Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn Speaks

PR offensive.

Via Milwaukee Community Journal .

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Crony capitalism rots Wisconsin cities

When American parents raise a child, they seldom say, “I hope you grow to be a manipulative huckster, taking so much as you can by manipulating government into preferential deals for yourself and your friends.”

There are few people – and no honest, decent ones – who would hope this for themselves or their children.

And yet, and yet, there are such avaricious and undeserving people, with even a few being too many for the damage they cause to a community’s politics and economy.

Via Is this the city that you had in mind? @ FREE WHITEWATER.

Assemblyman and accused sexual predator gets a big lawyer

Kramer is due in court Monday, and has retained the services of one of a top defense attorneys in Wisconsin, Eduardo M. Borda of Milwaukee.

Via Bill Kramer Retains Top Defense Lawyer, Eduardo M. Borda @ MAL Contends….

Racine County DA another drunk-driving rumpot

Via GOPS: Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You? @ Root River Siren.

Nature Leibham abhors a vacuum

Yeah, about that whole primary challenge to Congressman Tom Petri by State Sen Glenn Grothman? It just got whacked.

Via Petri out, Leibham likely in @ Wigderson Library & Pub.

St. Norbert poll believed by few

Via Too much WTF in the WPR/St. Norbert poll: 8% of WI Democrats would vote for Walker [?] @ blue cheddar.

Left hopes shoe leather’s enough

Via Can money buy democracy? @ GarveyBlog.

Menominee v. Potawatomi

Gov. Walker will decide.

Via Scott Walker given 180-day extension for Kenosha casino decision @ JSOnline.

Walker’s online ambitions

Via Scott Walker says plan for college degree isn’t about presidential politics @ State Journal On Politics Blog.

Grothman was there

“I’ve been at that bar so many times, I have no specific recollection,” Grothman said, referring to the bar at the Inn on the Park in Downtown Madison, where the audio was recorded.

Via Glenn Grothman was with Mike Ellis on night he discussed Super PAC  @ State Journal On the Capitol Blog.

WISGOP moderates rush the exits

U.S. Rep. Tom Petri said Friday he will not run for re-election, giving the tea party an eye-popping victory in forcing out two Republicans decried as moderates on a single day.

Petri, 73, has been a congressman since 1979 representing east-central Wisconsin but was facing a strong GOP primary challenger. He announced the move only hours after state Senate President Mike Ellis (R-Neenah) — another GOP official who spent a generation in office — made a similar announcement.

Via U.S. Rep. Tom Petri won’t seek re-election @ JSOnline.

8-2 Overall

Via Game Blog: Brewers beat the Pirates, 4-2 @ JS Brewers Blog.


Via Mike Ellis drops out of state Senate race @ JSOnline.

“I watched it with awe”

Scott Jensen on watching video of Sen Pres. Mike Ellis slamming Walker, claiming to run Wis. Senate.

Via In video, Mike Ellis says he — not Fitzgerald — ran Senate.

WISGOP Sen. Pres. Ellis says he runs Wis. Senate, slams Scott Walker’s ambition

Conservative activists record WISGOP Sen. Ellis plotting illegal campaign activity   

7-2 for season

Via In-game blog: Brewers complete 6-0 trip @ JS Brewers Blog.

Friday Catblogging


Nekokaigi, a small cat café in Kyoto. Via Wikipedia.

Here they come:

A new breed of coffee shop is sweeping west across the globe from Japan, where the hottest place for animal lovers to take their tea is inside a cat café.

The first Japanese restaurant to provide its customers with a roomful of feline companions opened in 2004; there are now hundreds of copycat establishments in Tokyo alone. The craze exploded in Asia, before cafés in East and then Central Europe opened their doors. Last year it was Paris, last month London, and by the end of the year the United States is scheduled to have its first cat café, in San Francisco.

Onerous health and safety regulations, which differ from country to country, have ensured the trend took longer than a grumpy cat meme to go viral, but the thirst for coffee with a side of petting shows no sign of slowing down. Of course the Internet, where the cat is king, has proved a fertile breeding ground for these ventures. The British café raised more than $180,000 online, while a U.S. project successfully crowdfunded almost $60,000. “We were incredibly lucky!” Courtney Hatt, one of the founders of San Francisco’s KitTea, told the Daily Beast.


AG Holder blasts ATF manipulation of mentally disabled man

In an animated answer regarding the ATF tactics uncovered by a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation, Holder told Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.): “The notion that you would use mentally unstable people, you would tattoo them, that you would do ridiculous things like that. It’s absurd and people will be held accountable. I don’t support that at all. It’s crazy.” (ed note: exchange on ATF stings is at 3:24:55 of video)

Via Holder vows accountability for ATF tattooing low IQ man; But will it even be investigated? @ JS Dogged Blog.

UW-Madison moves online

UW-Madison is offering 100 online courses this summer, up from 64 last summer and 49 the summer before.

Via UW-Madison expanding online course offerings for summer term @ JS School Zone.

Another legislator bows out

Via After 10 years, Rep. Don Pridemore won’t run again @ JS All Politics Blog.

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