Brookfield unemployment up

To 6.7%. When Brookfield‘s heading in the wrong direction…

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Entire American economy adds only 88,000 jobs

Feels like … Great Recession never ended.

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Is Minnesota’s economy leaving Wisconsin behind?

Great, just great – for Minnesota.

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Unemployment up in most Wisconsin cities

February a short, disappointing month.


SE WI foreclosure filings down 33%

March, year over year.

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Unemployment up in all 72 Wisconsin counties


Wisconsin home sales up 12% YOY

Relative gains are bigger when the starting point is lower.


Left advances a ‘Back to Work’ budget

Someone gets the bill.

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Union begs tech school to stop training nonunion workers

Because there’s nothing worse than a well-trained workforce.

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Americans on food stamps.


The Keynesian Morons

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The Gateway Tech College Referendum

All the details on a proposed $49-million-dollar expansion.

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Citizen Dave on what liberal economic development looks like

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Fort McCoy claims that Fort McCoy had $1 billion dollar impact

Meanwhile, incumbent politicians declare that incumbent politicians are naturally smarter and better looking than everyone else.

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GOP bills would let firms cut worker hours without union talks

Under Assembly Bill 15 and Senate Bill 26, a company that lost a portion of its business could seek state approval to reduce workers’ hours. A firm that lost 20 percent of its business could identify a group of affected workers and cut them back to four days a week, instead of laying off 20 percent of them, Griffiths said. Those whose hours were reduced could collect unemployment benefits to replace some of their lost wages, and benefits would not be affected, Griffiths said.

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Hutchinson Technology of Eau Claire sacking 150

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Cargo tonnage down 30% at Port of Mikwaukee

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So, how’s about higher grocery bills?

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Wisconsin job growth lags most of America

The sobering report shows the state’s work force has failed to keep up with even the weak growth seen in the rest of the country since the 2001 recession.

Since 1996, the state has outperformed the nation in creating jobs only 27% of the time. That’s a marked reversal from the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the state consistently beat the national growth rates.

From June 2010 to June 2012, the state logged 2.3% job growth, below the 2.8% posted by the country as a whole.

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WisDems unveil jobs plan

But they can’t pass anything without GOP support.

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U.S. economy shrinks in fourth quarter

Down .1%

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‘Insidious today, irreversible tomorrow’

Fracking in Pennsylvania, mining in Wisconsin.

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Lifenet sacking 120 employees

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Wisconsin unemployment up almost everywhere

70 out of 72 counties.

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Only 25% of Wis Bankers day state’s economy healthy


Journal Sentinel Editorial Board can’t figure why Wis job creation’s so mediocre

42nd in the nation, down even from prior, 37th-place ranking.

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Will Gov. Walker Meet His Promise of 250,000 Jobs?

Only makes sense as a rhetorical question.

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DNR contends Fox Valley trees provide $5 million in benefits

$4.89, rounded up.


Up 2%

Wisconsin food prices.

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Wisconsin ranks 42nd in midyear job creation

Bottom of the barrel.

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America adds 155K jobs, unemployment stuck at 7.8%


In Green Bay, Gov. Walker talks mining