BP gas stations in Milwaukee-area counties sold bad gas

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The One-Stop John Doe Shop


Via Judge Rudoph Randa Asked To Once Again Interfere Into John Doe Laws @ Cognitive Dissidence.

Cossetted public utility gets what it wants from Madison

Via Scott Walker’s Public Service Commission approves fee increase, penalty for residential solar power @ Blogging Blue.

Photographed in their native habitat


Via I wanted an image of golden retrievers arrayed on a Utah desert landscape in the manner of Holsteins on Wisconsin farmland @ Althouse. 

Gov. Walker talks White House

In search of $750,000,000

Via No Easy Answers For Transportation Funding @ Right Wisconsin

Old White Men Still Kicking

Via Upon further review, the ruling on Nov. 4 stands @  Blaska’s Bring It!

$19,000,000 for a single cleanup

Via Walker’s claim to a cleaner environment a shell game @ The Political Environment.

The Unsubtle Speaker Vos


Via Wisconsin Speaker Vos Wrong to Condition Legislation to Denial of Speech @ MAL Contends . . .

Film: Famous Movie Scenes, Remade with Legos

Lego pieces are becoming the duct tape of the creative community —


New Wis Sen Minority Leader

WisPolitics Week in Review

There’s somebody for everybody

But [former WisDems spokesman] Zielinski’s revelation that he was in Illinois for the governor’s race only leads to more questions. How desperate were Democrats in Illinois that they would hire Zielinski? What exactly did he do for Quinn? Who in the Illinois Democratic Party looked at Zielinski and said, “Yes, this is the guy we need?” Did Mike Tate call in a favor with the Illinois Democrats?

Via Who is paying Graeme Zielinski now? @ Wigderson Library & Pub

But how long a place at the table?

Via An improbable chair and a hot seat for Ron Johnson @ JS Wisconsin Voter Blog.

Now even at 5-5


Via Bucks hold off struggling Heat, 91-84 @ JS Bucks Blog



Via Packers hammer Philadelphia in all-around effort, 53-20 @ JS Packers Blog

Monday Music: Trailer for “The Blues Came Callin'”

Trailer Documentary “The Blues Came Callin'” from Woestwerk on Vimeo.


Sunday Animation: Mean Teddies

While children sleep at night, their teddy bears defend them against imaginary monsters —

Mean Teddies from Tyler Novo on Vimeo.


Friday Catblogging: A Cat’s First Time on Snow


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4-4 on season

Via Final: Bucks 85, Thunder 78 @ JS Bucks Blog

Kelly Rindfleisch is still guilty

“Rindfleisch has failed to present any evidence at any time during these proceedings that tends to suggest that her Fourth Amendment rights were violated by the seizure authorized in these warrants,” the decision reads.

Via Court rejects ex-Walker aide’s appeal of conviction in Doe case

Stabbing suspect legally competent for trial

Via Slender Man stabbing suspect now fit to proceed, expert finds @ JSOnline.

See yourself


Via Daily Adams.

Waiting for a progressive

From now on, Wisconsin Democrats should run real progressives in high-profile races, not corporate hacks like Mary Burke. I think the Democratic Party of Wisconsin would be far better off if they ran actual progressives for every office.

Via Why I’m glad that Mary Burke won’t run for statewide office in Wisconsin again @ The Prairie Badger

Larson leaves leadership

“I called Jen Shilling last night to let her know I would be voting for her and would be encouraging my supporters to unite behind her, as well. I hope for a united caucus as we prepare to take on the incredible threat ahead. We will do well under her guidance and leadership,” Larson wrote on his Facebook page Tuesday.

Via Chris Larson to step down as leader of Senate Democrats @ JS Online.

Tate’s Eleven

….nearly half of the money ($1,381,500 out of a total of $2,822,626.66 in receipts, or 48.94% of the total party receipts) donated to the DPW between July 29 and October 20 of this year comes from only 11 individuals, 6 of which are Wisconsin residents. By effectively controlling the purse strings of the party, those 11 individuals effectively control the DPW and how Mike Tate and other top party officials run the party….

Via Who controls the Democratic Party of Wisconsin? @ The Prairie Badger

WISGOP has voters, money

Via GOP dominated in cash, turnout  @ WisconsinWatch.org

WisDems’ way back to power

Democrats should push for three specific items in their next bid to lead the state…

Via Democrats should embrace electoral reforms to win public opinion @ Political Heat.

Scott Walker v. U.S. Congress


Via Walker Calls on Congressional GOP to “Put Up or Shut Up” @ Boots & Sabers

From the top

The most clear example of how far the Democrats have drifted from their origins is presented that when one considers how Tate led them to yet another bloodbath in the same election that several referendum questions that included raising the minimum wage, expanding health care and lowering costs and getting corporate money out of politics all passed with resounding success.

Via Why Wisconsin Democrats Are In Disarray And How To Fix It @ Cognitive Dissidence.


Via And You Though Common Core Was Bad @ My Two Cents.

In common

Via Question: How is Rush Limbaugh like Lena Dunham? @ Althouse


Via Marquette Prof: “Some Opinions Are Not Appropriate” When Discussing Gay Marriage, Rights @ Right Wisconsin.