LL Cool J breaks burglar’s nose, jaw, ribs

Someone really did pick the wrong house.


Historic, controversial Milwaukee building catches fire



Michelle Obama defends health care changes in spirited speech

First Lady spoke at Bradley Tech.

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Gunman opens fire outside Empire State Building

Shooter now dead.


Wausau police name person of interest in Stephanie Low’s disappearance

Low was 22 at the time of her disappearance in October.

Via Wausau Daily Herald.

Cumberland man crushed to death in tractor accident

William Brenizer, aged seventy-four.

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3.500 We Energies customers wait hours for power to be restored

Coddled public utility has another outage.

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Huckabee does all he can to undermine Romney digs in behind Akin

Worried about 2012 or thinking ahead to 2016?


Clayton, WI man gets 45 days jail for shooting own dog

Foul miscreant Todd Schaffer left Boomer for dead, but emergency surgery saved the animal’s life.


Priest faces excommunication after launching new parish



First Lady meets Sikh shooting victims’ families at Oak Creek High School


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Congressional Budget Office: Recession without budget fix

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Rasmussen: Missouri Senate McCaskill 48%, Akin 38%


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Strippers hope for windfall from GOP national convention

Outspending Dems 3-1 at strip clubs.

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Infected American robins spread West Nile virus

That’s the possibility uncovered after research at UW-Madison:

Birds are far and away the most frequent carriers, and the ubiquitous robin, a mainstay of suburban American lawns, cemeteries and golf courses, has now been identified in several studies, including one by Goldberg’s group, as the West Nile “super spreader.”

Via UW-Madison news release

19 US senators suggest tracking hate crimes against Sikhs


WTDY Madison News reporter barred from covering Sen. Ron Johnson event


Wisconsin: We’re a swing state now

In the thick of the action.

Via CBS News.

37-Year-Old Madison Woman Arrested for 6th OWI Offense

Shouldn’t be driving at all.


Madison Mallards manager gets boot

No renewal for guy with mediocre 76-63 record and no playoff appearances.

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Priest struck, killed while cycling

Victor Capriolo, aged 67.

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Dee Snider tells Paul Ryan to stop playing “We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore”

Because Snider’s not gonna take it anymore.


Elmbrook School Board to petition US Supreme Court on graduation dispute

Is it Constitutional to hold a public school graduation in a church?


‘Accidental’ removed from Natalie Wood’s death certificate

A renewed investigation.


Quinnipiac poll shows Ryan boost for Romney in WI. FL, but not OH

Narrow Obama lead in all three states.

Via Quinnipiac University .

Sheboygan Abduction Report a Hoax

And a hoax is a crime…


Manitowoc harassment suspect found dead in his own closet

Steven Augustine.


Crew Sweep Cubs

3-2 Wednesday night.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

How Scott Walker almost fired Milwaukee County parks director, too

In fact, the situation got so bad that Walker – then the county executive – had a resignation letter drafted for Black and kept in his office, according to several sources. A source who worked with Black said she wrote the signed resignation letter on parks department letterhead and then ordered the agency to change its stationery.

Via Bice @ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Wounded police lieutenant from Sikh temple shooting released from hospital

Lt. Brian Murphy goes home.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Greenfield juror skips deliberations, heads to Cancun

Yes, indeed:

“Juror number four, she indicated she was in Chicago, boarding a flight to Cancun and she wasn’t coming back,” defense attorney Robert D’Arruda told TODAY’S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray. “She not only jeopardized my client’s right to a fair trial, the state’s right to a fair trial, but what about the other eleven jurors who devoted three or four days of their time to hear this case and then she just walks off.”

Instead of showing up for an additional day of deliberations, the woman called Jury Management Services to say she was on her way to Mexico. She said she left her guilty or not guilty vote with the jury foreperson.

Madison burglars using garage door openers to enter homes

Ceaseless efforts to steal from others.

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