BP gas stations in Milwaukee-area counties sold bad gas

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Live by stats, perish by stats


Yesterday the “gold standard” quarterly BLS numbers came out and confirmed Burke’s contention that Wisconsin was dead last in jobs since Walker took office. And today, the latest monthly BLS numbers are out and show Wisconsin is in a three way tie for fourth place and below the midwest average.

I’d stick with gold standard, gov.

Via Jobs Report Walker Used in “Comeback” Ad Now Now Shows WI Below Midwest Average in Job Growth @ Uppity Wisconsin

Scott Walker’s used others’ work for years

The ALEC connection goes back to Walker’s early days as Governor:

Wisconsin’s new governor, Scott Walker, has decided to follow in Thompson’s footsteps, pushing half dozen ALEC-inspired bills in his first weeks and months in office, yet remaining silent about the roots of these public policy “innovations.”

Via Walkerites bashing Burke for consultant’s use of outside materials…@ The Political Environment

Consultant copied his own work

A spokesman for the Burke campaign told BuzzFeed News an “expert” named Eric Schnurer who also worked on the other campaigns as responsible for the similar text, a case of self-plagiarism.

Via Mary Burke Fires Campaign Consultant For Self-Plagiarism @  CAFFEINATED POLITICS

Something borrowed, something blue


The Burke jobs plan is a Brobdingnagian 49 pages! Anyone who writes a 49-page plan on one topic needs to get his/her/their nose off the tarmac and see the airport. Was Our Ms. Burke trying to emulate the ObamaCare bill? Yeah, I got a jobs plan; dare you to read it all! (You are getting sleepy, very sleepy.)

Via Our Ms. Burke buys her jobs plan off the re-sale rack @ Blaska’s Bring It! .

Now Dems complain about ballot

Via Three Democratic county clerks won’t use GAB-issued ballot @ JSOnline.

In firing a coach, UW-Whitewater seems to have had PR in mind

Meeting federal guidelines matters, but it’s not as important as sending a message that speaking, however imperfectly, should be supported over silence or formalism. 

I don’t think that happened here.

That it didn’t is a loss not principally to Coach Fader, but to a climate that fosters support for victims and accountability for alleged assailants. 

Via Assault Reporting, Formality, and Former UW-Whitewater Wresting Coach Fader @ FREE WHITEWATER

Burke should have stood firm

Guess the Burke campaign was caught, guilty of finally accepting a party idea and repeating it. How awful. This was Burke’s whole campaign, and they blinked. In the words of Han Solo, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Via The admitted and laughable Phony Outrage over Burke’s Economic Plan for Wisconsin @ Democurmudgeon.  

Charters hold their own

While traditional MPS schools were far below expectations, Milwaukee’s independent 2R charter schools found some success with similar student populations. The independent 2R charters scored much higher on the report cards than traditional MPS public schools, and the only school in Milwaukee to receive an “A” on the report cards was an independent 2R charter school.

Via School Report Cards a Wake-Up Call for Milwaukee Parents and Every Wisconsinite @ MacIver Institute



Via UW-Madison ranked No. 41 among world’s top universities in new rankings @ JS School Zone Blog.

Resting on the shoulders of giants

BuzzFeed reported late Thursday that Burke’s plan, called “Invest for Success,” includes nearly verbatim passages from the economic development plans put forward by Delaware Gov. Jack Markell in 2008, Ward Cammack of Tennessee in 2009 and John Gregg of Indiana in 2012. Cammack withdrew from his race, and Gregg was defeated.

Via Burke jobs plan copied portions of proposals from other Democrats @ JS No Quarter Blog

$750 from opposing lawyer


Via AG candidate Susan Happ to dump donation from lawyer in sexual assault case @ JS No Quarter Blog

Badgers BB on TV

Via ESPN, CBS love Bo Ryan’s team @ JS Badgers Blog

Long, disappointing game

Via Game Blog: Brewers suffer crushing loss in 13 innings, 3-2 @ JS Brewers Blog.

Friday Catblogging: The Alley Cats of Japan



FightingBob shuts down

Via FightingBob.com.

Here’s the leading candidate


Via The Worst Person In The World @ Eschaton.

On Scotish independence

Via Aye @ Eschaton.

Rock County GOP’s complete negligence in picking teenage, racist candidate

Via On Vetting Candidates: Be Sure to Check “Social Media.” You Know, on the Inter-Webs @ FREE WHITEWATER

Crime even without intent

But after speaking with the kid, it appears that neither the school officials nor the police thought that the kid was planning anything untoward. The school made a point of telling parents that it “did not and does not pose any threat or risk to the safety and security of our campus.”

So why the pending criminal charges and expulsion from school? The other kids are safe and were never in danger. The kid made a mistake bringing his weapon – unloaded and in his vehicle – to the school parking lot. If the goal is to deter him from doing it again, wouldn’t a simple ticket and/or detention – not to mention the hours of police questioning already endured – do the trick?

Via Boy Faces Expulsion and Criminal Charges for Rifle in Car @ Boots & Sabers

Debate no-show


Via Why is Van Wanggaard afraid of Randy Bryce? @ Blogging Blue

Clemson requires submission


Via “Public university required students to submit sexual history or face disciplinary action” @ Althouse.

Not enough green & gold

Via Walker ad seems to claim mystery stadium is Lambeau Field @ JS No Quarter Blog.

Wisconsin lags America

Via State’s private-sector job growth ranks 33rd, report shows @ JSOnline.

Bloodbath for Bonzo


Via “When parties of males encounter single individuals from other communities, they sometimes launch brutal assaults that leave victims gravely wounded or dead” @ Althouse.

Key role holding the keys

Via Why the U.S. opposes Scottish independence (though we can’t say much about it) @ Althouse.

Walker Hits Burke on Lie of the Year

Cards win at home

Via Game Blog: Adam Wainwright outduels Mike Fiers as Brewers fall, 2-0 – @ JS Brewers Blog.

Disgraced WISGOP bigot quits Assembly race, says election has been hard on him

This week, bloggers surfaced comments on YouTube videos that included derogatory statements about black people. Dorsey also used a curse word in a YouTube comment referencing Abraham Lincoln, the nation’s first Republican president. When the Gazette contacted Dorsey about the posts on Thursday, he told the paper he was withdrawing from the race.

“I have decided to withdraw from the race due to insensitive remarks that have surfaced from years past,” Dorsey said in a statement to The Gazette. “This race has been extremely hard on my family and myself.”

Via Assembly candidate drops out of race after anti-gay, racist comments @ JS All Politics Blog.

‘Just how worried are these guys?’

Via GOP ballot suit a waste of time and money @ JS Across the Board Blog.

Poverty up significantly among Wisconsin single mothers

Four of every 10 single-mother households in Wisconsin with children under age 18 were living in poverty in 2013, according to the latest American Community Survey numbers released this week by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The state’s 42.5% figure is up from 39.4% in 2012, a change the Census Bureau flagged as statistically significant.

Via Poverty rising among Wisconsin single mothers, Census Bureau reports @ JSOnline.

Elections Board on Voter ID Law

Most ever

Via Fox Sports Wisconsin will carry 80 Bucks telecasts in the regular season @ JS SportsDay Blog.