Dems claim good position in recall race

Via Garin Hart Yang Research Group

WisDems shift recall tactics, boost pressure on Gov. Walker over corruption probe

Late-in-game tactical switch.

Via Washington Post .

Barrett vs. Walker: The donations matchup so far

Via Wisconsin Watch.

Walker speeds release of positive jobs data

“It is, I think, stunning that Scott Walker has suddenly found 57,000 jobs and gone from negative to positive three weeks before an election,” said Barrett campaign spokesman Phil Walzak. “The timing is enormously suspicious. . . . Clearly the governor is losing the argument on jobs with the people of Wisconsin, and he’s now trotting out these new figures in an extremely unusual way.”

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Key dates ahead of June 5 election

Includes 5.17 Dept. of Workforce Development April jobs report.

Via WisPolitics Election Blog.

National conservative ridicules ‘Wisconsin Democrats’ circular firing squad’

Via Washington Post.

Barrett says Walker stonewalling on corruption probe


Gov. Walker promises revised, more positive jobs statistics coming this week

Right on schedule…

Vis Wisconsin State Journal.

Adams: Sen. Fitzgerald’s foolish contention that recall challenger Lori Compas isn’t running her own campaign

Scott Fitzgerald’s rattled.


Walker’s official work time declines as national fame grows

By January 2012, Walker scheduled about 30 hours a week for state business — half as much work time as six months earlier. On some weekdays, eight- to 12-hour time blocks were simply marked “Personal.”


Walker vs. Barrett: Strangely familiar but altogether different


Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Fitzgerald doubts challenger Lori Compas runs her own campaign

For the record, Fitzgerald said he doesn’t buy Compas’ Pollyanna image. He knows some people are painting the race as a David-vs.-Goliath contest. But Fitzgerald said he thinks her husband is one of the main forces behind her campaign, as well as unions and protest groups. “I don’t for one minute believe she is the organizing force behind this whole thing,” he said.

Via Wisconsin State Journal.

In the Walker-Barrett race, how many will re-do their votes?

Not many; it’s new votes that will matter.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Recall effort against Dem Sen Jauch put on hold

Via Wisconsin Radio Network.

Conservatives, elated over Gov. Walker’s Tuesday showing, urge compatriots ‘don’t get smug’

Via Shark and Shepherd.

Insiders question power of state’s labor unions

But union leaders are, themselves, insiders.

Barrett campaigns neighbor-to-neighbor right behind Walker’s home

Every vote counts.


Left drafts ‘FAQs About Tom Barrett for the Disappointed Falk Supporter’

Via Uppity Wisconsin .


Walker, Barrett will debate twice, on Friday, 5.25 and Thursday, 5.31.

Via Wisconsin State Journal.

Scott Walker’s vote total highest in a primary for governor in 60 years

But only half as much by voting-age percentage as Walter Kohler’s back then.

Via Gilbert @ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel .

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