BP gas stations in Milwaukee-area counties sold bad gas

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Talking Arena

Taking Apart a Beltline Bridge

Hope for a Better City

Friday Catblogging: Cats Doing Cat Stuff

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Walker’s re-creation of his political identity is a test of whether a Republican presidential candidate can win on the basis of decisive margins among whites (while getting crushed among minority voters).

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On Pace for Most Layoff Notifications of Walker Administration

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Madison ponders chronic homelessness

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State-Capitalists Gather

Requiring Testing Before Eating

Madison— People seeking unemployment insurance and public benefits would have to be tested for drugs and those who receive food stamps would have to use two-thirds of their benefits for nutritional items, under GOP bills moving quickly through the Assembly.

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Sheriff: Burglar stole, pawned power tools


Chief Justice Roggensack

Patience Roggensack elected chief justice; Shirley Abrahamson disputes…


Madison’s airfares highest among top 100 US airports

Prevailing wage law may not prevail much longer

WEDC develops its own foreign aid program

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Revisionist Historian

Walker told Minnesotans their state was in better shape than Wisconsin because Democrats had run the show in Wisconsin for a longer period than they actually did, and PolitiFact today’s rates Walker’s claim “false.”

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What’s Left, Chronicling What’s Left

Over nearly eight years that I’ve been writing, local print news has declined, and its online versions have not been able to stem erosion in revenue and quality.

Although the quality’s poor – and it is – these local papers still offer a lingering value.

Now and again, they print the views of Whitewater’s town squires: paragraph after paragraph, all spilling out onto the page.

That’s invaluable, because if these papers did not publish how Whitewater’s few insiders saw themselves and their world, it would be hard for others to grasp how some of them actually think about things.

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Bernie gets in

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Via “Scott Walker enters the Republican presidential race with far stronger ties to the party’s biggest fund-raisers than any other candidate besides Jeb Bush” @ Althouse.

Stinkin’ Drunk

Like so many others across Wisconsin I am so very tired of drunk drivers.  They are stupid, thoughtless, and very dangerous.  The latest example is a Madison man who admits to drinking 18 beers and then getting behind the wheel to drive.  Making this case even more brazen the fool also did not have insurance.

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Shuffling the Deck

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Walker Big in Iowa

PPP’s newest Iowa poll finds Scott Walker well ahead of the rest of the Republican field in Iowa, getting 23% to 13% for Marco Rubio, 12% for Jeb Bush, 10% each for Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul, 8% for Ted Cruz, 7% for Ben Carson, 5% for Chris Christie, and 4% for Rick Perry.

Walker has the highest favorability out of anyone in the field, with 59% of voters viewing him favorably to 13% who have an unfavorable view. The key to Walker’s success is that he’s winning both among voters who are most concerned about electability in the general election and among voters who are most concerned with having the most conservative candidate. Among voters who say being able to win in the general is their top priority, Walker gets 21% to edge out Marco Rubio (20%) and Jeb Bush (17%). His lead is much more emphatic among voters saying conservatism is their top priority- with them he gets 29% to 14% for Cruz, 12% for Paul, and 10% for Huckabee.

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At the Restaurant




Scott Walker owes Sears up to $50,000.

According to his most recent financial disclosure forms, the governor owed between $10,000 and $100,000 to credit card companies in 2014. One of the cards listed is a Barclay Card, and the other is a Sears MasterCard….The Boston Globe noted that Walker has the lowest net worth of any serious presidential contender: -$72,500.

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Baltimore leader gets it right

Despite Angelos being a platinum-spoon-fed one percenter, he gets it more than some of the 99ers I’ve heard in Janesville who support and defend the legislative agenda of the elite class Angelos describes.

With the punishing revenge style social media response trending lately on those who bring truth to power, I would not doubt it if an establishment player like Angelos will be forced to retract the whole thing.

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With these realities in mind, it is magical thinking (or just flat-out bullshit) to believe that the Bucks arena and related arena/entertainment district would be “all gain, no pain,” but that’s how the MMAC portrayed it in this absurd push-poll.

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Time to Go

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DA Chisholm Makes Walker’s Argument for Him

Volokh finds “the use of criminal libel law in political disputes… troubling.” I’ll say. I mean, that was Walker’s point — government using its power to intimidate political opponents — and Chisholm’s instinct was to threaten to use government power to intimidate political opponents. Of course, that’s a despicable chilling of free speech. In fact, it’s chilly enough around here that, on proofread, I wondered whether I ought to be writing “threat” and “threaten.”

Via “Is Milwaukee County DA interested in pursuing criminal libel prosecutions of his political critics?” @ Althouse.

Soglin tries to clean up City-County Building

Mayor Paul Soglin, after waiting what some would argue was too long a period of time, has finally said conditions are so bad that enough is enough.  Last week the mayor restricted the homeless to only sleeping outdoors at the city-county building.   That makes sense so to reduce having problems spread throughout the downtown area.  Soglin also called for an end to street feeding programs, and limiting the use downtown of park benches to an hour.

I applaud the actions of the mayor.  It is not heartless to implement some common sense measures to make sure that while Dane County and Madison grapple with how to effectively combat homelessness that our city not suffer from the increasing numbers of those who come here to live on the streets.

Via Madison Homeless Have Responsibilities, Too @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Rep for Now

Tyler Hendricks, a Sparta native, is the Clinton grass roots coordinator in the state, a campaign official said, though his presence won’t be permanent.

Hendricks will be organizing in Wisconsin for about five weeks, working with local supporters and training volunteers, part of a “ramp up” to the presidential candidate’s first rallies and campaign speeches later this spring. He is based in Madison.

Via Clinton campaign assigns staffer to Wisconsin through May @ JS All Politics Blog