Milwaukee woman gets 4 years in prison for Medicaid fraud

Stole over a million.

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Madison Chief Has Shaky First Year



Film: Nikon’s Small World in Motion 2015


Des Moines Register doesn’t fact check

Via Walker hoodwinks Iowa @ The Political Environment.

Tarrance Group v Charles Franklin

Via New Poll Suggests Path For Bucks Deal @ Right Wisconsin.

Next Winter

It is a gamble at once audacious and born of necessity: Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a likely Republican candidate for president, has put campaign plans in motion that cede early momentum to his chief rival, Jeb Bush, in favor of beating Mr. Bush and other opponents with a long-game strategy designed to achieve financial and political success next winter.

Via Scott Walker Is Said to Take a Long View in 2016 Strategy @ NYT.


Advisers said that Mr. Walker, conceding that he has no hope of raising more than Mr. Bush this spring and summer, is devoting considerable time instead to addressing a weakness that could derail him with a single gaffe no matter how much some donors love him: his lack of depth on issues facing a president, especially national security. He is attending near daily policy briefings and crafting Wisconsin’s next state budget, while his team is quietly recruiting volunteer fund-raisers, known as bundlers. They now number about 50 in 30 states — a shadow corps ready to compete with Mr. Bush as soon as Mr. Walker officially announces his candidacy, which will likely be in June.

Via Scott Walker Is Said to Take a Long View in 2016 Strategy @ NYT.

Yes, Loves Fundraising

Mr. Walker — who enthusiastically enjoys fund-raising, his advisers say — is personally courting megadonors like Todd Ricketts, who will back Mr. Walker if he runs, and David H. and Charles G. Koch, the conservative billionaires, according to the advisers and donors, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to maintain their access to confidential campaign planning. Several top-tier Republican donors joined Mr. Walker for a dinner last week at the Ricketts apartment in Time Warner Center in Manhattan, including David Koch; Mr. Ricketts and his father, Joe; the investor Roger Hertog; and the supermarket magnate John Catsimatidis.

Via Scott Walker Is Said to Take a Long View in 2016 Strategy @ NYT.

Really important to them that you’ll contribute

Via Marquette Urges Public Financing of Bucks Arena @ Boots & Sabers.


Wisconsin’s roads are the third-worst in the nation and the potholes and other problems that plague them cost drivers in some cities almost twice the national average in repairs and associated costs, according to a new study of the state’s highway system.

The numbers mark a dramatic decline in road quality. As recently as 11 years ago, Wisconsin’s roads ranked No. 22 in the nation, and their deterioration affects almost every industry and motorist in the state, according to the study commissioned by the Local Government of Wisconsin Institute.

Via Report: Wisconsin’s roads third-worst in nation @ Blogging Blue.

Monday Music: Yellowjackets, An Informed Decision


Putting up

“I [John Doe Special Prosecutor Francis Schmitz] invite the governor to join me in seeking judicial approval to lawfully release information now under seal which would be responsive to the allegations that have been made,” his statement said. “Such information, when lawfully released, will show that these recent allegations are patently false.”

Via Scott Walker John Doe Official: Make John Doe Docs Public @ MAL Contends…

Obama @ WHCD

See, that’s funny. It uses truth and self-deprecation — traditional attributes of humor — in a fresh enough, edgy enough way.

Via “Six years into my presidency some people still say I’m arrogant, aloof, condescending. Some people are so dumb.” @ Althouse.

The Burden of Being Big and Important

When really big organizations make mistakes, the rules are different. You can’t expect them to attend to the sort of details that would get you in trouble in your puny little affairs.

Via “So yes, we made mistakes, as many organizations of our size do” @ Althouse

Some raids are more equal than others

Early this week, the National Review came out with an explosive cover story detailing the experience of three private citizens subjected to armed police with battering rams conducting pre-dawn raids of their homes, seizing cell phones and personal computers, and admonishing them to tell no one — even as the authorities apparently tipped off favored news reporters.

Many more were subjected to the police home invasions than the three interviewed for David French’s National Review article, “Wisconsin’s Shame: ‘I Thought It Was a Home Invasion’.”

The targets were not dealing meth-amphetamines. They were not plotting an imminent terrorist bombing. They were political conservatives who supported Republicans during the 2011-12 recall elections.

Via What if they invaded John Nichols’ house? @ Blaska’s Bring It!

Staff drafting talking points now

Via Gov. Scott Walker won’t talk Social Security until he’s a presidential candidate @ JS All Politics Blog

Monday in New England

Via Gov. Scott Walker to address Massachusetts budget group @ JS All Politics Blog.

Ray Cross @ Avenue Bar

Politics Review

No Improvement in Madison’s Lakes

Homeless Defecating Throughout Madison’s City-County Bldg

Dirty Birds

But Not Out


No Science

Federica Loves NY


Via Lands’ End CEO will call New York – not Dodgeville – home @ JSOnline.

Sunday Animation: Paris vs. New York

Paris vs New York from Tony Miotto on Vimeo.


Former Madison Chief Couper Calls for End to Killings

Milwaukee: A City Built on Water

WISGOP moves to limit school report cards

Friday Catblogging: Cat Battles Crow

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