Milwaukee woman gets 4 years in prison for Medicaid fraud

Stole over a million.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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Via Badgers Final Four tickets sold out; going for $600 to $850 from brokers @ State Journal On Campus Blog.

Gov. Walker Changes Course

Governor Scott Walker made a surprise announcement today, April 1st, that he will not seek re-election. Walker told the stunned members of the capital press corps, all three of them, that he will instead pursue a career as an Indian Casino gaming manager.

[Easily best local post of its kind today - ed.]

Via Walker decides against re-election run @ Wigderson Library & Pub

Spider-Man Reps U.S. Postal Service

Via Will Spider-Man be able to defeat the Republican attack on the U.S. Postal Service? @ Democurmudgeon .

Legislature sends drone-restriction bill to Gov. Walker

Via Drones bill passes state Senate @ JS Dogged Blog.

Spring General Election 2014



ATF boss to testify about botched raids in MKE

ATF director B. Todd Jones will testify this week before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the agency’s botched storefront operations, in Milwaukee and across the country, committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) announced Monday.

Via ATF boss, Todd Jones, to testify before Congress on storefront stings @ JS Dogged Blog

Google Seeks Pokémon Master

This may be the among the most competitive job searches of the early twenty-first century.

Film: Paint Showers

Paint Showers from Miguel Jiron on Vimeo.


It’s a mistake to discard the essay portion of the SAT

We understand not every student is destined to be a Shakespeare, a T.S. Elliot or a Joseph Pulitzer. But putting a noun, verb and object in the proper order is not rocket science. And asking that the SATs test such knowledge and that it be taught in our classrooms is to demand only the basics in education.

Via Removing Essay Requirement From SAT Misguided @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

ATF bigwig gets permission for fraud

A top ATF official who oversaw the disastrous “Operation Fast and Furious” took a high-paying private sector job while still collecting his government check.

The move by William McMahon in 2012 “would have clearly constituted fraud,” according to the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General.

But the OIG throws in this caveat: It was not fraud because McMahon had permission for the arrangement, according to the inspector general report obtained by the Journal Sentinel last week. CNN and first reported on the OIG memo.

Via Top ATF official commits fraud, but with ‘permission’ @ JS Dogged Blog.

Residents flee Wisconsin

Via Annual Migration Study (Again) Finds Wisconsin a National Leader in People Leaving State @ Uppity Wisconsin.

Did GOP fat cat snub Gov. Walker?

Sheldon Adelson had a cold:

Walker gave a speech, too, but Adelson did not attend, according to multiple news accounts.

Via Scott Walker’s Vegas adventure: Did the gov get snubbed? @ JS Dogged Blog.

Progressives think they could win big on Tuesday

If they can boost turnout over expected 12%.

Via Wisconsin Progressives Could Score Big Wins Tuesday… @ The Political Environment.


Via Brewers 2, Braves 0 – Brewers earn shutout victory on opening day @ JSOnline.

GOP Assemblyman may get booted


Bill Kramer charged with assault.

Via Wisconsin May Expel a State Lawmaker for the First Time in Almost 100 Years @ National Journal.

Drudge warns about the U.N.


Via Is Drudge amusing you or scaring you with his “UN: No One Will Be Spared”? @ Althouse.

Gov. Walker Aims to Impress

Via Sheldon Aldelson Says Scott Walker Is A Super “Goy” @ Root River Siren Blog.

Koch Brothers go hyper-local

Via Koch influence in Kenosha School Board Race, Sly Protest of Americans for Prosperity and more Vicki McKenna BS @ Democurmudgeon

Ongoing Natural Discoveries

We’ve sent advanced probes to the outer solar system, but there are still new, surprising discoveries to be made, as described in the video below, where scientists learn that even asteroids can have their own ring systems.


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