites rejected at polls

Via 7 Things Wisconsin Voters Rejected this Week @ Media Trackers

Conflicted Paper’s Reporters Analyze the Election

Wisconsin’s Next Attorney General

Minority Leader Barca

At the WISGOP Senate Caucus

Friday Catblogging: The Mesmerizing Tail

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One of Speaker Vos’s targets


Via Why Republicans Hate Kevin Kennedy @ Murphy’s Law.

Cage door left open


Via Jaguar cub at zoo killed by another jaguar @ JSOnline.


Black, American Indian, and Hispanic children are between six and nine times more likely than white children to live in areas of concentrated poverty. Additionally, black males accounted for 43% of murder victims in 2011, despite accounting for only 6% of the overall population, making homicide the leading cause of death for black males.

Via My Brother’s Keeper @ Paul Soglin: Waxing America.

Meanwhile, news from the war that’s out of the news

Via “The airstrikes from the coalition have been very helpful, and now the ISIS fighters are confused and don’t know where to go.” @ Althouse



In a Miami Herald report detailing the confession of Alex Rodriguez to DEA agents investigating the Biogenesis clinic that he used PEDs obtained there comes the news that the Brewers’ Ryan Braun was one of the players given immunity from prosecution.

Via Report: Ryan Braun given immunity by feds in Biogenesis case @ JS Brewers Blog.  

Civil rights case against Racine still going

But the plaintiffs’ claims that their civil rights were violated survive and will proceed to discovery, where their attorneys will begin to collect records and take sworn depositions.

In his 36-page order, Stadtmueller also detailed his reasoning for denying the city officials’ attack on the RICO claims against them, while dismissing some other individual defendants from those claims.

Via Minority Racine tavern owners’ civil rights, RICO case survives @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog.



Via Packers will sell standing room-only tickets as trial run @ JS Packers Blog.

Bice, very Bice: Reporter-blogger who channeled plagiarism story returns to topic

Via Consultant in Burke plagiarism flap accuses critics of hypocrisy @ JS No Quarter Blog

Incoming GOP

We have the first African-American elected to the Senate from a “Southern State” in 133-years.  He is also the first African-American to ever be elected to both the House and then to the Senate.  We have the first Haitian-American ever elected to Congress.  The first female combat veteran is heading to the Senate–along with the first Iraq and Afghanistan Wars veteran elected to that chamber.  Then there is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress–a 30-year old from upstate New York.  And speaking of young, an 18-year old West Virginia college co-ed has become the nation’s youngest State lawmaker.

Via Now That’s My Kinda Party!! @ My Two Cents.

‘Some peace of mind for conservatives’

Via Good News: Mike Tate Says Dems Issue Focus Is Spot On @ Right Wisconsin


Four years ago, when Scott Walker was elected for the first time, the Siren came to ferry Wisconsin progressives through the rough waters of GOP domination. 1,445 posts later, the Siren’s job is complete.

We would have preferred to have bid you all a fond farewell with Mary Burke as our next Governor, but that result has eluded us. Whether fairly or unfairly, the world has gone mad. There is no doubt.

When a college drop-out with 6 friends and staff members found guilty of corruption wins against a Harvard graduate from a proud Wisconsin family with global name recognition – there is simply no amount of snark or cleverness to make sense of this reality.

Via The Siren Casts A Fond Farewell @ Root River Siren.

Progressives prepare a GOP forecast

I expect we’ll see Gov. Walker and his rubber-stamp Republicans in the legislature move quickly to enact “right to work” for less legislation, to expand the anti-union provisions of Act 10 to firefighters and police officers, and to expand the failed voucher school experiment to the entire state.

Via What lies ahead for Scott Walker and Republicans in the legislature @ Blogging Blue.

Presiding over an impressive number of losses

….it’s high time Wisconsin’s Democrats start demanding more “bang for their buck” when it comes to their party chair (not to mention the rest of the party’s leadership), because thus far Mike Tate hasn’t shown me much in the way of forward progress or electoral wins to justify his six-figure salary.

Via What has Mike Tate done in four years to earn his $105,717 per year salary? @ Blogging Blue.

Walker took the majority of increased turnout

Of course, that didn’t happen.  Wisconsin’s turnout increased by somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000 voters– with Walker taking the majority of these additional voters.

Via WI One of Few States to See Increase in Midterm Turnout: Burke’s #s Were Good Enough to Win in 2010 @ Uppity Wisconsin

‘ The Democrats fall victim to their own strategy’

Via What Happens When Voters Are Kept In A Constant State of War @  Right Wisconsin

Just not big on pure science

….Vos, a Rochester Republican, said the system needs to ensure that instructors teach students and focus research efforts on how to grow the economy, not on, as he put it, “ancient mating habits of whatever.”

Via Robin Vos Is Not A Scholar! @ Cognitive Dissidence.

Three generations

Via House Republicans eye ‘100-year majority’ @ The Hill.


Via Walker: ‘We’re going to be even more aggressive’ @ 620 WTMJ.

‘A light-emitting diode’


Time for Democrats to come to Jesus. Time to grow some moderates instead of trolling for Republican defectors like Dale Schultz.

Scott Walker became a political rock star by becoming the only governor to survive a recall. Now he can fill a stadium. He’s on the A-list. Ready for prime time. His election night victory speech from West Allis was rock-’em, sock-’em. In a televised debate, he owns the stage. He’s telegenic, comfortable in his own skin, McLuhan media-cool. His love for wife and sons is authentic. His religious faith is strong. He’s got the bona fides. If the Republican presidential primary resembles the cattle calls of the past, with a stage full of hopefuls, Scott Walker will shine like a light-emitting diode.

Via Time for our Democratic acquaintances to come to Jesus @ Blaska's Bring It!.

Shilling steps closer

Via a href=’’>Shilling opens door to run for Senate minority leader @ WisPolitics Election Blog.

Thinking ’16

Via Three national views about Scott Walker running for president in 2016 @ JS All Politics Blog.

3, 2, 1…

How soon before the conservative base of the GOP start sniping at the establishment wing of the party and the leadership of McConnell who is one to strike bargains? Everything looks nice in the glow of election victories until the cooks gather in the kitchen……

Via Question For The Day Following Mid-Term Elections @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.