BP gas stations in Milwaukee-area counties sold bad gas

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Gov. Walker contends Soviet Union started respecting longtime anti-Communist Ronald Reagan because Reagan fired some airtraffic controllers

“The Soviet Union started treating (Reagan) more seriously once he did something like that,” Walker said.

Via Deflecting foreign policy experience question, Scott Walker disparages Hillary Clinton @ JS  All Politics Blog

Why wait months?

USA Today reported that Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s office received an inspection report last summer detailing high amounts of opiates prescribed at the U.S. Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Tomah.

Baldwin called for an investigation of the facility last week, but only after news coverage revealed a veteran had died from an overdose at the facility.

Via Baldwin responds to report she sat on VA inspection results @ JS All Politics Blog

The Iowa Eye-Poker



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41 more games


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What we received in exchange


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Next year

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“Could be fun, but…”



Walker’s presidential criteria all point to…Walker

Walker methodically laid out all the attributes he thinks the Republican standard-bearer should have in order to win in 2016.

As it happens, those criteria match the governor’s own background and self-image to a tee. They also rule out many of his potential rivals.

Walker is proposing a checklist to his party – a fresh faced, battle-tested, blue-state winning, full-spectrum conservative governor — that cries out “Scott Walker.”

Via Framing himself as fresh outsider, Walker hones 2016 message @ JS Wisconsin Voter Blog.

Film: The Newspaper Crisis of 1945




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5, 6


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Tough position

Who else?




Speakers will include Eric J. Swanson, co-author of the 2010 book “Transform a City,” which explores the ways Christian churches can address social problems that plague urban areas.

Via Christian symposium to address "city transformation" @ JS FaithWatch Blog.

Cannabis debate doesn’t follow script

HLN talk show host Nancy Grace discussed the subject with rapper 2 Chainz, who is a known smoker. I think whoever put this segment together believed the loud-mouthed Grace would own the segment. They showed clips of parents giving their toddlers weed and kids getting high. But the segment did not go down as expected. 2 Chainz, aka "Tity Boi" owned the segment and he made Grace look ridiculous.

Via A Great Marijuana Debate @ Uncommon Causey.

2011, Redux: Walker Ponders System Split

Via Splitting UW System, UW-Madison from state being discussed at Capitol @ State Journal.

Patient gets $2.5-million from jailbird surgeon

Todd Orvedahl was 35 when when he underwent back surgery in 2007, said Orvedahl’s attorney, Victor Harding. The procedure left Orvedahl in greater pain that persists today, Harding said. It was so bad that Orvedahl, who had risen from an estimator at F. J. A. Christiansen Roofing to president of the company, had to leave his job.

Via Patient settles malpractice case against convicted spine surgeon Cully White for $2.5 million @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog.

Wisconsin sinks $100,000,000 annually into parole violations

Some were punished for violating probation or parole by doing things such as accepting a job without permission, using a cellphone or computer without authorization, or leaving their home county. Some were suspected of criminal activity, but not charged.

Re-incarcerating people for breaking the rules costs Wisconsin taxpayers more than $100 million every year. The process that forces violators back behind bars relies largely on the judgment of individual parole agents, which can vary widely. Once accused of violations, people on parole can be sent back to prison for years without proof beyond a reasonable doubt — and they are left with little chance of a successful appeal….

Via No new conviction, but sent back to prison @ JS Watchdog Report.

Monday Music: Karrin Allyson, Vivo Sonhando


Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Via Kendall Marshall tears ACL, out for rest of season @ JS Bucks Blog.

Working through school

A profile of "America as 100 students" by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation finds a third (34%) of all students are 25 or older and 38% are ages 20 to 24. Only 44% live on a college campus, and 72% are both taking classes and working part-time or full-time.

Via Three out of four college students today work at least part-time @ JS School Zone.

MKE Superintendent Talks Accountability

What Young, Gifted, and Black Wants

Mad City Chief Defends His Cops

Sunday Animation: Haring

Haring from KLOMP! Animation on Vimeo.

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Oddly, the most negative view of Walker’s chances was offered by Brian Sikma, of the Wisconsin-based conservative group Media Trackers, who told the U.S. News that the issue has “a lot of potential to be an unnecessary but powerful distraction… Lack of a college degree will on its own not turn people off, but if used as part of a narrative, then it could be a devastating fact.”

Via Back in the News: National Media Jumps on “College Dropout” Walker @ Urban Milwaukee.

GOP presidential matchup

From my perspective I find it hard to fathom how two establishment types like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney both can both run, raise money, and hope to successfully tap into the same pool of primary voters.    I have long felt there is only room for one of them, and the other would not seek the nomination.

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Everything must go

I suspect some of that suffering was simply based on the product being sold to the public, but some likely was simply the result of poor judgment by the Democratic Party leadership. That can’t all be blamed on Tate but he was sitting at the top of that structure and he was no doubt a big part of the decision-making that occurred on his watch.

Via Democrats Look For New State Leader @ Curmudgeon’s Corner