WI DNR investigates wolf killing in Walworth County


Via Superior Telegram.

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UW Madison to isolate, torment, euthanize dozens of juvenile monkeys


Via Protest against monkey research planned in advance of UW-Madison forum @ SJ On Campus Blog.

Victim says she was told to stop saying

“When this story hit the news regarding Happs [sic] conflict of interest with Reynolds I got a phone call from Lori Anderson Jefferson county district attorney’s [sic] office telling me to not speak to anyone / media”, the victim wrote in a complaint first reported by WKOW television in Madison.

Via Records: Happ’s Office Called Victim After Land Deal Story @ Media Trackers

Call for boots


No one seems parched

[I]t has been exactly  4.5 years – – or fifty-four months – – since the Waukesha Common Council approved an application for a diversion of water from Lake Michigan.

And in those fifty-four months have come and gone two Waukesha mayors, at least a million dollars in consulting and legal fees, and Lord knows how many meetings, application rewrites, deadlines, fits and no starts – – but not a drop of water has been diverted, nor a shovel of earth turned nor a single regulatory approval won to get the show on the road.

Via About Waukesha’s water diversion – – not a drop after 54 months @ The Political Environment.

League of Conservation Voters accuses Walker of a Dirty Deal

Via WLCV launches $1 million campaign targeting Walker’s record on conservation issues @ WisPolitics Election Blog.

Job seekers

Via Liberals Drop Out of Labor Force Then Run for Office @ Media Trackers

The argument for, but against, plural marriage

…The would-be polygamist needs only to use the arguments of a gay-marriage advocate: What kind of moral claim, for instance, does anyone have to stand in the way of peaceful, consenting adults who call their union a marriage?

Via The Mormons v. Althouse @ Dad29.

On the road to nowhere

Truth is, we’re losing the battle to pay for what we have now and the cost of many of these roadway expansions including sprawl growth vastly outweighs the return. I have history on my side to support that statement because here we are after 30 to 40 years of “expanding tax base” growth and we’re stuck paying to do road replacement and maintenance all over again without one penny in trust to show for. In fact, we are in deficit on every level. Sooooo.

Via Deficits In Revenue and Reason Make Highway Expansions Boondoggles @ Rock Netroots.

Reinventing the wheel


Via Walker/Kleefisch Plagiarism Scandal!!! “Open for Business” lifted from a big campaign supporter @ Democurmudgeon

After all, they have a choice about which ultrasound the state forces them to undergo

Via Democrats Straight Up Lying About Ultrasound Bill @ Right Wisconsin.

Some bigotry, some babysitting


Via Did You Hear About Brad Schimel’s No Good, Totally Rotten, Couldn’t Possibly Get Worse Week? @  Cognitive Dissidence.

Schimel wouldn’t have been loving Loving

Republican Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel said he would have defended the ban on interracial marriage had he been Wisconsin attorney general before states’ ban on interracial marriage was struck down as unconstitutional in 1967. (Marley, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

Via Brad Schimel Is Unfit for Office @ MAL Contends . . .

What was her contribution?

….when Burke became the state’s secretary of commerce in the Doyle administration, her résumé said she boosted Trek’s European sales from $2 million to $60 million, but now she’s saying from $3 million to $50 million. And: “She left in the summer of 1993 to begin a two-year break from the firm.” Has anyone given us any depth about why she left and what she did? The election is only a few weeks away. You’d think it would come up….

Via The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel looks into the basis for Mary Burke’s claim of business executive expertise @ Althouse.


… Walker is just plain creepy. In his new ad, the dull-eyed governor … tries to feign concern for women who are seeking abortion. It’s a contrast with the way he glibly dismissed imposing the ultrasound requirement last year, telling reporters, “I don’t have any problem with ultrasound. I think most people think ultrasounds are just fine.”

Via MS.-CALCULATING: Desperate, “creepy” Scott Walker pretends to help and maybe even like women (voters) @  Uppity Wisconsin.


Take this disclosure Wednesday.

The lawyer for convicted John Doe defendant Darlene Wink intentionally destroyed evidence on Wink’s computer. The destruction of evidence took place in Waukesha County.

Schimel filed no charges against the lawyer….

Via Brad Schimel cut sweetheart GOP deals. Twice. @ The Political Environment.


Via Does the term “dark money” sound scary because it — intentionally? — resonates with racism? @ Althouse

How good?

There are only two other teams in the league with better odds this week to win the Super Bowl, the Seahawks (4-1) and the Broncos (17-4).

Via NFL power rankings differ about where the Packers belong @ JS SportsDay Blog

After racism

Joan Garrett McClane, has produced a beautiful narrative about a man named Franklin McCallie who found a way out of the entrenched racism in Chattanooga and has now come up with a plan to help others do the same.

Via The day of his salvation: A story of hope in Chattanooga @ JS A Word With You Blog.

“It’s always nice to be able to legally shoot something when you’re in the middle of a campaign”

Via Gov. Scott Walker on getting out the October campaign angst @ JS All Politics Blog.


In the case of Karl Rove, in fact the “Architect” of the Bush 43 wins, the 2000 election lost the popular vote to Gore and needed the Supreme Court to get in the White House door. While the 2004 re-election against the abysmal John Kerry was a skin-of-the-teeth win with a bare margin from Ohio. And when it came time to pass on the baton to a GOP successor — as Reagan did successfully with Bush 41 in 1988 — the result was an abject defeat for John McCain, with President Bush 43 — a good and decent man — leaving with his ratings hovering in the mid-thirties….

Via Rove, the Architect of Losing @ Dad29.

Seems like that’s something plaintiff’s counsel would have determined beforehand

Via Conservative Blogger David Blaska Has ‘No Standing’ In Lawsuit Claims Madison School District @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS

But says he would have found a ban on mixed-race marriages personally “distasteful “


Via Schimel says he would have defended ban on interracial marriage in 1950s @ Channel3000.

Change of speed, not of direction

….I’m holding to my theory that the Court has decided to decide by not deciding. Within that theory, Justice Kennedy is only slowing things down a little and keeping a feeling of procedural regularity while the government petitions for certiorari and the Court denies it.

Via “Justice Anthony Kennedy issued an order to halt same-sex marriage in Idaho — and apparently also Nevada — on Wednesday…” @ Althouse

But the CEO still has a job


Via Johnson Controls fires consultant following affair with CEO @ JSOnline

Beer’s just the first swig…

Last week we learned some of the price tags for all of this wishing. As expected, the public portion of a new arena would be $200 million or $15 million annually over 20 years. That assumes a 4.25% borrowing rate and level payments….

Via ‘I’d Be Happy to Pay Higher Taxes on Beer,’ Said No Wisconsinite Ever @  MacIver Institute.

But then, they’ve never been very close

Via Abortion provider rebukes Gov. Scott Walker for campaign ad @ JS All Politics Blog

Flushed away

What’s truly nutty is that, somehow, [GOP State Senate candidate Brian] Fitzgerald thinks that a campaign commercial in which he warns a fellow tavern patron to stay out of the bathroom so as to avoid the malodorous emissions Fitzgerald has produced upon relieving himself would be a good commercial for his campaign.

It’s that bad….

Via For Rock County, the (Grand Old) Party’s Over @ FREE WHITEWATER

Expiration date on the label


Via Walker, Vos dance to tune of Wisconsin Club for Growth, propose disbanding independent GAB oversight @ Democurmudgeon

27 days until it won’t matter

Via Waiting for Kagan @ MAL Contends . . .

Home schooling’s no isolation ward

Those home-school kids often reside in “neighborhoods,” Father, where there are OTHER children with whom they bike, play pickup basketball, go sledding, or wander into the store to purchase candy.  Those home-school kids often participate in Boy/Girl Scouts, non-school-related athletics, (it’s called Land O’ Lakes) and as a consequence meet and deal with adults who are not their own parents.    Often they have jobs in retail; that’s not exactly “hermetic.”  And in actually Catholic families, where there are several children, “negotiating” within the family circle is quite an exercise.

Via Priest Slams Home-Schoolers @ Dad29


Via Vast Majority Of Wisconsinites Support Minimum Wage Increase @ Cognitive Dissidence.

Koch Brothers Get Stoned

Via Rolling Stone Report Rocks Koch Industries @ PR Watch.