Public funding for a new Bucks arena

And we probably won’t see the public financing piece of this puzzle for several months, so stay tuned.

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Thanks for the memories

“I would like to thank Senator Herb Kohl and John Hammond for giving me the opportunity to coach the Milwaukee Bucks this past season. Although my tenure was brief, it will forever be memorable.

“Thank you to all of the great Bucks fans for your love and support, you truly are some of the best fans in the NBA.

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Coming away from the 18-minute, 15-question news conference Tuesday to introduce new Bucks coach Jason Kidd to the city, you were reminded of that popular bit John Belushi used to do on “Saturday Night Live.”

Belushi played Pete, the owner at the Olympia Cafe, who was not going to serve anything other than a cheeseburger to every customer.

“Cheeseburger,” was his answer to every request by the customer for something on the menu….

All right, so it wasn’t quite as bad as that.

But transparent, it was not. Forthcoming, it was not. Joyful or celebratory or convivial – not, not, not.

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Bucks get Kidd as head coach, sack Larry Drew

The 41-year-old Kidd and the Milwaukee Bucks reached tentative agreement Monday on a three-year contract worth between $12 million and $15 million, according to a team source.

Kidd will be introduced officially as the 14th head coach in franchise history later this week.

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Jason Kidd could become the new coach of the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday if the team can reach an agreement on compensation with his current team, the Brooklyn Nets.

But at the moment that’s a big if.

A league source told the Journal Sentinel that the 10-time NBA all-star has been offered the Bucks coaching position only, not a basketball front-office job as first speculated.

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Predictions of the Draft

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“There will have to be some kind of public support”

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Claiming high demand

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Why not give fans ownership of the Bucks?

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Residents oppose handout for Bucks

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200 million down, another 300 to go

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Former Microsoft exec wanted to take team to Seattle

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Bucks look for taxpayer bucks

Herb Kohl pledged $100 million toward a new arena and the new owners also pledged $100 million, but it is expected that a new arena will require at least another $200 million. The issue will be: Can we afford to lose the Bucks? Well, why not? Imagine setting aside $200 million for schools, art, music, transit.

Why should Milwaukee give $200 million to the new owners? Will that help them win? Does winning even matter to them?…

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A limited fan base

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Fast break

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Backing Silver

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Bucks come with a buy-back provision

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At least the draft is looking good

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Half-billion bargain

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Marc Lasry, the prospective co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks with business associate Wesley Edens, was once considered for ambassador of France, but turned down the post.

Why that diplomatic post never happened is a question that was raised last year. A story in Business Insider states the New York Post claimed Lasry had to give up the position because of his ties to a Russian Mafia gambling ring. That ring was busted a year ago.

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ESPN is reporting that Bucks owner Herb Kohl plans to sell the team to hedge-fund billionaires Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens for a price of $550 million.

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There’s someone for everyone

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Bucks beg for investors

‘There is an active, ongoing process’

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Predictably, even the Bucks’ front office ranks poorly

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Interest in the Bucks

So they say:

“It’ safe to say that anybody with the means and interest in the NBA has inquired. A lot of phone calls from around the country,” the source said.

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Bango to Retire

Vanderkolk, who could not be reached for comment, will finish out this season. The Bucks are expected to begin a search to find a new Bango and have posted a job description for “Bango” on the league’s jobs site.

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